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Grammar and vocabulary unit 9

Indirect requests Reported and indirect questions

1 Order the words to make sentences. 3 Tick (9) the correct sentences.
the boys / I / away / asked / to go Mum asked if I wanted anything to eat. 9
I asked the boys to go away. 1 The police asked Ben how long was he
1 the truth / me / asked / she / to tell staying.
___________________________________________ 2 The girl asked Joe where he came from.
___________________________________________ 3 Sue asked Anna whether she was going to
2 us / told / noisy / the teacher / not to be the party.
___________________________________________ 4 The boys asked I if they could borrow my
___________________________________________ football.
3 to tidy / asked / I / her / her bedroom 5 Polly asked Dan where does he live.
Verbs: honesty and morals
4 to stay / the doctor / him / told / in bed
4 Complete the text with the verbs in the box.
___________________________________________ break felt keep made pretended tell

5 him / not / anything / she / to say / asked People tell lies for all kinds of reasons.
___________________________________________ When Joe lost his job he decided to
___________________________________________ (1)_______________ quiet about it and not tell his
wife. Every morning he (2)_______________ to go to

Reported speech: tense changes work. But after a week, he (3)_______________

really guilty. He decided to tell his wife the truth.
2 Choose the correct words in the reported
sentences. Ive (4)_______________ a mistake, said Joe.
I promise I wont lie to you again.
Im hungry, he said.
Dont (5)_______________ that promise! she said.
He said that he is / was hungry.
1 Were baking a cake, they told me.
They told me that they re / were baking a cake. Reporting verbs
2 Your mum has just phoned, said Dan. 5 Complete the sentences with the reporting verbs
Dan said that my mum had / have just phoned. in the box.
3 I took the money, admitted Lucy. admitted agreed complained
Lucy admitted that she had / has taken the convinced invited refused
money. Jack complained that his meal was cold.
4 Ill speak to your teacher, said Dad. 1 Holly _______________ me to buy the shoes.
Dad said that he had / would speak to my 2 The boys _______________ that they had broken
teacher. the window.
5 You must eat your dinner, Grandma told us. 3 Tom _______________ to eat his carrots because
Grandma told us that we must / had to eat our he didnt like them.
dinner. 4 Jessica _______________ Luke to stay for dinner,
6 You can borrow my mp3 player, said Luke. but he had to go home.
Luke said I could / would borrow his mp3 player. 5 The girls _______________ to be friends again.