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[. This is the National Monument. Mulu Caves are located in.Sarawak. Cameron Highlands is 4 hilltop resort. We can see stalactites and stalagmites in'the caves. It was built in memory of the brave soldiers: Itis famous for its tea plontavons and strawberry toms. Date —— Unit 15: My Country, Malaysia :) Use the words given to complete the passage on Jenny’s trip to Pulau Langkawi. Then write a passage on your trip to one of the places of interest in our country. CGAEMIei» Jenny and her family visited Pulau Langkawi last school holidays. They went there by plane. They visited the (1) —_ Jenny saw (2) ————_____ there. They took a @) the ride. They learnt about the legend of Mahsuri at (4) _ ride up Mount Mat Cincang. They enjoyed They also went (5) — at the beautiful beach. My Trip to eee Nan een ee ner nese rnrn en Sen @ 1,6,3,4,2,5 Firstly, prepare all the necessary things such as glue, bamboo sticks, coloured papers and thread. Secondly, cut a sheet of paper into a triangular shape. Next, cut the bamboo sticks to make the frame of the kite. Then, glue the bamboo sticks on the triangular paper. After that, cut several rectangular strips from coloured papers to make the tail of the kite. Finally, tie the thread on the frame. 6,1,2,4,5,3 There was a hungry snake who came out to look for food. He saw a frog. But he felt the frog was too small for his meal. He decided to wait for a bigger animal. An elephant came. The snake was happy. The elephant could not see the snake. It stepped on the snake. The snake died in hunger. 1. Cameron Highlands is a hilltop resort. It is famous for its tea plantations and strawberry farms. 2. This is the National Monument. It was built in memory of the brave soldiers. 3, Mulu Caves are located in Sarawak. We can see stalactites and stalagmites in the caves. |. Underwater World . Many water creatures }. cable car |. Makar Mahsuri .. swimming 19 Stage It! (o It is Teacher's Day. The teachers and pupils have the celebration in the hall. The teachers are sitting in front of the stage. They are watching the performances by the pupils. The pupils on the stage are singing and dancing. Some teachers receive flowers and presents from their pupils. The teachers are very happy. 1. left, office, left, in front 2. Go straight on. You will pass Block A and Block B. The toilet is on your right. 3. Go straight on. Turn left. Then, turn right. You will pass the staffroom. The canteen is in front of you. 4. Go staight on. Turn right. You will pass the bookshop. The field is on your left.