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Answer these tag question materials below!

1. He never comes late

A. Hasnt he C .Didnt he
B. Does he D. Wont he
2. Without his glasses he can hardly see us, he ?
A. Cant C. Does
B. Can D. Could
3. Your sister always gets up late on Sunday
A. Isnt it C. Should she
B. Will she D. Doesnt she
4. He works hard. He seldom has time to go to parties..
A. Doesnt he C. Does he
B. Hasnt he D. Isnt she

Arrange these sentences into a yes or no question!

5. from-Spain-are-you ?
A. from Spain you are? C. Are Spain You From?
B. Are you from spain? D. Are you Spain from?

6. bring-she-of-water-does-a-bottle?
A. She Bring does a bottle of water? C. Does She bring a bottle of water?
B. Bring she does a bottle of water? D. Does bring she a bottle of water?

7. you-know-a-good-book-do
A. You do know a book good? C. do you know a good book?
B. do you know a book good? D. A good book do you know?

8. happy-you-are-now?
A. Are you happy now? C. Are you now happy?
B. You are happy now? D. Happy are you know?

Read the text and answer questions 9,10 and 11.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Adiba Salsa Zakiya, just call me Salma. Im from Bima, Nusa Tenggara
Barat. I read your profile in NONA magazine and would like to be one of your friends. Its a bit hard to find
internet connection here, so I decided to write a letter instead of an e-mail to you. I hope you dont mind.
Im the first in my family. my parents have four children. I go to SMP 3 Sape, Bima. Now, Im in the ninth
grade. My hobby is cooking, thats why I can cook many kinds of Bimanese traditional dishes. Besides, I also
like to play Kareku Kandei. Its a traditional music performance from Bima. Girls pound their pestles to a
mortar to create harmonious sound. Kareku Kandei is usually performed on special events such as
Independence Day, Kartini Day, etc.
I would love to know you better, would you tell me more about yourself too.

9. How does Salma know about Imas profile?
A. By writing a letter to Ima. C. By reading her profile in a magazine.
B. By sending an e-mail to Ima. D. By sending one of her friends.

10. What is the main idea of paragraph one?

A. Salma described her hometown. C. Salma found Imas profile in NONA magazine.
B. Both Salma and Ima liked NONA magazine. D. Salma complained about the internet connection.

11. The text mainly tells us about ...

A. The description of Salmas hometown C. Salmas family and her hobbies
B. Salmas introduction to Ima D. The condition of a remote area in Bima


Jl. Basuki Rahmat Tanjung 71571 tlp.0526-7312394
To: Fino of class 9 B
Would you please attend our meeting that will be held :
- Day/date : Saturday, March 15th 2014
- Time : 11 a.m.
- Place : Multimedia room.
- Agenda : Final Preparation for wall Magazine Competition 2014
Please come on time, see you there !
Andy Devina
Chairperson Secretary

12. From the text, we know that ...

A. The meeting is held in Jl. Basuki Rahmat Tanjung C. Fino is expected not to be late in the meeting
B. The meeting will discuss about Multimedia Room D. Devina is the chairperson of the student organization

Complete these missing dialogs below!

Number 13
Aryo : Good morning.This is Aryo calling.May I talk to Mr.Agus,please?
Receptionist : ............... I'll try to put you through to Mr.Agus at his office.

A. It's all right C. Who's speaking,please!

B .Hold the line,please D. Sorry to keep you waiting

Number 14.
Operator: Subsription Division,Tempo Magazine.Can I help you?
Caller :Yes,I'd like to subscribe to Tempo.
Operator: Yes,madam............................
Caller :This usan Olivia

A. Can I talk to Susan Olivia C. May I know who's calling ,please?

B. Shall I call You with your last name? D. Can you tell me her name,please?

Number 15.
Nita :I'm sorry,he is out .Could you call back at four?
Caller:All right.Thank you
A. Could you speak to Mr.Aziz,please? C. Could I speak to Mr.Aziz,please?
B. Can I take a message from you D. Would you like to call him again

Number 16.
Doni :Hello ........................................?
Iwan :Yes,speaking
Doni :I need some information about the product you launched yesterday

A. Could you tell me about your product ,please C. Could I speak to Mr.Iwan,please
B. Who's speaking D. Could you put me through to Doni

Number 17
Sandi : Good morning.This is Sandi.May I talk to Mr.Zaenal,please?
Receptionist: ...................I'll try to put you through to Mr.Sandi at his office.

A. Hold the line,please C. Who's speaking,please

B. Sorry to keep you waiting D. Yes,I'm speaking

Answer the questions number 18 to 22 by guessing the profession from the descriptions.

18. Mr. Jokos job is making some clothes. He works in his house. What is his job?
A. Carpenter C. Tailor
B. Lawyer D. Labour

19. Mr. Herman works everyday. He works by using saw. He makes wooden things such as table, chair, cupboard
and so on. What is his job?
A. Nurse C. Miner
B. Carpenter D. Painter

20. Mrs. Vita works in the hospital. She helps the doctors for looking after the patients. What is her job?
A. Librarian C. Nurse

B. Lecturer D. Judge

21. Someone whose job is to paint surfaces, such as walls and doors. What is his job?
A. Nurse C. Miner
B. Carpenter D. Painter

22. Someone who owns or takes care of a farm. What is his job?
A. Journalist C. Farmer
B. Carpenter D. Fire Extinguisher
Read the application letter and answer the following questions

3 October 2017
Jl. Arjuno 23

Dear Sir.
According to the information that I have receive from Surya on Saturday 1 October 2017, I intended to response
your advertisement to be marketing.

Iam enclosing a copy of my curiculum vitae, which gives details of my qualification. I have been studying in
English Departement Islamic University of Malang. And I have other skill to support my business.
For your review, I also enclose:
Recent Photograpy
Recent Ijazah
Copy of KTP
Job Experience Certificate

I would be very interested in meeting with you to discuss any possibilities to lock foward to hearing from you

Your Faithfully

23. Who writes the application letter?

A. Mr. Alex C. Mr. Alexander
B. Mr. Alexa D. Mr. Alexander the great
24. The writer encloses some files, except?
A. TOEFL test Certificate C. Curriculum Vitae
B. Recent Ijazah D. Job Experience Certificate
25. When did Mr.Alex write the application letter?
A. 1 October 2017 C. 3 October 2017
B. 2 October 2017 D. 4 October 2017
26. Where did Mr. Alex get the information about job vacancy?
A. Jawa post daily newspaper C. Sindo post daily newspaper
B. Surya post daily newspaper D. Memo post daily newspaper

Choose the correct answer from the following questions!

27. The prisoner....... yesterday
A. Escape C. Escapes
B. Escaped D. Is Escaping
28. Katie....... in that office for almost four years
A. Works C. Is working
B. Will work D. Worked
29. He..... away in 2003
A. Pass C. Will pass
B. Passed D. Is Passing
30. Yongki and Yoga will not . . . . . in music competition at school next month.

A. Participates C. Participation

B. Participate D. Participated
How to Make Brownies

150 gram of butter.
150 gram of dark chocolate.
300 gram of flour
4 eggs.
600 gram of regular sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Melt the chocolate with the butter.
Stir the eggs with the sugar and the vanilla extract.
Preheat the oven at low temperature
Combine the mixes you made.
Add the flour and stir with a wooden spoon.
Grease a brownie tin.
Add a little flour to cover the tin.
Add the brownie dough.
Bake for 10-30 minutes.
To check the brownies, put a knife in the mix. The knife must be moist!
Eat them 15 minutes after you took them out of the oven.

Answer these questions below!

1. How much flour do you need to make brownies?
2. What is the first thing to do when making brownies?
3. What should you do before combining the mixes?
4. What should you do after greasing a brownie tin?
5. According to text, how many steps are there to make brownies?

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