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A theater director, event producer, writer, and art curator working to bring people
together in unique experiences in order to further our understanding of our
relation to one another and our community at large. Received a BFA in Theater

from NYUs Tisch School of the Arts as a member of the 2013 graduating class
and has studied under Anne Bogart and The SITI Company, the Bill T. Jones/
Arnie Zane Dance Company, Rosemary Quinn and The Experimental Theater
Wing, and The Atlantic Theater Company.

Born, raised and based in Los Angeles,

By amalgamating technology, music, installation and theater, unique spaces are
created where anything can happen. Whether it be through VR, dance, music,
interactive screens, or conversations between performers and audience

members, those who visit these spaces are drawn into new forms of
entertainment and connection. By encouraging attendees to explore without
inhibition, each has his or her own unique experience and are emboldened to
return to have a different experience in the same space. The space itself also lives
as a living environment that can be visited while performances are not occurring,
making for a social media friendly environment begging to be posted about.
A psychedelic odyssey of life, death & music through the dreaming eyes of
a rock icon. A new workshop exploring music as more than sound. How can
music become light? How can light become architecture? How can
architecture become music?


Sold Out Late Night Underground Workshop at The Skylight Theater
LOS ANGELES Written by R. Ernie Silva
ROUGH Consider this an invitation to be an integral part of an unprecedented psychological study.
There is no screening process for this study, but for one thing you must understand: dreams. As

a part of the research, you will be asked to enter multiple dreams of a single individual. Once
within the dreams, you will be able to move around freely and explore all the inner workings of
the individuals subconscious. After exploring the dreams, you will come face to face with the
individual whose dreams you entered for a Q&A.

LOS ANGELES Creator, Director and Co-Writer

Sold out run at Think Tank Gallery as a part of Break Bread
MARCH 2016 Collaboration with Scott Hove & Baker's Son
NIGHT ON The Million Dollar Cabaret took place at Sid Grummans Million Dollar Theater
during Night on Broadway 2016 in Downtown LA. The show featured multiple
burlesque acts along with a live ten-piece swing band, immersive elements in the

lobby and an art salon on the theaters second floor. The Million Dollar Cabaret
was presented alongside free innovative, multi-cultural programming in six other
historic theaters and a five city-block street festival.

LOS ANGELES Director & Producer, Million Dollar Cabaret

Core Team Member, Night on Broadway
JANUARY 2016 16,000 attendees at the Million Dollar Cabaret
65,000 attendees for Night On Broadway 2016
Linking social media, a live concert, immersive theater, and the passion that
brings us together as fans, Fornicated begins with a text to your phone weeks
before the show and culminates by bringing together 300 passionate fans,


over 50 theater artists and a new band each night for an unforgettable
whirlwind of technology, music and theater.

Promotions Administrator & Design Team Member

BROOKLYN Sold out run at Public Assembly
Created and directed by Mikhael Tara Garver
JULY 2012
BIG Fifty brides flee their fifty grooms and seek refuge in a villa on the coast of Italy and mayhem
ensues: the grooms arriving by helicopter in their flight suits, women throwing themselves over

and over again to the ground, pop songs and romantic dances, and, finally, unable to escape their
forced marriages, 49 of the brides murder 49 of the grooms-and one bride falls in love. About
the same odds as today.

NEW YORK CITY Grey Room NYCs inaugural show
Sold out run at Atlantic Theater Companys Stage 2
MAY 2012 Written by Charles L. Mei

Arya Davachi
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