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Grammar unit 1

used to Past simple and past continuous

1 Complete the text with used to or didnt use to 3 Complete each question with a past simple and
and the verbs in the box. past continuous form. Then match 14 with ae.

be contact have play talk watch write What was Mozart writing (Mozart / write)
when he died (he / die)? d
Things were very different in the 1980s. People
1 Where ______________________ (Amelia Earhart
used to have TVs, and the lucky ones
/ fly) when ______________________ (her plane /
(1)________________________ videos on them.
People (2)________________________ very simple
2 What ______________________ (fall) on Sir Isaac
games on their computers, but the games
Newtons head while ______________________
(3)________________________ colourful or look very
(he / sit) under a tree?
exciting very different from today! My dad
3 When ______________________ (Antoni Gaud /
(4)________________________ to people on his
die), what ______________________ (he /
mobile phone, but the phone was really big and
looked very silly. The internet didnt exist in the
4 Who ______________________ (start) painting
1980s, so teenagers (5)________________________
while ______________________ (she / get better)
each other through networking sites. Instead, they
after an accident?
(6)________________________ letters to their friends
in the holidays. It seems hard to believe now! a an apple
b Frida Kahlo
c the Sagrada Famlia in Barcelona
Past perfect and past simple
d Requiem, a piece of church music
2 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the
e over the Pacific Ocean
correct place. Use the past perfect and past
simple form in each sentence.
4 Complete the text with the past simple or past
When my parents arrived home, the party continuous form of the verbs.
hadnt ended. (not end / arrive) On the Apollo 11 journey to the moon, some things
1 After Josey _______________ her driving test, her went (go) wrong. While Neil Armstrong and Buzz
dad _______________ her a car. (buy / pass) Aldrin (1)________________ (prepare) to land on the
2 We _______________ in the caf after our exams moon, their computer (2)________________ (start) to
_______________. (celebrate / finish) have problems. They also (3)________________
3 By the time he _______________ ten, David (notice) that their spacecraft (4)________________
_______________ that he wanted to be a doctor. (travel) towards the wrong part of the moon. In the
(be / decide) end, they (5)________________ (land) safely, but
4 I _______________ the school where my dad with only a little fuel left. On the moon, the two
_______________ a student. (be / see) astronauts (6)________________ (take) photos
5 Joe _______________ any of my friends before while the third astronaut, Michael Collins,
he _______________ to the picnic. (come / not (7)________________ (control) the spacecraft
meet) above them. They also (8)________________ (put)
6 Jessie _______________ scared because she an American flag on the moon. But while they
_______________ on a plane before. (not be / (9)________________ (leave) the moon, the flag
feel) (10)________________ (fall) over!


Vocabulary unit 1
Nouns: generations
birth boom craze death fashion gadget hairstyle icon invention look peace war
Uses of get
get a bus get a driving licence get a goal get a job get away get better get a present get dark
get home get the flu get tired get together get to school get up get upset

Nouns: generations 3 Complete the dialogue with get and the words in
the box.
1 Complete the interview with the words in
the box. ill a bus scared tired together up

births boom fashion hairstyle icon Anna Hi, Joe. You look terrible! Did you
George Can I interview you for a school project? (1)_______________ late this morning?

Grandad Of course, what do you want to ask? Joe No, but I was studying until 1 a.m. and I
George When were you born? (2)_______________ when I go to bed late.
Grandad Im a child of the baby boom. I was born Anna Im not surprised! I think 1 a.m. is too late.

in 1946. There were a lot of Joe You sound just like my mum. She thinks Im
(1)_______________ that year! going to (3)_______________ because I work
George Who was your favourite film star? too hard. Anyway, are you cycling to school?

Grandad Carey Grant. He was a great Anna No, I think Ill (4)_______________ .
(2)_______________ in those days. Joe Ill come with you. Hey, do you want to
George What was your hair like in the 60s? (5)_______________ this weekend? Theres

Grandad It was short. Your grandmother had a a good film on at the cinema.
beehive. She loved that Anna OK, but I hope you dont mean the horror
(3)_______________. one. I always (6)_______________!

George And what about the 70s?

4 Replace the bold words with the correct form of
Grandad Ah, it was different then long hair, get and phrases from the summary.
big jeans and platform boots. Jacks team won the match because he scored.
(4)_______________ has changed a lot, got a goal
you know! 1 If you want to drive, you must have the correct
2 Complete the sentences. Use words from the documents. ______________________
summary. 2 On Jessicas birthday Lucy bought something
1 When you create something new, its an for her. ______________________
______________. 3 Isabel feels sad when she argues with her
2 ______________ is when countries arent fighting friends. ______________________
each other. 4 I dont walk to school. I use public transport.
3 When a lot of people become very interested ______________________
about something new, this is a ______________. 5 When I leave school, Ill work.
4 A ______________ is a small electrical object that ______________________
does something useful. 6 Mark has been ill but hes starting to feel well
5 When someones life ends, this is called their again. ______________________