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1. Australia is a federal nation, therefore the power for making laws 5. How many States make up the Commonwealth
of Australia?
a belongs completely to the State Parliaments o
b is shared between the State and Commonwealth Parliaments o 6 o
c belongs completely to the Commonwealth Parliament o 8 o
4 o
2. The Australian colonies federated to form the Commonwealth
of Australia in: 6. There are also two self-governing Territories in the
Commonwealth of Australia. They are
1890 o
1901 o The Northern Territory o
1895 o The Antarctic Territory o
3. The people of the colonies decided to federate The Australian Capital Territory o

a by voting in referendums o 7. My State/Territory Parliament has

b by having a war o
1 House o
c because Queen Victoria said to o
2 Houses o
4. The federal agreement is recorded in
8. Our Commonwealth Parliament has
a stone o
b the Australian Constitution o 1 House o
c the National Anthem o 2 Houses o