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O'ahu FRINGE Festival January 12, 13, 14, 15, 2017 15 shows, 28 performances, 4 venues, 4 days of fringey fun SHOW SCHEDULE Thursday | ,TeAtsat_] NextDoor | Studio 114 | _Ong King Jan 12. | Mats Garage | can voi steat | 1141. King st | At Cente ‘ama oe Ensemble rapa, _{MeMy Son0s. | Tidal Surge | thin skin 9:00PM. | IngeNude [Oarse ere) thin skin Friday Jan 13 The Arts at Marks Garage 1150 Nuva Ave Boy Who Loved NextDoor | Studio 114 42N Hol Set | 114 N. king st | At Centre Ong King ‘Arts Centre Puppets Me.My Songs Tidal Surge | thin skin | Stef Mariani Endowment of] Game of Thrones) thin skin | Tiny Seismic Witticism | The Musical Jan 14 Saturday | arks Garage 1150 Nv Ave The Arts at 6 NextDoor | Studio 114 | Ong King ts Centre Hot stot | 114 N. King St] Core 6:00 P.M. Me, My Songs, al Haunted Hawai Tidal Surge | thin skin | What's U Think Fast Improv What's Up thin skin | Tiny Seismic Sunday Jan 15 200 P.M. 3:30 P.M. The Ads at Marks Garage 1150 Nsvanw Ave ‘Shadow Puppets. Circus Minimus, Stef Mariani LATE ADDITIO! Circus Minimus: The One-Man Circus in-aSuitcase An enthralling, whimsical celebration of the imagination. Performed over 500 times around the globe, for family theater audiences and case an entire circus emerges: tent, band, lights Cs assemblies alike, From Kevin O’Keefe's suit: and the boisterous ringmaster Steve Fitzpatrick. Aloha and Welcome to our Fringe. Today is a special day. We have reached an amazing milestone. This is our fifth year and it feels good to reach this point. With you being here it means so much as you and everyone at Fringe are making history; welcome to Fringe 5. Yay! Your support, energy, and your participation are very much part of what makes a fringe come alive. Enjoy the shows by watching, listening, applauding, hollering and yes if the urge hits you, go ahead and be adventurous and try to see all the shows at Fringe 5. Be adventurous. Be amazed. Be fringey! What is Fringe? Itall began in Scotland when a group of artists decided to do their own festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. From this. movement came the term “fringe” when a writer who witnessed this enterprising movement that sprouted around the fringes of the city of Edinburgh. In seeing this he coined the term Fringe. Now, Fringe Festivals all over the world have sprouted and continue to grow from this humble beginning; a festival that continues to grow in Hawai'i. This year we continue that growth by initiating our very first Hawaii Fringe Festival Circuit - O’ahu Fringe Festival: Jan 12-15 and Maui Fringe Theatre Festival: Jan 20 ~ 22. Yes it is a fringey time in Hawat't. Fringe Venue Map ‘SOUTH BERETANIA STREET ~<—— Searle t Paani sTReeT i t F 5 5 a: ei: z nore: sraeer 3 ee 5 NEXTDOOR | ie 3 NORTH KING STREET ——> BH Mg king Arts Contre ‘The ARTS at Marks Garage 184 King Street, 1159 Nu'uanu Avenue Studio 114 NextDoor 114 King Street 43 Hotel St Please note that Ong King Art Center and Studio 114 are not accessible by wheelchair. Please visit the First Friday Hawail site for suggestions on where to park: ‘www. firstfridayhawail.comy. Street parking is also available and free after 6pm and is free on Sunday. Buy Tickets Don't wait, buy your ticket now before they are all gone. All tickets are sold online or at the door of the venue on the night of the Fringe shows. Geo to wir oahufringe com fr presales, 25 sats arelmited, Presles tickets will be available for pick up at Will Call at the venue of your show. Please show a picture ID to pick up your ticket. Please note that venues only sell tickets at the door on the night of the shows. Asingle ticket is $10. The fringe pass is $100 to see unlimited shows. Please note, fees apply. Fringe Passes - go on and take a fringey adventure and buy a Fringe Pass to see unlimited shows. Your pass will be available on the night at the vvenue’s box office. Please show a picture ID to check in. You do not need to book a seat. However, you must arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the show to redeem your pass. If you are not there within the 415 minutes timeframe your seat will be open for purchase. Contents Paget Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page7 Dance IngeNude Mamma Ensemble Tiny Seismic Thin Skin Music Stef Mariani Puppetry The Boy Who Loved Puppets Game of Thrones: The Musical Shadow Puppets Theatre Endowment of Witticism Haunted Hawaii Me, My Songs, & | Think Fast Improv Whats Up with That Bro: Podcast. Tidal Surge Great deals from our neighborhood eateries! Show your Honolulu Box Office Fringe e-ticket at the following Fringe Friend businesses from January 12-14 for: A free tea or soft drink with k é om ’ purchase of any entree. Monday - Thursday 11am-9:30pm Moroccan Lebanese Cuisine Friday-Saturday am-10;30pm Call for reservations: Sunday Closed 554-3847 1028 Nuuanu Ave. ope: 10% off entire purchase of over $10 or more! Monday 10AM-12AM yowN Diner & Lounge ‘Tuesday - Thursday 1AM-3AM md Friday - Saturday 10AM-4AM ry Our SIMatuy Sunday 10AM—11PM epkes GINGer Brey, 42.N Hotel St 10% off entire purchase of over $10 or more! Monday - Friday 1AM-2AM Saturday 12pM-2AM Sunday 6PM-11PM 1154 Fort Street Mall # 10 Palate Craft & Eatery 10% off entire purchase 5 = of over $10 or more! = CRAFT & EATERY 808-524-2337 1121 Bethel Street Across Hawaii Theatre Open Monday - Friday at 10:30AM Open 2PM Saturday Closed on Sunday January 15th) Thank You To all that have contributed to making Fringe, thank you. Yes, so many hands have helped to create this artistic platform and with- out their support we would not have reached Fringe 5. To all that have joined us today and those that walked with us from the beginning, thank you for your fantastic support. Kevin Patterson — San Diego Fringe Festival, United States Association Fringe Festival, Minnesota Fringe Festival, Tuscon Fringe Festival, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Chicago Fringe Festival, World Festival Network, Fringe Managers, Navales ‘Ohana, Kumu Kahua Theatre, NextDoor, Studio 114, Ong King Art Center, Kaka’ako Agora and ‘The ARTS at Marks Garage. Thank you. We are always thankful to our fiscal sponsor, Hawaii Arts Alliance for their continued support and guidance. To the hard working volunteers. Thank you so much for the extra help. You give so much to elevate Fringe with your energy and dedication. Spreading the word about Fringe is always a treat. And helping us to do that are the wonderful foiks that work in Media. Fringe is so thankful for the opportunity to talk story with you. Your help in letting our community know connects us all to this creative fringey platform, And to all the businesses that shared their shop windows, doors, tables and every place that permitted us to post our posters and postcards, we thank you. Your kindness is greatly appreciated, Thank you. Finally, we cannot forget our ‘ohana. You give so much to bless us and to guide us. We have reached this milestone because of you. Fringe is forever grateful for your unselfish support. Thank you and aloha. Fringe 5 in 50 With our deepest gratitude thank you so very much to our Fringe 5 in 50 donors. Your kind donation is going towards a very good cause and to contribute to the elevation of the arts community here. You helped to bring in artists to our front doors so that they may share their artistic stories with our community. Thank you for opening the door. Dance IngeNude IngeNude features some of Honolulu’s brightest new burlesque performers celebrating the art of burlesque, drag and cabaret! Featuring students, alumni and faculty of Academy of Tease School of Burlesque, IngeNude is a burlesque revue offering classic burlesque, neo burlesque and a whole lot of tease! The ARTS at Marks Garage Date: Jan 12 Time: gpm Mama Ensemble The New Mama Ensemble are drawn together by one commonality - motherhood. Here we reflect through dance and text on the mortifying, overwhelming, and yet somehow stil terrific insider truths of mothers. From pregnancy to birth, family life to nursing, cries to laughter. The ARTS at Marks Garage Date: Jan 12 Time: 6pm Dance Tiny Seismic Tiny Seismic is a shared dance and new media program with dance artists Peiling Kao, Kara Miller, and Friends. This event includes improvisation and video dance installations with live and digital performers. Ong King Arts Center (not wheelchair accessible) Date: Jan 13-14 Time: gpm thin skin -an installation-performance the likes of which you've never experienced- If skin could talk, what kind of journey would it take us on? Replete with techno, waltz, lullabies and superheroes, thin skin is an exploration of the layers we put on and take off over the course of a lifetime. What do we allow to be seen? Studio 114 (not wheelchair accessible) Date: Jan 12, 13, 14 Time: 730 pm and 9pm 2 Music Stef Mariani Stef Mariani delivers sensitive melodies and driven lyrics that come together to form a passionate sound straight from the heart. Born to Northern California based folk singer songwriter Carolyn Haley-Murray, her biggest mu- sical influence comes from her family. Ong King Arts Centre (not wheelchair accessible) Date: Jan 13 at 730pm Jan 14 at 1030pm Puppetry Boy Who Loved Puppets Itisa solo toy theater performance about a boy following his dreams to become the best puppet maker and puppeteer despite the challenges and difficulties. Itis inspired by a true story of a Taiwanese puppetry artist. It integrates miniature- sized Czech marionettes and video projections of Taiwanese hand puppetry and artist’s puppet manipulations. The ARTS at Marks Garage Date: Jan 13 Time: 6pm Puppetry Shadow Puppets Jeff Gere shares folktales through the art of shadow puppetry that will be projected on the wall using an overhead projector, and on a ‘laptop’ (Shadow theater that sits on Jeffs lap). This is a rare form of story animation, and Jeff is delighted to share his tales with kids of any age. The ARTS at Marks Garage Date: Jan 15 Time: 2pm Theatre Game of Thrones: The Musical ‘Amassively inappropriate children's show for adults featuring vocabulary lessons, spoilers, incest, moral lessons, betrayal, and truly terrible puppet-on-puppet violence. Allis not well in Westeros, where a simple visit sets in motion the War of Five Kings, dragon attacks, and worse. Winner of the Twin Cities Arts Reader’s 2016 Best of Fringe and Critic’s Pick awards. NextDoor Date: Jan 12, 13,14 Time: 9pm Theatre Endowment of Witticism Improv, Comedy, Magic, Creativity, Obscene and No Fault Insurance. A group of three will perform an improvised show based on the idea of impact and creative differences between the players. The common denominator is that every line is made up based upon impulse! The ARTS at Marks Garage Date: Jan 13 Time: 9pm. Haunted Hawaii True Contemporary Supernatural Tales of Hawaii. For thirty years, local people have told storyteller JEFF GERE their bizarre, true, supernatural experiences. In this show, Jeff shares his favorites. Come on, don’t be afraid - but don’t come alone. The ARTS at Marks Garage Date: Jan 14 Time: 6pm Theatre Me, My Songs & 1 “Mle, My Songs & I’ is an exploration of the ups and downs and twists and unusual turns in life. After his happy child- hood in Hawaii is turned upside down, Malcolm Grissom, with the help of some unusual voices, finds inspiration and identity in his struggle to return to the aloha spirit. Recovery from a debilitating illness, race and culture stereotypes are major themes. The ARTS at Marks Garage Date: Jan 12, 13, 14 Time: 730pm Think Fast Improv Think Fast Improv Company brings both Unscripted Theater and Unscripted Comedy to the stage, using suggestions from the audience to create a show that will only happen once! We ask that all audience members are of the age 16+. Ong King Arts Center (not wheelchair accessible Date: Jan 14 Time: 6pm Theatre What's Up With That Bro: Live Podcast Recording The first live recording of the What's Up With That Bro Podcast. Does the show Lost make sense backwards? Comedians AJ Nieves, Chad Wago, and David K Jones are watching the entire series of Lost in reverse order to answer that question and raise many more. Chad's never seen Lost and is so confused. It's great. | Hg Ong King Arts Center H| (not wheelchair accessible) At TU a vn Date: Jan 14 ‘eR Time: 730pm a Tidal Surge The seas rise, swallowing the world. At the ends of the earth, three generations of women fight for their lives. Inspired by ancient myths and modem shifts, this show posits what will happen to humanity as the climate changes around us. NextDoor Date: Jan 12, 13, 14 Time: 730pm Dedication Itis with sadness to hear of the passing of this gentle soul with a beautiful smile who did alot to help many. From our ‘ohana wewouldlike to dedicate this year’s Fringeto a wonderful person, Daniel Gray. Itis never easy to say farewell to a loved one, especially some- one that was well loved by many. Thank you Daniel for your support and giving lifeto our community. Your beautiful smile will shine on and will continue to light us. We honour you today in celebration of a life fully lived. To the Gray ‘ohana, our thoughts and prayers are with you. May the love he shared with you all bring you comfort and warmth during this time. Rest well friend. Acknowledgment Auge thank you to a wonderful group of people who have generously given their time and talent to create and build Fringe. Their help pro- Vides stability and without them it would be a difficult task to maintain, Abig thank you to Emily Padden, Rose Wolfe, Thomas Tochiki, Joseph Wilcox, Courtney Oyama, Nicole Tessier, Carlynn Wolfe, Gwen Arbaugh, Ikaika Hussey, and Sarah Reo. Thank you. As the original fringe artists did — we follow in their footsteps by providing a platform for the artists to shine. To the artists, this is your stage. Thank you for celebrating and blessing us with your talent. Thank you. To our kind venue collaborators, Fringe is indebted to your kindness and amazing support. We have the acts. We have the venues. We have Fringe. It really cannot be stressed enough that your support Is a major factor in the success of Fringe. Thank you. Finally, ’d like to acknowledge Tim Bostock who said yeah to this crazy idea, Here we are. We made it to Fringe 5. Amazing. Thank you and Aloha. Oahu Fringe Festival 2017 Sponsors: World Festival Network United States Fringe Festivals NexTbOOR — SMIM'°