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Grammar unit 7

1 Correct the mistakes. One sentence is correct. 3 Complete the text with the first or second
conditional form of the verbs in the boxes.
1 Unless hell leave now, he misses his train.
__________________________________________ be (x2) get (x2) go give have
__________________________________________ leave live miss tell

2 If I had my own micronation, I wont let my My dad has just applied for a job in Oxford.
citizens smoke. If he gets the job, we (1)____________________
__________________________________________ our house in London and move there. But if
__________________________________________ we (2)____________________ to Oxford,
3 Unless you do that exercise now, Ill make you I (3)____________________ my friends and Im not
finish it after school.
happy about it.
__________________________________________ I wont want to stay in this house forever, of course.
4 Mum wont let we go to the cinema if we wont When Im older, Id like to live abroad. Sometimes
tidy our bedroom! I dream about owning my own island a
__________________________________________ micronation! Itll probably never happen, but
__________________________________________ If I (4)____________________ king of my own
5 Our city will be safer unless we had better laws. micronation, I (5)____________________ in
__________________________________________ a big house there with my family and I
__________________________________________ (6)____________________ Dad a good job
president perhaps and then hed stop talking
2 Write first or second conditional questions for
the answers. Use the words. about Oxford!

1 (spend / your money) Oh no, Mum is calling me for dinner. I have to go

How ______________________________________ downstairs. If I (7)____________________ late,
_________________________________________ ? Mum (8)____________________ angry! But if I
If I was rich, Id buy an enormous house. (9)____________________ my own micronation,
2 (country / you / choose)
nobody (10)____________________ me what to do!
Which ____________________________________
_________________________________________ ? 4 Write first or second conditional questions.
Then write true answers for you.
If I live abroad, Ill choose Japan.
3 (good at his job) 1 you / go / on holiday / this summer / where / you
If ________________________________________ / go / ?
_________________________________________ ? __________________________________________
Yes, if Richard was president, hed be brilliant. __________________________________________
4 (we / celebrate) __________________________________________
How ______________________________________ __________________________________________
_________________________________________ ? 2 you / have / magic powers / how / you / use /
If we pass the exam, well have a big party! them / ?
5 (Sarah / do) __________________________________________
What _____________________________________ __________________________________________
_________________________________________ ? __________________________________________
If Sarah found some money, shed take it to the __________________________________________
police station.


Vocabulary unit 7
1 Complete the definitions with the words in 3 Choose the correct words.
the box.
1 When you introduce / lower a law, you start
ballot papers candidate citizen currency using it for the first time.
election flag government party
2 When a government elects / abolishes a law or
poll society
system, it ends it.
1 A _______________ is legally allowed to live in 3 A person is nominated / banned to be a
a country. candidate in an election.
2 A _______________ is a group of people which 4 When you oppose / raise something, you are
controls a country. against it.
3 In a national _______________, people choose 5 When people are cut / taxed, they have to give
the next government or ruler. money to the government.
4 In a _______________, groups of people live 6 Many people want to ban / cut violent computer
together in communities. games.
5 A _______________ is an organization whose 7 Political parties usually promise to elect / build
members share the same political views. more schools just before an election.
6 A _______________ in an election represents a
4 Complete the interview with the words in the box.
political party.
7 _______________ have the names of candidates abolish introduce nominate oppose tax
in an election on them. Reporter Youre the new owner of a small
8 A _______________ is a system of finding out micronation. Are you going to have
public opinion through questions. elections?
9 Most countries in Western Europe use the Euro David Jones Yes, I am. Im going to
as their _______________. (1)_______________ myself as
10 Britain and France both have red, white and blue candidate to become president!
in their _______________. Reporter Will anyone (2)_______________ that?

2 Complete the sentences with the correct words. David Jones My sister, probably. She thinks shes
a better politician than me, but my
1 (a citizen / an election / a government)
policies are better.
In Britain, there is usually _______________ every
Reporter Tell us about those policies.
four years to choose _______________.
David Jones Im going to (3)_______________ work
2 (government / party / polls)
on Fridays. In my micronation,
Before an election, _______________ find out
everyone will have a three-day
which _______________ is the most popular.
3 (ballot paper / candidate / society)
Reporter How will your government make
In an election, you tick the name of your favourite
_______________ on a _______________.
David Jones Well have to (4)_______________
4 (ballot papers / party / society)
people on their salaries, of course.
The _______________ are counted and checked
And we might (5)_______________ a
to find the most popular _______________.
tax on chocolate, because its the
5 (citizen / government / party)
micronations favourite food. It should
The _______________ with the most votes
make a lot of money!
becomes the new _______________.