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Grammar unit 8

Comparing adjectives and adverbs Third conditional

1 Complete the text with the adjective or adverb 3 Make third conditional sentences with the
form of the words. words. Use the correct form of the verbs and if.
Two years ago I had a well-paid job. I worked A You werent at the party last night. Why not?
hard (hard) every day and it was a really B (I / come / I know / about it)
(1)______________ (stressful) job. Then one day my I would have come if I had known about it.
boss told me I didnt have a job anymore. I didnt 1 A Mum, Dad. I only got 28% in my French exam.
react to the news very (2)______________ (good) but B Were not surprised. (you / pass / you / revise /
my family were great. for it)
Youll have another job soon, they said, ___________________________________
(3)______________ (optimistic). But I didnt believe ___________________________________
them. How do you know? I replied, 2 A Wheres my pizza? I wanted to have it for dinner!
(4)______________ (moody). B Oh sorry. (I / not be / so hungry / I / not eat / it)
Then one day, I planted a few plants in the garden ___________________________________
and for the first time in weeks, I felt ___________________________________
(5)______________ (happy). It was then that I 3 A Dont worry about the match. You played well.
decided to become a gardener. I love my new job. I B Its our fault. (we / win / we / try / harder)
havent got as much money as before, but I dont ___________________________________
miss the long hours in the office! ___________________________________
4 A The bus left without the boys this morning.
2 Order the words to make sentences. Omit one
word from each sentence. B I know. (they / not be / so slow / they / not
miss / it)
1 your / should / carefully / most / homework / do /
you / more
2 moody / the / Tim / student / least / is / less / Gerunds and infinitives
in his class 4 Compete the sentences with the gerund or
___________________________________________ infinitive form of the verbs in the box.
___________________________________________ be not get up meet
3 child / most / Emily / polite / is / more / the / play understand worry
in the school
Meeting friends is always good fun.
1 I never get bored of ________________ chess.
___________________________________________ 2 It isnt easy ________________ your problems
4 easily / the marathon / Mark / finished / easy sometimes.
3 John doesnt waste time ________________
___________________________________________ about things.
5 children / happily / the / youngest / the / more / 4 Its great ________________ early at the
played / most
___________________________________________ 5 Suzy tends ________________ moody in the
___________________________________________ mornings.


Vocabulary unit 8
Nouns and adjectives: attributes and personality
Nouns: anxiety generosity honesty moodiness optimism passion pessimism politeness
respect responsibility success wealth
Adjectives: anxious generous honest moody optimistic passionate pessimistic polite
respectful responsible successful wealthy

Verbs: managing your time

aim concentrate on forget intend look forward to miss put off regret remember spend time
take part in waste time

Nouns and adjectives: attributes and Verbs: managing your time

personality 3 Match 15 with ae to make sentences.
1 Complete the sentences with nouns and 1 I regret
adjectives from the summary.
2 Im looking forward to
1 Please be ______________. Its important to tell 3 This year Im going to concentrate on
the truth. 4 I aim to
2 Things will get better. You shouldnt be so
5 Dont waste time
3 Jack is so ______________. Hes always a the summer holidays. I cant wait!

miserable. b improving my football skills.

4 My greatest ______________ was winning the c not revising enough for my exams.

100 metre race. d watching TV. Do something active.

5 Joes ______________ about the future gives us e get fit this autumn.

all hope. 4 Jessica is asking her aunt about her university

6 Thank you for your ______________. Your money days. Complete the dialogue with verbs from the
has really helped our charity. summary.

7 My ______________ is art. Im really into it. Jessica Why did you decide to
8 My mother is an ______________ person. She (1)_________________ going to
worries a lot. university?
Aunt Julia I decided to travel for a year first.
2 Complete the text with nouns and adjectives
Jessica Did you (2)_________________ any
from the summary.
I love my course at university its my passion!
Aunt Julia Yes. I was in the drama society.
Sometimes I stay in and study when my friends go
Jessica Who did you (3)_________________ with
out. They think Im crazy, but Im just
in the holidays?
(1)_______________ and say, No, thanks, not
Aunt Julia I visited my aunt in Spain.
tonight! I work hard, because (2)_______________ is
Jessica What do you (4)_________________ the
important to me: I want a good job when Im older.
most about university?
Maybe one day, Ill be a (3)_______________ man!
Aunt Julia The freedom! And all my friends.
Its great at university but theres also a lot of
Jessica How do you (5)_________________ to
(4)_______________ too: studying, cooking,
spend this summer?
cleaning, bills. So it isnt always easy.
Aunt Julia Im going to visit some old friends!