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Nama : Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas / Semester : VI (Enam) / I (Satu)

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d !

(Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat dengan menyilang huru a, b, c, atau d!)
1. Which one is the expression of giving comment ?
a. Thats interesting c. how much is a kilogram of garlic ?
b. I would add d. can I add something ?
2. Yuni : .
Deby : It is eight thousand rupiahs.
a. How many apples do you sell c. may I help you
b. How much is a kilogram of apples? d. I want that apples
3. Dila : What is your name ?
Ina : .
a. Nice to meet you c. I want you to meet Andi
b. Id like introduce myself d. My name is Ina
4. Okta : is it okay if I borrow your bag ?
Caca : Sure, here you are.
Okta : Thanks a lot.
Caca : .
a. Sure b. Thanks c. Thank you, too d. Youre welcome
5. My name Amira.
a. Is b. am c. are d. them
6. Damar : Hello, Im Damar.
Lucas : Hello, Im Lucas
Damar : .
Lucas : Nice to meet you too.
a. How do you do ? c. allow me to introduce myself
b. Nice to met you d. with pleasure
7. Jerri : .
Dara : I am eleven years old.
a. How old are you ? b. nice to meet you too c. whats your name ? d. I am eleven years old.
Dialogue for no. 8 dan 9
Kanza : are you a new student ?
Jasmine : my name is Jasmine
Kanza : I am kanza, Nice to meet you.
Jasmine : nice to meet you too.
8. Who is the new student ?
a. Rika b. Kanza c. Jasmine d. Ana
9. Do Kanza and Jasmine know each other before ?
a. Yes, they do b. No, they dont c. Yes, they dont d. No, they do
10. It is a signs .

a. turn right b. turn left c. go straight d. intersection

B. Fill in the balnks !

(Isilah titik titik berikut !)
1. Hilman : . If I use your bicycle ?
Jerry : No, I dont mind
2. Hilman : do you mind if I wear your hat ?
Damar : No, I dont mind
The underlined word is an expression of .
3. Allow me to introduce myself. . Is Jodi Prasetyo.
4. Father : Dont talk loudly here !
Ulfa : All right, Dad
The underlined sentence is an expression of .
5. The Indonesia of prohibition is .
6. Boy : May I have the sugar ?
Girl : Sure. Here you are
The underlined word is an expression of .
7. Meminta izin in English is .
8. Dont take the flower ! that is an expression of .
9. Avantika : . My sister, Dewi. She lives at kenanga street no. 35, Solo.
10. Lila : I would like you to meet with my friend, Karla
Alba : hi. How do you do ?
Lila : .
C. Match !
(Jodohkan !)

a. My house is at Kediri Streer number 36 b. I am sorry but impossible. I only have a pencil.
c. I am eleven years old d. My name is Nadira
e. Dont turn on the fan !

1. Nama saya Nadira.

2. Usiaku sebelas tahun.
3. Jangan menyalakan kipas angin itu !
4. Rumah saya di Jalan Kediri nomor 36.
5. Maaf sepertinya tidak mungkin.
Aku hanya mempunyai satu pensil.