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Major Findings

The researchers went through four SLP sessions to observe the newly established

business named El Primiera. Under the said business name are the CDO Homeless SKA

Organization whom Xavier University and DSWD extended their help to. The researchers

were able to come up with the major findings:


There is a lack of variation of products in El Primiera. Longganiza is the main and only of

product of El Primiera as of September 2017. The Longganiza alone is weighted 20g. A

pack of longganiza contains 5 pieces that would equal to 100g for the price of P25.00.


The CDO SKA Homeless Association has no control on their packaging since the DSWD

will provide everything for them including the packaging materials and the processing

equipments. They cannot decide on their packaging since it was just given to them by

their supplier without their opinion on the design. Their packaging also lacks certain

information about the product like expiration date and nutritional facts.


There was really no budget for El Premieras promotional activities. Also since they have

only operated for a month and they have little to none customers.
Workers & Employees

According to the president of the said organization, some of their members are not

participating in any activities that would benefit the business itself due to their personal

problems which results to a decrease in their productivity. Lack of proper management is

what the researchers observed in their visits in the area. The organization must address

this kind of situation in order to increase their productivity and will be able to make use of

its members.

Statement of the Problems

El Premiera concentrates on longganiza as their main product. The purpose of this study

is to know more about meat processing by El Premiera and its pros and cons. The

objective of this study is to answer the following questions.

1. How can they increase their market share since they are still new to the market?

2. How can they maintain a competitive advantage against competitors?

3. How can they improve their management of their human resources?

Research Design

The researchers used the descriptive research design in order to help the CDO SKA

Homeless Association in determining on how the can improve their share on the market

by studying the characteristics of the consumers in buying processed meat in Cagayan

de Oro.