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fextbook (pp. 63-68) (A, Find and circle the words in the maze below. Write and say them aloud. wo & && oa « 54 ‘wir (iiss (aaa = | L Ss ° L t E A Cc H N R /' He catches criminals. < She treats sick people. < ] He puts out fires. Ld He gives first aid in emergencies. C He fights the enemy to defend his country. « She looks after sick people. <| © Tunas Pelangi Sdn. Bhd. © Tunas Pelangi Sdn. Bhd. o ‘wu Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 3. Unit 17 1B (B) Read the information given and fill in the blanks. £22 ewe) 16 (3a Attire Jacket and trousers Helmet [ Boots Gloves Mask and air tank Tools Axe Ladder Fire hose Fire extinguisher Vehicles Fire engine Hook and ladder truck Rescue truck ra | i EBGEA [My ambition Dear Anand, When I grow up, I want to be a firefighter. I like the clothes they wear, the tools they use and the vehicles they drive. Firefighters wear red @ They also wear @ To protect themselves from the smoke, they put on @ Firefighters use tools such as @ __________. They drive vehicles such as @ Firefighters save people from burning buildings. They are truly heroes. Regards, : Zhi Wei J « © Tunas Pelangi Sdn. Bhd. 55° ‘wit FE wanasa inggeris Tahun 3. Unit 11 ©) Fill in the blanks with the correct ‘oe’ sound and say them aloud. CLs (ia Cia) He uses gq — to dig the ground. @ @ the —___ & She & The @ Thit my « 16: © Tunas Pelangi Sdn, Bhd. 5 ‘wn woe doe |is a female deer. The soldier fights his —____ °) upinthesky — (° toe _| to the market in the morning. foe is a type of plant. hoe toe | against the door. The people are facing a flood —___ [ hoe woe foe doe {S.15le0); Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 3 Unit 11 1B QS: ) Form sentences from the substitution table and write them in the space i = provided. 2200) | Doctor Ling Yu at the army base.» | Inspector Chao. |: we Captain Razif ¢ I a green-uniform a rifle. She , and wears | a blue uniform F a gun. He carries | a white jacket a stethoscope. ier | treat | arrest criminals. fis Job is to | catch and | defend the country. fight the enemy | _| heat sick people. « © Tunas Pelangi Sdn, Bhd, 57°; ‘wn! ‘it’ ‘an Topikal KSSR Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 3 Answers (Hold the swing Highty when you ae swinging. gy ‘accept any appropriate answer.) nm BAB. Lav hy dv lav © 2byY av fv hy pee” sBav Ov dv fy 2. Paper bag 3. Cardboard box 4, Aluminium can ~ buy only what you need refillable tems reusable bags doth napkins or handkerchiefs food in reusable containers rechargeable batteries ay ee Rep e 1. photo 4, morph 2. caliph 5. graph 3. phrase elephant, orphan, trophy, nephew, alphabet 1. Would you lke a sandwich or a pizza? 2. Shall I buy the blue or the red dress? 3. Is this drink mine or yours? ‘A, Do you go to schoo! by car or by bus? 5. Is he your brother or cousin? I. oclOp 2 whale wi 3. swordfish 4. porcupine fish 5. eel 6. viperfish (DY) 7. seahorse 8. shark a 9. dolphin LA 2A 3. A 4, No, because Dudley played a trick on him. cc 5. He used his claws to cut the net and free Dudley. dew 2. new 3. few view 5. nephew 6, stew on 2 In 3.00 A In 5.on 6. 0n = 7 in Bon |. strike 2. spot 3. beneath 4, leap 5. escape 6, tear © Tunas Pelangi Sdn. Bhd. . The stingray’s body is wide and flat, The octopus has eight long arms. ‘The whale is the largest mammal in the world, |. The swordfish's bill ooks like a sword. The octopus loft fist The starfish said “Goodbye”. . The hermit crab was sad because it was all alone. |. After they all came back, they went home, p54 ile all fol |>llo) = [= belle lel =| ple falol= lle =| = [pelo fal ols fateieeS al[=|-afol[= ells Aik DLT erene Nee. “3. . policeman 2. doctor 4. paramedic 6. nurse firefighter soldier |. Jackets and trousers . helmets, gloves and boots . masks and oxygen tanks |. the axe, ladder, fire hose and fire extinguisher . the fire engine, the hook and ladder truck and hoe . toe |. under the umbrella 2. . under the bridge 6. "up the ladder 8. the rescue trunk 2. doe 3. 6. woe 7. goes 4. aloe foe under the table under the tree. up the hill up the rock up in the sky 4. Doctor Ling Yu works at the hospital. She wears a white Jacke! and carries a stethoscope. Her job is fo treat and heal sick people. Inspector Chao works at the police station, He wears a blue uniform and carries a gun. His job is to catch and arrest criminals. Captain Razif works at the army base. He wears a green uniform and carties a rifle. His job Is to fight the enemy and defend the country