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The new 911 GT3

Born in Flacht
Born in Flacht Contents
The new 911GT3 8

Aerodynamics and design 14



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The new 911 GT3
Concept 11

A day in Flacht isnt 24 hours.

Its 8,640,000 hundredths of a second.

The new 911GT3.

Many have still never heard of it. only otherwise afforded to the Porsche
Some believe its all just a myth. For the 919Hybrid for LeMans.
true fan, though, behind the idyllic green
hills of the Swabian region in Germany Our engineers invested all their racing
the promised land does exist: Flacht. The experience into it, tweaking and honing
home of Porsche Motorsport. Our home. into the night. Afterwards, they would all
The place in which the Porsche heart say: It couldnt get any better. Only to
beats the fastest. Where the transfer ask themselves the next morning: Could
from motorsport into series production is we not make it even better? A hundredth
routine daily practice. Where the proving of a second faster, a percentage point
ground is our playground. And precision more agile, a gramme lighter?
is our greatest passion.
Then and only then could we award
Here, in Flacht, is where the new the highest distinction there is at
911GT3 turned its first laps. Here is Porsche:
where the mighty sound of its 4.0-litre
horizontally opposed and naturally Born in Flacht.
aspirated engine roared for the first The new 911GT3.
time. Here is where the chassis was
tuned over the course of countless test
kilometres with the meticulous scrutiny
12 Concept

When facts speak for themselves.


Nothing but facts:

Scan code or go to
Sound: unadulterated engine sound Driving dynamics: racing chassis Performance: 4.0-litre six-cylinder Lightweight construction: bodyshell Transmission: performance-oriented Design and aerodynamics: new Safety: motorsport-tuned vehicle
highlights and start the film.
of a pure-bred high-performance with dynamic engine mounts and horizontally opposed and naturally in aluminium and steel composite, 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung front and rear end, Bi-Xenon main stability system, high-performance
naturally aspirated unit. rear-axle steering with GT tuning. aspirated engine derived from the front and rear end in lightweight (PDK). Optional: 6-speed GT sports headlights, three-dimensionally brake system with six-piston
911GT3 Cup offering 368kW polyurethane, rear lid, wing uprights manual transmission with short shift shaped taillights, underbody aluminium brake calipers at the front
(500hp), 460Nm and a high-revving and rear wing in carbon, connecting throws. panelling with finned rear diffuser, and four-piston equivalents at the
concept. rods in titanium. front spoiler and rear wing for rear axle. For fuel consumption, CO2 emissions
aerodynamic downforce. and efficiency class, please refer to
page 117 onwards.
Aerodynamics and design
16 Aerodynamics and design

We firmly believe in the laws of physics.

And in defying them time and time again.

Aerodynamics and design.

The greatest resistance we know here The new front end of the 911GT3 makes Responsible for clear vision: Bi-Xenon
in Flacht? Headwind. Its a matter of one thing instantly clear: this car is not main headlights, fitted as standard,
confronting it with optimum here simply to make up the numbers. including dynamic range control and
aerodynamics and favourable drag Large openings left and right, together headlight cleaning system. LED
coefficients. But its also a matter of with new airblades on each side, improve headlights are available as an option.
exploiting it. By using it to cool the cooling. Even the customary 911GT3 air Direction indicators, daytime running
brakes, for example or as a supply outlet to the front of the luggage lights and position lights, all designed
of combustion air. And, of course, to compartment lid helps to ensure plenty with LED technology, have now been
generate downforce on the racetrack. of fresh air. All cooling air intakes are made even sleeker leaving a larger
protected by air intake grilles in titanium surface area for the air openings.
How do we reconcile these most colour.
conflicting of parameters? With a The first impression is like the second:
harmonious overall concept. And, of Responsible for the leaner build: the new 911GT3 has a more imposing
course, a design in which every detail lightweight polyurethane with hollow appearance. And always looks ready to
must demonstrate its functionality first glass microspheres and carbon-fibre pounce. More aggressive as well? We
and foremost. elements. The complete front end is prefer to say: more impatient. At least
made from this light yet extremely robust for those on the racetrack who see it
high-tech material. Responsible for the approaching in their rear-view mirror.
extra downforce at the front axle: the
wide front spoiler lip.
Aerodynamics and design 19

Squat is how the rear looks. And squat A trademark of the GT models and a
is also its stance on the road. Thats pointer in the direction of motorsport:
because the 911GT3 is an extra 44 mm the fixed rear wing. It is approximately
wider and sits approximately 25mm 20 mm higher than on the predecessor
lower than the 911 Carrera. Its because model. For a further gain in downforce.
the LED taillights are not only slimline,
they are now also shaped three- Four additional fins at the rear of the
dimensionally. Its because the central underbody panelling reinforce the
twin tailpipe of the sports exhaust aerodynamic effect of the diffuser. And
system is a visual clue to the cars they also appear to pull the new 911GT3
low centre of gravity. down closer to the racetrack. Especially
to those who just saw it overtake.
Like the front, the revised rear end is
also manufactured from lightweight
polyurethane. The rear lid, wing and wing
uprights are in carbon. The central air
outlet slit is larger and positioned higher
than on the predecessor model. The two
black-finish ram-air scoops on the rear lid
supply the engine with combustion air.
Drive 25

Packed with up to 9,000 rpm.

And over 30,000 racing victories.


The engine of the new 911GT3 is not The oil supply principle, which uses a
meant as a friendly Swabian gesture, but separate engine oil tank, and the concept
as a throwing down of the gauntlet. To of four valves per cylinder with cam
everyday life. To physics. But, above all, followers and rigid valve train have also
to all the other drivers on the racetracks been derived directly from motorsport.
of this world.
From its impressive capacity of
Brief for the new engine: naturally 3,996cm3, the engine draws a maximum
aspirated engine from motorsport, low power output of 368kW (500hp). With
down in the rear, six cylinders, Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), fitted as
horizontally opposed pistons. A full four standard, the sprint from 0 to 100km/h
litres of displacement. And high takes just 3.4 seconds and top speed is
performance potential with unadulterated 318 km/h. With the optional 6-speed GT
sound. sports manual transmission, the time is
3.9 seconds. Top speed? Not reached
The new drive unit was developed until 320 km/h.
where else? in Flacht. Particularly
robust and powerful, it is based on the
engine fitted in the 911GT3 Cup.

For fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency class, please refer to page 117.
Drive 27

At Porsche, natural aspiration also VarioCam. High-revving concept.

Legend means a high-revving concept. VarioCam is an engine timing concept The valves are operated by cam
Theneedle in the 911GT3 doesnt hit that distinguishes between various followers a principle derived from
1 1 Variable intake manifold
red until 9,000rpm. Maximum torque is engine speeds and load states so that motorsport. Clearance compensation
(two resonance flaps)
460Nm some 20Nm more than is timing can be adapted to suit the current between the camshafts and valves of the
3 2 Separate engine oil tank
4 offered by the predecessor model. It is power demand. It regulates not only the new 911GT3 is realised not by hydraulic
(dry-sump lubrication)
available at 6,000rpm, while maximum adjustment of the intake camshafts but means, but by shim plates as part of a
3 Fine oil separator power output is achieved at 8,250rpm. also the exhaust camshafts in order to solid arrangement. This kind of valve
deliver increased power and torque. timing design provides greater
4 Throttle valve
As far as the efficiency of the engine robustness and enables remarkably high
5 Crankshaft and its power output is concerned, Adjustment takes place imperceptibly engine speeds even under hard use.
5 10
direct fuel injection (DFI) makes a under the control of the electronic engine
6 Central oil supply
to crankshaft decisive contribution. It does so with management. The result is very smooth
millisecond precision and a pressure of running and, above all, high power and
8 7 Forged aluminium pistons
up to 200bar. For optimum mixture torque across the entire engine speed
8 Cam followers formation and combustion in the range.
(rigid valve train) combustion chamber. And, relative to the

9 VarioCam camshaft controller engines high power output, it helps to

achieve favourable fuel consumption and
9 10 Air-conditioning compressor comparatively low CO2 emissions.
11 Water pump


For fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency class, please refer to page 117.
28 Drive Drive 29

Dry-sump lubrication. hard-working components and increases The new 911GT3 is factory-filled with
Motorsport principles are also applied the robustness of the engine under heavy Mobil 1 fully synthetic high-performance 420 510
400 490
to the engines oil supply. Continued use on the racetrack. engine oil. The excellent lubrication 460 Nm 368kW (500hp)
380 470
lubrication is vital, especially at very high properties of this oil ensure a reliable 360 450
engine speeds of up to 9,000rpm and Also new is the particularly efficient cold start, even at very low temperatures, 340 430
under the effects of the particularly high supply of oil to the heavily loaded and contribute not least to the durability 320 410
300 390

Power output (kW)

lateral and longitudinal acceleration that connecting rod bearings. This is realised of the engine. 280 370
can be experienced on the racetrack. by a central oil feed into the crankshaft. 260 350

Torque (Nm)
Another innovation sees the oil efficiently Intake manifold. 240 330
220 310
Seven scavenge pumps in total return the defoamed by a centrifuge before it is In interaction with the sports exhaust
200 290
engine oil quickly and efficiently to the delivered to the separate oil tank. This system, the variable intake manifold in 180 270
external oil tank. Together with a new oil engineering solution originates from synthetic material and featuring two 160 250
pressure pump offering fully variable high-performance motorsport and is switchable resonance flaps helps to 140 230
120 210
displacement, optimum oil pressure is also used in the Porsche 919 Hybrid, ensure efficient gas cycles. 100 190
assured in all operating conditions. This an LMP1 class competitor. 80 170
system provides reliable lubrication of This results in an impressive torque 60 150
40 130
curve, a high maximum torque and high
20 110
power output across a broad engine 0 90
speed range.
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500 8000 8500 9000 9500

Engine speed (rpm)

For fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency class, please refer to page 117.
30 Drive

Sports exhaust system.

The sports exhaust system of the new
911GT3 has two front silencers, two
catalytic converters and one rear
silencer, which discharges into the
central twin-tract tailpipes. The large
volume of the exhaust system reduces
exhaust back pressure and thus
increases power output.

In response to data provided by two

Lambda sensors, the stereo Lambda
control circuits regulate the composition
of the exhaust gas separately in each
exhaust tract. Another pair of sensors
monitor pollutant conversion in the
respective catalytic converters.
Drive 33

An engineering milestone
consists of an infinite number of millimetres.

Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK).

Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) is part of the flow of power for faster This is how it works. PDK is essentially What about the gear changes
Porsche motorsport history. In 1986 and acceleration and moderate fuel two gearboxes in one and thus requires themselves? Youll feel them and youll
1987, the Porsche 962 secured overall consumption. two clutches. This double-clutch hear them. The electronic transmission
victories in Le Mans with the arrangement provides an alternating, control logic of the Intelligent Shift
Doppelkupplung dual-clutch transmission But it gets even better. In the 911GT3, non-positive connection between the two Program (ISP) offers more immediate and
that had undergone continuous PDK boasts an even sportier setup with half gearboxes and the engine by means faster traction-induced upshifts and
development since the 1960s. The rapid the short gear ratios specific to the of two separate input shafts. During a downshifts on overrun. In PDK SPORT
gear changes added up to seconds and, 911GT3 and the crisp, short movements gear change, therefore, one clutch mode, downshifts under braking are
over the course of 24-hour races, to of the gearshift paddles. simply opens and the other closes at the more aggressive while, under
minutes that would ultimately lead to same time, enabling gear changes to acceleration, the shift points are raised
era-defining victories. The racing feel is down to seven take place within milliseconds. even further. So changing up a gear
performance-oriented gears, where even becomes a physical experience and an
Today, PDK is continuing to set standards 7th gear has a sports ratio engineered All that has consequences, not least for emotive one.
this time in series production. for maximum speed. Manual operation of acceleration, for overall performance and
With gear changes that take place in the gear selector is based on the for fuel economy. Driving feels even
milliseconds and with no interruption in established motorsport principle: back to more dynamic and agility is increased.
shift up, forward to shift down.
Drive 35

Its going to end in tears.

Of joy.

6-speed GT sports manual transmission.

In all honesty, we cant promise you a Your job: hand and leg work. Lots of it. What does this mean for you? Unfiltered
particularly great deal at this point. Apart The shift throw? Extremely short. Every driving pleasure. On twisting roads as
from a whole lot of effort, sweat, aching gear change? Exceedingly precise. well as on the racetrack. In a
muscles and tears. Tears of joy, that is, thoroughbred sports car that will move
because the optional 6-speed GT sports With the 6-speed GT sports manual you to tears of joy, time and time again.
manual transmission brings pure, hands- transmission, the focus is not on every
on pleasure back to the cockpit. tenth of a second, but on unconditional The dynamic throttle-blip function gives
driving pleasure and unfiltered emotion. your emotions no respite. And the sound
Six performance-oriented gears are will be music to your ears. No matter
available for you to select, with every By the by, the 911 GT3 with manual which gear youre in.
single bite of the clutch also transmission including dual-mass flywheel
accompanied by a surge of adrenaline. and mechanically locking rear differential
saves approximately 17 kg.

For fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency class, please refer to page 117.
Chassis 39

The crest of Flacht?

No, not the local heraldry.

Racing-style chassis tuning.

Its nine in the morning. A typical Tuesday And back it goes once again to the Indeed, our engineers in Flacht work to For a further improvement to driving
like any other. Or a Wednesday. Rolling northern corner. And again. And again. the same parameters as in motorsport. dynamics, the new 911 GT3 benefits
green hills all around. The sun comes And so it continues month after month. At Porsche, technology transfer is not an from a new chassis setup.
out. An idyllic Swabian scene. Thats fine-tuning. empty promise.
The results: excellent pitch, roll and
The peace is shattered by a test car. It What might sound like racing dedication School of thought until 10 years ago: the directional stability and extraordinary
streaks across the Weissach test track. is actually, and above all, a question of suspension had better be rock hard. As a steering precision. Long-distance
It drives through the northern corner, philosophy. Not so much that of Plato, result, springs, anti-roll bars and shock comfort wasnt ignored either. To
then the Can-Am-Nord section and then Hegel and Kant, but rather the absorbers were configured accordingly. achieve all that, we think putting in a
the Bott chicane. The Alter Hof ascent? philosophy of fine-tuning and, more But hard doesnt always mean best few thousand extra laps is worth the
Leaves it be on the left. In second gear, specifically, the chassis of the new performance. When the surface isnt while.
it negotiates the crest of Flacht. At high 911GT3. And that, too, is a complex quite as flat as a Swabian pancake, for
speed down onto the long straight the business. instance, not all four wheels will have Toe angle, camber and anti-roll bars can
hallowed halls of the Motorsport grip at all times. And that means less also be adjusted individually for
department sweep by in the side window. traction, less lateral acceleration and racetrack use.
less braking power.
Chassis 41

Rear-axle steering. Thanks to this virtual extension of the A hard engine mounting delivers optimum The dynamic engine mount system also
Fitted as standard, rear-axle steering wheelbase, driving stability and agility dynamic performance because it offers reduces the vertical oscillations of the
combines performance and everyday are increased especially in the event the highest degree of handling precision engine when accelerating under full load.
driveability. An electromechanical of fast lane changes or during possible. Soft engine mounts, on the The results are greater and more uniform
adjustment system at each rear wheel overtaking manoeuvres on the other hand, minimise oscillations and drive force at the rear axle, increased
enables the steering angle to be adapted racetrack. vibrations. While comfort is improved on traction and better acceleration.
based on the current driving situation, uneven road surfaces, this comes at the Whenever a less assertive driving style
steering input and vehicle speed. Dynamic engine mounts. expense of dynamic performance. is adopted, the dynamic engine mounts
On the racetrack in particular, the automatically soften to provide a
Advantage at low speeds: the system unforgiving forces of physics should Our engineers have solved this problem heightened level of comfort.
steers the rear wheels in the opposite certainly not be underestimated. But by enabling the stiffness and damping
direction to that of the front wheels. This they can be exploited. Not least in performance of the engine mounts to
has the virtual effect of shortening the the interests of dynamic performance. adapt to changes in driving style and
wheelbase. Negotiating tight corners This is what we do with dynamic road surface conditions. This has been
becomes a more dynamic experience, engine mounts. achieved by the use of a fluid with
while parking becomes easier to manage magnetic properties in interaction with
and the turning circle is reduced. This electronically controlled system an electromagnetic field.
minimises the perceptible oscillations
Advantage at higher speeds: the system and vibrations of the entire drivetrain, With a harder engine mounting, handling
steers the rear wheels in the same especially the engine, and combines is perceptibly more stable under load
direction as that of the front wheels. the benefits of a hard or soft engine change conditions and in fast corners.
mounting arrangement.
44 Chassis

Wheels and tyres. Road-approved sports tyres on the new

The 20-inch 911GT3 wheels are silver- 911GT3 help to provide the necessary
coloured as standard and made from a grip. Bear in mind, however, that the
forged alloy. The central locking device reduced tread depth increases the risk
bearing the GT3 logo is the essence of of aquaplaning on wet surfaces.
motorsport. Compared with the
conventional five wheel bolts, it offers Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM) is fitted
enhanced performance thanks to the as standard. Not only does it issue
reduction in rotatingmasses. And, of warnings in the event of a gradual or
course, it ensures a faster wheel change. sudden loss of pressure, it also features
a racetrack mode. This factors in the
Tyre sizes: lower inflation pressure of cold tyres
245/35 ZR 20 on 9 J x 20 at the front, before an outing on the circuit.
305/30 ZR 20 on 12 J x 20 at the rear.
46 Chassis

Porsche Active Suspension Porsche Stability Management (PSM). Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus PTV in conjunction with the optional GT
Management (PASM). PSM automatically maintains stability (PTV Plus) and Porsche Torque sports manual transmission operates
This electronic active damping system even at the limits of dynamic driving Vectoring (PTV). with a mechanically regulated rear
offers continuous adjustment of the performance. In addition to the anti-lock PTV Plus has been specially adapted to differential lock.
damping force on each wheel based on braking system, it includes Electronic the new 911GT3. In conjunction with
the current driving situation and your Stability Control (ESC) and Traction PDK, fitted as standard, the system On surfaces with less grip, such as in the
driving style. Control (TC). operates with an electronically regulated wet, each system strategically brakes
and fully variable rear differential lock. the right or left rear wheel. This means
At the press of a button, you can select Sensors continuously monitor the that, whenever the car enters a corner,
between two different modes. Normal direction, speed, yaw velocity and lateral Numerous driving parameter inputs are brake pressure is applied to the inside
mode is designed for sporty driving on acceleration of the car. Using this the basis for the systems active control rear wheel. Consequently, a greater
public roads and on wet racetracks. information, PSM is able to calculate the of the differential lock. The results are amount of drive force is distributed to
Sport mode is specially tuned for actual direction of travel at any given greater traction, particularly at the limits the outside rear wheel, improving
maximum lateral acceleration and offers moment. If the car begins to oversteer of dynamic performance, increased steering response and increasing agility.
the best possible traction on the track. or understeer, PSM applies selective lateral dynamics and a significant
braking on individual wheels to restore improvement in driving stability under the The result: unrivalled pleasure at every
stability. effects of load changes in corners and twist and turn. Its just as well there
when the car changes lane. happens to be so many waiting on the
Whats special about PSM in the new racetrack.
911GT3? The systems intervene with
exceptional sensitivity and precision and
can be completely deactivated in two
stages for deliberately sporty handling.
Safety and environment
Safety 51

Even negative acceleration

cannot halt your record-breaking spree.


Brakes. The brake discs are 380 mm in diameter,

The new 911GT3 also demonstrates top front and rear. Thanks to their two-piece
performance when it comes to negative construction with cast iron brake discs
acceleration. Here, we rely on our and aluminium brake chambers, they
expertise of many years as well as save weight and thereby reduce
technologies that have passed the acid unsprung and rotating masses. The
test of motorsport. brake discs are cross-drilled and
internally vented for powerful braking
The new 911GT3 is equipped as even in adverse weather conditions.
standard with a particularly powerful Or when pitted against the challenges
brake system with a specifically matched of motorsport.
brake booster. The red six-piston
aluminium brake calipers on the front
axle and the four-piston equivalents at
the rear are designed as monobloc units.
This makes them highly resistant to
deformation and enables a more rapid
response and release of the brake, even
under heavy loads.
54 Safety

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake The use of six-piston aluminium 50% lighter than standard discs of a Airbags and Porsche Side Impact
(PCCB). monobloc fixed brake calipers on the similar design and size. As well as Protection System (POSIP).
Flacht is something like the gateway front axle and four-piston units at the enhancing performance and fuel Advanced airbag technology is integrated
between the race car and the series rear all finished in yellow ensures economy, this represents a major in the form of full-size driver and
production sports car. The optional extremely high brake forces which, reduction in unsprung and rotating passenger airbags, which are inflated in
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake crucially, are exceptionally consistent. masses. two stages depending on the severity
(PCCB) is the best example. In numerous and type of accident.
racing series, including the Porsche PCCB enables shorter braking distances This results in better roadholding and
Mobil 1 Supercup, it has been proven in even the toughest road and race increased comfort, particularly on The Porsche Side Impact Protection
to withstand the harshest demands of conditions. Safety under high-speed uneven roads. Plus greater agility and System (POSIP) also comes as standard.
the track. braking is also improved thanks to its further improved handling. It comprises side impact protection
excellent fade resistance. elements in the doors and two side
PCCB dimensions are sized to match airbags on each side: an integral thorax
the performance potential of the new The key advantage of PCCB is the airbag in each seat side bolster,
911GT3. Thats why the cross-drilled extremely low weight of the ceramic and an upwards-inflating head airbag
ceramic brake discs have a diameter of brake discs, which are approximately incorporated within each door.
410 mm at the front and 390 mm at the
rear for even more formidable braking
Safety 57

If you want to dish it out on the racetrack,

youve got to be hard enough to take it too.

Club Sport Package.

Resilient materials, driving ability, a high The Club Sport Package comprises a roll
level of safety. Those who mean serious cage bolted to the body behind the front
business on the racetrack are not inclined seats, a six-point racing harness in red
to accept compromises in other areas supplied ready to install on the drivers
either. side, a ready-to-install fire extinguisher
with mounting bracket and preparation
Available as an option and at no extra for battery master switch. This and the
cost, the Club Sport Package is a front roll cage elements for race events
particularly tough proposition for are available to purchase separately from
additional protection on the racetrack. the Porsche Motorsport department.
The ideal platform for attaining sporty
58 Environment

Flacht is not the only place that

should remain idyllic.


In an era of intensifying debate about This is accomplished, on the one hand, magnesium. All materials selected are
global climate change and CO2 emissions, through the efficient use of fuel by means easily recyclable. Recycled plastics are
every automotive manufacturer is asking of efficiency-enhancing technologies such used where they meet our exacting
what it has to offer right now. Our answer? as direct fuel injection (DFI). technical requirements.
Excellent performance together with
excellent efficiency. On the other hand, catalytic converters Fuel.
with stereo Lambda control circuits All Porsche models including the
Emission control. provide efficient emission control. 911GT3 are designed to operate on
Vehicles manufactured by Porsche fuels with an ethanol content of up to
demonstrate that even high-performance Recycling. 10%, e.g. E10. Ethanol has a positive
sports cars can achieve relatively Intelligent lightweight construction has impact on the CO2 balance because it is
moderate fuel consumption and exhaust been integral to the Porsche identity derived from plants that absorb CO2 from
emission values in their respective since the very beginning. Today, it is the atmosphere.
category. achieved by the purposeful use of
lightweight polyurethane, aluminium and

For fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency class, please refer to page 117.
Interior and infotainment
Interior 63

To touch.


The interior of a sports car is like an Instruments. Steering wheel.

athletes clothing: it must fit perfectly Precise not fanciful, minimalist not Change gear like a motorsport
and feel like a second skin. Only then can trendy. True to Porsche style, the five professional using the Sports steering
human and machine function as a single, round instruments integrated into the wheel with gearshift paddles. The sporty
sporty entity. To deliver superlative cockpit lead the way. The rev counter shift throw of the paddles is authentically
performance, the driver needs resides in the middle. Its dial is titanium- short, making gearshifts even more
information that can be accessed quickly coloured and bears the GT3 logo. direct and precise.
and an interior ergonomics concept that
enables even faster use of it. The instrument cluster with 4.6-inch colour The Sports steering wheel offers up to
screen provides you with a continuous 40 mm of height and reach adjustment.
The requirement is fulfilled by an stream of data from the on-board The steering wheel rim in black
ascending centre console that places the computer, including average speed and Alcantara is easy to grip and remains in
gear selector within direct reach of the fuel consumption, fuel range and outside firm hands, even on sporty drives.
steering wheel, by ergonomic gearshift temperature, and allows you to view Tyre
paddles on the steering wheel itself and Pressure Monitoring (TPM) information Useful before yet another left-right
by conveniently positioned controls that as well as the stopwatch of the optional chicane on the racetrack: the top centre
dispense with unnecessary gadgetry but Chrono Package. It also reminds you marking in red, available as an option.
do open up new possibilities on the of your selected communication and
racetrack. Over 30,000 racing victories audio settings or displays the map of the
were not achieved by engine power navigation system but only for the
alone. rare occasion you arent on the racetrack.
64 Interior

Interior materials. Sports seats Plus. Full bucket seats.* reinforced plastic. The backrest pivots
Durability, stability and resilience. Fitted as standard in the new 911GT3, Available as an option: full bucket seats are positioned high in the side bolsters
These are the essential ingredients for Sports seats Plus come equipped with made completely of carbon-fibre to provide excellent lateral support to the
materials in a sporty environment. elevated side bolsters, electric seat reinforced plastic (CFRP) and with a pelvic region. The seats are upholstered
It is an environment dominated by height and backrest adjustment and carbon-weave finish. They offer in black leather as standard with seat
Alcantara, leather and silver-coloured manual fore/aft adjustment. The seat particularly good lateral support for such centres in Alcantara, including
interior parts and brushed aluminium. side bolsters are upholstered in leather, minimal weight. Fore/aft adjustment is contrasting stripes in Platinum Grey
Here, first and foremost, materials must the seat centres are lined with black manual, height adjustment is electric. and the GT3 logo.
be practical and top quality. The fact Alcantara and the headrests are The seats are upholstered in black
that they also have the motorsport feel embroidered with the GT3 logo in leather as standard with seat centres in Leather interior decorative stitching
is a welcome bonus. Platinum Grey. Alcantara , including contrasting stripes

in red.
in Platinum Grey and the GT3 logo. For an exquisite racing-style touch, red
Alcantara is easy to grip, wash and The side bolsters on the seat squab and decorative stitching is available as an
maintain. For this reason, it is mainly backrest have a firm, sporty padding and Sports bucket seats.* option for the leather interior. Depending
found in places where there is direct offer excellent lateral support. The These optionally available bucket seats on the seat variant, this is accompanied
contact: on the steering wheel rim and backrest shell is finished in Silver Grey. feature a folding backrest, integrated by red GT3 logos on the headrests or
gear selector as well as on the door thorax airbag and manual fore/aft red contrasting stripes on the seat
handles, door armrests and lid of the Adaptive Sports seats Plus are available adjustment for driver and passenger. centres with GT3 logo. The GT3 logo
centre console storage compartment. on request. Featuring 18-way electric on the rear transmission tunnel trim
The roof lining and C-pillar trims are adjustment of seat positions, including The carbon surface finish conceals a panel also comes in red.
also finished in Alcantara. side bolsters and lumbar support. seat shell in glass-/carbon-fibre

* Child seats are not compatible with full bucket seats or Sports bucket seats.
Infotainment 67

Always punctual to the second.

Its the Swabian way.

Porsche Track Precision App*.

The Porsche Track Precision App reference lap. Graphical analyses of Chrono Package.
enables your driving stats to be driving data plus a video analysis help In addition to the analogue and digital
displayed in detail, logged and analysed the driver to keep improving driving stopwatch on the dashboard, the optional
on your device. The lap timer can be performance. Recorded stats and circuit Chrono Package boasts even greater
stopped automatically by means of the and driver profiles can be managed and functionality. PCM is upgraded to include
precise 10-Hz GPS signal of PCM, shared from the smartphone itself. a special performance display, enabling
manually using the control stalk of the you to view, storeand evaluate recorded
optional Chrono Package or, for even For even greater precision in your lap lap times. In this way, you can see the
greater precision, by the optional time measurements, a lap trigger is current lap time and distance, number of
lap trigger available from Porsche available from Porsche Tequipment. This laps completed and other times achieved
Tequipment. Recorded times can be can be placed next to the start/finish so far. It is also possible to display the
compared directly from the smartphone. line on the circuit where it will clock and current fastest lap and range until empty.
share your lap times automatically. Any travelled distances can be recorded
On the racetrack, dynamic performance For more detailed information, visit and benchmark times defined.
is visualised on your smartphone and, in to
addition to sector and lap times, the app discover everything that the lap trigger
is also able to show how the current lap has to offer.
compares with a previously defined

* App usage permitted on closed land only. Operation of this product (including the video recording feature in particular) could be prohibited by laws or regulations in specific
markets or events. Before any use of this product, please check that this is permitted under local laws and regulations.
Infotainment 69

Get more day out of your everyday.

Porsche Connect.

Whether its on the racetrack or on the enabling easy control of the majority of conserving phone charge and providing destination even before you set off.
road: Porsche Connect enhances the in-car functions. optimum reception. Another feature is Throughout the journey, the Real-time
existing vehicle functions of the 911 GT3 the LTE telephone module with SIM card traffic information is regularly updated
with intelligent services and apps On the move, you can enjoy your reader for convenience, excellent keeping you on the optimum route.
all of which are intended to make the favourite music from a variety of reception and optimised voice quality.
connection between car and driver even sources, including CD/DVD drive, Whats more, the Connect Plus module To let you use Porsche Connect
more intimate, to intensify that Porsche SD cards, internal 10-GB hard drive also lets you use our wide range of services, the car comes with an
fascination, and to make the challenges (jukebox), or the USB connection, e.g. Porsche Connect services. integrated LTE-supported SIM card
of everyday life quick and easy to for connecting your iPhone . Or you including data allowance for the first
overcome. can simply listen to the radio. Porsche Connect services*. time. Now you no longer need to
The Connect Plus module gives you provide a SIM card of your own.
Porsche Communication Management Connect Plus. access to a range of helpful services, For use of the WiFi hotspot and music
(PCM) including online navigation. The Connect Plus module implements which are bundled into three dedicated streaming functions, a WiFi data
PCM is your control centre for audio, connectivity in your Porsche. With it, you packages: Navigation and Infotainment package is available from the Porsche
navigation and communication functions. can integrate your smartphone optimally Services, Connect App Services and Car Connect Store. Of course, you can
In its latest generation with mobile phone into your vehicle. A smartphone Connect Services. These include, for still use your own SIM card if you
preparation, audio interfaces and voice compartment in the centre console example, the Real-time traffic information prefer. Please bear in mind that this
control system, it also features a high- transfers the signal of your mobile feature. With this aid, you can be sure will require a valid subscription to
resolution 7-inch touchscreen display phone to the external aerial of the car that youre on the fastest route to your a mobile network provider of your
choice (subject to charge).

* Porsche Connect services (including Car Connect Services, but excluding Safety and Security Services) include an initial free subscription period, the length of which may vary by services package and country but shall not be less
than three months. The full range of Porsche Connect services or individual services thereof may not be available in some countries. In addition, an integrated SIM card with data allowance for use of selected Porsche Connect
services will be included in the price in some countries. For use of the WiFi hotspot and the other non-included Porsche Connect services, e.g. music streaming, via integrated SIM card in these countries, a chargeable WiFi data
package is also available from the Porsche Connect Store. Alternatively, you can establish a data connection using a SIM card of your own. For further information on free subscription periods, follow-on costs and availability of
individual services in your country, please visit or consult your Porsche Centre.
Infotainment 71

Connect apps. smartphone has connected to Porsche Apple CarPlay.

In addition to its range of smart Communication Management (PCM), you Apple CarPlay enables you to connect
services, Porsche Connect offers two will be able to display them in the your iPhone to your Porsche and have
smartphone apps. The first, Porsche vehicle and start route guidance certain apps shown directly on the
Car Connect, lets you use your directly. Even your smartphone calendar central display screen of Porsche
smartphone or Apple Watch to retrieve can be viewed directly on PCM and Communication Management (PCM). With
vehicle data and remotely control stored addresses used for navigation. the Siri voice recognition interface, you
selected vehicle functions. Another Whats more, the Porsche Connect App can conveniently use your apps on the
feature of Porsche Car Connect is the gives you access to millions of music move while keeping your full
Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS) tracks thanks to its built-in music concentration on the road.
including theft detection. streaming function.

The second app is the Porsche Connect At, you can

App. This allows you to send chosen find further information about the apps
destinations to your Porsche before you and services available.
start your journey. As soon as your
Infotainment 73

Porsche Connect Portal. Porsche Connect Store.

Every Porsche can be configured to your Would you like to continue to enjoy your
preference. Porsche Connect is the existing services beyond the initial free
same. In the Porsche Connect Portal subscription period? Or purchase extra
at Porsche Connect services? Visit the
you can manage your 911 GT3 and Porsche Connect Store at
personalise your services to suit your and
interests. For example, you can add new discover more about what Porsche
destinations for your navigation system Connect has to offer.
or select the news sources to keep you
informed on anyjourney. The Porsche
Connect Portal also lets you create
additional users such as family
members or friends.
Infotainment 75

For the racetrack.

Sound systems.

Sound Package Plus. BOSE Surround Sound System.

Sound Package Plus, with eight The optional BOSE Surround Sound
loudspeakers and a total output of System has been specially developed for
150watts, delivers excellent sound. the 911 models and is optimally tuned to
The amplifier integrated into Porsche the specific interior acoustics of these
Communication Management (PCM) particular vehicles. The audio system
optimally adapts the acoustic pattern features 12 fully active loudspeakers and
in the vehicle interior to the driver amplifier channels including a patented
and passenger. 100-watt subwoofer integral to the
vehicle bodyshell. This fully active
system setup enables each individual
loudspeaker to be optimally adapted to
the vehicle interior and transforms the
911 GT3 into a fast-moving concert hall.
Total output 555 watts.
80 Motorsport

Capable of winning on the racetrack.

Our never-ending mission.

Weve been in motorsport since the very dream that Ferry Porsche had over 60 vehicles. Indeed, motorsport is where current trend, and never ever be satisfied
first second. Not because we have to be. years ago: to build a sports car capable ideas emerge that will continue to be with the new discoveries we may make.
But because we simply cant imagine it of winning on the racetrack. A vision that developed, tested and trialled under the For the dream that Ferry Porsche
any other way. Time and time again, we became a reality with the first Porsche toughest conditions until they are not envisaged. For the development of cars
scrutinise every idea, every technology ever to be made: in 1951 with the only fit for victory, but also fit for the like the new 911 GT3. And for our never-
and every detail on the test bench. Porsche 356, following its class victory road. Much like the new Porsche 911 ending mission: to build the sports car of
at Le Mans. GT3. A street-legal race car. Developed the future.
We dont rely on the tried and proven, on the same test track and made on the
but on our employees incessant drive to In the meantime, we have recorded over same production line as the 911GT3 Mission: Future Sportscar.
keep searching for new solutions. We use 30,000 racing victories, including Cup. A car that celebrates victories on
the past, our tradition, as a source of countless class wins in sprint and the most demanding racetracks in the
inspiration to develop new ideas. For an endurance races all around the world, as world. And so we will continue to explore
intelligent total concept. With the well as 18 overall triumphs at the 24h our own direction. To believe in our
aspiration to ensure that every vehicle of Le Mans. With one goal: to apply the ideas. To fight for our principles. To
we produce reflects the principle of the lessons learned to our series production resist the temptation to follow blindly any
82 Motorsport Motorsport 83

Porsche Motorsport pyramid.

Sport driving events. Club sport. One-Make-Series. GT sport. LMP sport.

For us, it isnt only the evolution of the Professionals, budding pros and Absolute equality of opportunity against GT sport is the bridge between customer The top of the pyramid? The Le Mans

sports car that matters, but also that of amateurs club racing unites them all. the belief in oneself, young upstarts and factory racing. With the 911 RSR and Prototype 1 class (LMP1). The pinnacle

the driver. At Porsche Sport Driving And rebels. So named not for their challenging old hands, amateurs the 911 GT3 R, genuine racing stars motorsport event of the FIA WEC. And

School events or club racing meets, driving style, but because they go driving competing with professionals. Our One- represent customer and factory teams LMP sport the home of our 919 Hybrid, the overall
experienced instructors impart their whenever they like. With the Cayman GT4 Make-Series the Porsche Carrera Cup in the GT class as they compete for title 919 Hybrid winner in the last two years at the 24h of
FIA World Endurance Championship (incl. 24h Le Mans)
driving skills at the limits of dynamic Clubsport. A thoroughbred race car that and the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup are honours in the FIA WEC, the North Le Mans. The 17th and 18th for Porsche.
performance from the entry level all enjoys a variety of grid opportunities. For customer racing championships staged American IWSC and other GT race series The regulations of LMP racing challenge
GT sport
the way up to obtaining the motorsport no matter whether its a sprint or a long- across five continents. With the Porsche around the world. In historic long- 911 RSR, 911 GT3 R us in many areas. With strict rules
licence. distance race it is theperfect car for 911 GT3 Cup, a thoroughbred race car. distance racing events, such as the 24h IMSA SportsCar Championship (incl. 24h Daytona,
forefficiency, safety and sustainability,
12h Sebring), FIA World Endurance Championship
use between sport driving events and At national and international level. Those of Le Mans, the 24h of Daytona or the (incl. 24h Le Mans), 24h Nrburgring, etc. the future viability of all kinds of
the One-Make-Series. who make it here can fight their way to 24h Nrburgring, the best of the best technologies is put to the test race after
the very top. True to the motto May the enthral the fans as they fight for every 911 GT3 Cup
One-Make-Series race. Not only with a view to climbing the
Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, International Porsche Carrera Cups,

best driver win, everything revolves single hundredth of a second. Porsche GT3 Cup Challenges winners podium, but also for the

around the ability of the individual, for development of the sports car of the

the parameters are clear: all teams must Club sport future. Thats why we still do today

s to
line up in completely identical cars. Only Cayman GT4 Clubsport exactly that which Porsche has
Porsche Clubsport Events
the drivers and the teams can make the represented for over 60years. When
difference. Sport driving events it comes to technology, we know no
Porsche production vehicle compromise, only progress. Entirely
Porsche Sport Driving School, Porsche Sports Cup Series
in keeping with our Mission: Future
Summary 85

Born in Flacht.
It clearly has great potential.


The new 911GT3 was born in Flacht. The In this way, the new 911GT3 unites
road has been its home and its school superlative performance with renowned
since day one. So, then, what should Swabian down-to-earth spirit. That, too,
become of it? is typical of Flacht and, in this
combination, it is presumably one of a
An unadulterated sports car, naturally. kind. It has everything it needs to hold its
One that breathes motorsport and defies own on the roads and racetracks of this
the tarmac. A race car that pushes its world. Now its down to you to show it.
drivers into their Sports seats more
firmly than they would ever have The new 911GT3.
imagined possible.

And, of course, a thoroughbred athlete

that turns old dreams and new personal
goals into achievable aims on the
racetrack. But its also a glimpse of
motorsport to come, with technologies
that make an appearance in Le Mans.
Exclusive | Personalisation 89

We believe in passion for the sports car.

And for every detail.


Just imagine if everything were possible. give even more personality to your You can find out more about the ultimate
If you could create the sports car of your 911GT3. Let the following pages fill you form of personalisation on the following
dreams. Without restriction. With a with inspiration and let your creativity pages. By the way, weve taken special
diverse range of colours. With extra run wild. care to point out all the personalisation
personality and performance. Like Ferry options available from Porsche Exclusive.
Porsche did all that time ago with the The possibilities are many. The limits are Youll be amazed at what we can do.
first ever Porsche: the 356 No. 1. few and far between. Take Porsche
Exclusive as an example, where you can
On the pages that follow, we will show have your 911GT3 personalised even
you how a dream car becomes a reality. more comprehensively and entirely the
For a clear overview, all available options way you envisaged. Directly on the shop
have been organised by category. With floor. To the ultimate level. And for the
the extensive colour palette and wide most part by hand.
range of optional equipment, you can
Exclusive | Personalisation 91

The transition from handicraft

to craftsmanship is a fluid one.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.

Our wealth of experience goes back a wishes and requirements. We fulfil them
long way. Since the very beginning, we at with composure and meticulous care, by
Porsche have been dedicated to realising means ofprecision handcrafting and the
customer wishes as part of our special use of exquisite materials such as leather,
request service. Known until 1986 as the Alcantara, carbon or aluminium.
Porsche Sonderwunschprogramm, today
we call it Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Added value is achieved through
The philosophy has remained the same. dedication and finesse. In other words,
Hand on heart. we handcraft a product that blends
sporty performance, comfort and style
We love what we do. We love our work. and reflects your own personal taste. A
Every seam, every square inch of leather, Porsche with your signature touch.
and every single other fine detail receives
the same devotion. Its how we bring We offer a wide range of personalisation
dreams to life. And how we create options, with visual and technical
something unique. Directly from the enhancements for the interior and
Manufaktur. exterior, from a single alteration to
extensive modifications. Be inspired by
None of this would be possible without our unique example showcased on the
originality, inspiration and enthusiasm, next page and visit
beginning as early as the consultation to discover
stage. Thats because we keep in mind everything you need to know about how
one thing above all else: your particular to configure one of your very own.
92 Personalisation | Exclusive

Its the same in motorsport as it is for personalisation:

you have to give it your all from start to finish.

The 911GT3 in Lava Orange.

At Porsche, not only do we transfer main headlights including PDLS.

technologies from the racetrack into Goal achieved?
every series production car, we also
incorporate your own personal ideas. Far from it. Inside, the carbon interior
Example par excellence: the 911GT3 package, illuminated door sill guards in
in Lava Orange. carbon and floor mats in carbon with 1

leather edging and decorative stitching in

Mission: extreme sportiness, coupled Platinum Silver take sportiness to a new
with the fulfilment of individual wishes level. Supplemented by seat belts in
and requirements. With, for example, Silver Grey and the white dials of the
painted sideskirts and numerous details instrument cluster and Chrono stopwatch.
painted in black (high-gloss) like the To complement the prevailinginterior
PORSCHE logo, the model designation material, further details are finished in
and the lower trims of the SportDesign Alcantara: including the belt outlet trims,
exterior mirrors. Or with carbon, which is the sun visorsandthe lid of the storage
used for the SportDesign exterior mirror compartment bearing thePORSCHE
upper trims and the window triangle logo.
trims. Then we have wheels painted in
satin black, privacy glass and black LED In short: mission accomplished.

1 W heels painted in satin black, LED main headlights in black including PDLS, sideskirts painted, SportDesign
exterior mirror upper trims and window triangle trims in carbon, SportDesign exterior mirror lower trims,
headlight cleaning system covers and door release levers painted in black (high-gloss)
2 P rivacy glass, PORSCHE logo and model designation painted in black (high-gloss)
3 Carbon interior package, floor mats in carbon with leather edging, seat belts in Silver Grey, instrument dials
and Chrono stopwatch in white, sun visors in Alcantara , door sill guards in carbon, illuminated 2 3
94 Personalisation Personalisation 95

Its black for as long as we Standard interior colour. Solid exterior colours. Metallic exterior colours. Special exterior colours.
keep it under wraps. Leatherette/leather/soft-touch paint/
After that, anything is Alcantara.

Black White Carrara White Metallic Carmine Red

Our standard palette allows you to

choose from four solid colours or, for
an extra charge, you can select one of Black Jet Black Metallic Lava Orange
seven metallic colours or one of four
special colours. A black leather interior
is available on request.
Guards Red Agate Grey Metallic Miami Blue
With the Porsche Car Configurator at, you can see how
your chosen colour scheme and other
personalised features will look before Racing Yellow GT Silver Metallic Crayon
you have even placed your order.

Rhodium Silver Metallic

Sapphire Blue Metallic

Graphite Blue Metallic

96 Personalisation Personalisation 97

How to take the Porsche feel up a level: Porsche Exclusive.

Exclusive Privacy glass Exclusive SportDesign exterior mirror upper trims in carbon1) Exclusive PORSCHE logo and model designation painted Exclusive Door sill guards in carbon, illuminated

Exclusive Personalised floor mats in carbon with leather edging Exclusive Wheels painted in satin black Exclusive Vehicle key painted with key pouch in leather Exclusive Storage compartment lid in Alcantara with PORSCHE logo
Option not available for right hand drive markets.
98 Personalisation Personalisation 99


Option I no. Option I no.

Drive. Exterior.
6-speed GT sports manual transmission 486 Metallic paint Code

90-litre fuel tank 082 Special colours Code

Fuel filler cap in aluminium look XYB Deletion of model designation 498
SportDesign exterior mirror lower trims painted in black (high-gloss) XCS
Deletion of model designation
Exclusive Fuel filler cap in aluminium look
Chassis. SportDesign exterior mirror upper trims in carbon XJW
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) 450 Exclusive

Front-axle lift system 474 Headlight cleaning system covers painted1) XUB
Headlight cleaning system covers painted in contrasting exterior colour CGU
Wheels painted in silver colour Standard Sideskirts painted1) XAJ
Wheels painted in satin aluminium 341 Exclusive

Wheels painted in satin platinum XDH PORSCHE logo painted2) CWL

Exclusive Exclusive
Wheel painted in satin aluminium Exclusive SportDesign exterior mirror lower trims painted in black (high-gloss)
Wheels painted in satin black XDK PORSCHE and GT3 logo painted2) CWJ
Exclusive Exclusive
Door release levers painted in black (high-gloss) XJA
Attachment point finishers in carbon3),4) CSX

Paint finish in exterior colour.
Paint finish in exterior colour or in black (high-gloss).
standard equipment availableat no extra cost I number/extra-cost option not available 3)
Provisionally available from 08/2017.
Exclusive Wheel painted in satin black For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list. 4)
Option not available for right hand drive markets. Exclusive Attachment point finishers in carbon
100 Personalisation Personalisation 101


Option I no. Option I no.

Lights and vision. Safety.

Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) 603 Club Sport Package (rear roll cage, preparation for battery master switch; supplied ready to install: 003
six-point racing harness for drivers side, fire extinguisher with mounting bracket)
LED main headlights 602
including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) Six-point racing harness for passenger seat 579

LED main headlights in black including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) XEY Porsche Vehicle Tracking System Plus (PVTS Plus) 7I2
Exclusive LED main headlights in black including PDLS Exclusive
Fire extinguisher 509
Automatically dimming mirrors with integrated rain sensor P13

Light design package 630 Comfort and assistance systems.

Cruise control 454
Air conditioning and glazing.
Reversing camera 7X9
Windscreen with grey top-tint 567
HomeLink (programmable garage door opener)

Privacy glass (rear screen and rear side windows) XPL
Privacy glass (rear screen) XPR

Sports bucket seat Club Sport Package

Seats and seat options.
Sports seats Plus Standard

Full bucket seats P11

Sports bucket seats P03

Adaptive Sports seats Plus (18-way, electric) P07

Seat heating 342

standard equipment available at no extra cost I number/extra-cost option not available

Adaptive Sports seat Plus For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list. Exclusive Privacy glass
102 Personalisation Personalisation 103


Option I no. Option I no.

Interior. Interior.
Floor mats 810 Interior package painted1) EKA/EKB
Smoking package 583
Air vents painted2) CTR
Storage net in front passenger footwell 581
Instrument dials coloured Exclusive
Instrument dials in white Air vent slats painted2) CDN Interior package painted
White XFJ
Guards Red XFG
Exclusive Air conditioning control panel painted1) CHL
Chrono stopwatch instrument dial coloured
White CGJ Sports bucket seat belt passages painted2) CMT
Guards Red CGG Exclusive
Exclusive Vehicle key painted with key pouch in leather3) DFS
Seat belts coloured Exclusive
Silver Grey XSH
Racing Yellow XHN
Guards Red XSX
Exclusive Chrono stopwatch instrument dial in white Exclusive Air vent slats painted

Paint finish in exterior colour.
standard equipment availableat no extra cost I number/extra-cost option not available 2)
Paint finish in exterior colour unless otherwise specified at the time of order.
Exclusive Seat belts in Guards Red For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list. 3)
Paint finish in exterior colour and leather in interior colour unless otherwise specified at the time of order. Exclusive Sports bucket seat belt passages painted
104 Personalisation Personalisation 105


Option I no. Option I no.

Interior: leather. Interior: Alcantara.

Standard interior package in black including selected items in Alcantara Standard Door trim package in leather/Alcantara CLP
Leather interior package in black including extended items in Alcantara Code
Sun visors in Alcantara XLU
Leather interior decorative stitching in red 749
Steering wheel rim with top centre marking in red 886 Exclusive
Leather interior package in black including extended items in Alcantara Storage compartment lid in Alcantara with PORSCHE logo XLG Sun visors in Alcantara
Steering wheel rim and gear selector/lever in smooth-finish leather in black 878 Exclusive
Leather interior package EKC/EKD Storage compartment lid in Alcantara with Porsche Crest XLJ
Exclusive Exclusive
Dashboard trim package in leather CZW Belt outlet trims in Alcantara CLN
Exclusive Exclusive
Personalised floor mats with leather edging CFX
Exclusive Interior: aluminium/stainless steel.
Brushed aluminium interior package Standard

Anthracite brushed aluminium interior package Code

Pedals and footrest in aluminium EFA

Steering wheel rim with top centre marking in red Exclusive Exclusive Pedals and footrest in aluminium

Door sill guards in stainless steel, illuminated XXB

Personalised door sill guards in stainless steel, illuminated CXC

standard equipment available at no extra cost I number/extra-cost option not available

Exclusive Personalised floor mats with leather edging For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list. Exclusive Door sill guards in stainless steel, illuminated
106 Personalisation Personalisation 107


Option I no. Option I no.

Interior: carbon. Audio and communication.

Carbon interior package EKG/EKH Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including online navigation, Standard
Exclusive voice control system and mobile phone preparation
Door sill guards in carbon X69 Connect Plus including online navigation, Apple CarPlay, LTE telephone module with SIM card reader, Standard
Exclusive smartphone compartment, wireless Internet access1), Porsche Car Connect and comprehensive Porsche
Exclusive Connect services2)
Carbon interior package Door sill guards in carbon, illuminated XXD BOSE Surround Sound System

Exclusive Porsche Track Precision App Standard

Personalised door sill guards in carbon, illuminated CXE Sound Package Plus Standard
BOSE Surround Sound System 9VL
Floor mats in carbon with leather edging CHM
Digital radio QV3

Personalised floor mats in carbon with leather edging CHN

Chrono Package and preparation for lap trigger QR5

Exclusive Deletion of audio and communication system P98

Factory collection.
Factory collection in Zuffenhausen 900
Exclusive Door sill guards in carbon Factory collection in Leipzig including intensive driving induction S9Y Chrono stopwatch

Internet access can be established by means of the integrated Porsche SIM card or a data-enabled SIM card of your own. Use of the WiFi
hotspot via the in-car integrated SIM card requires a WiFi data package available to purchase from the Porsche Connect Store. Use of the WiFi
Exclusive Personalised floor mats in carbon with leather edging standard equipment availableat no extra cost I number/extra-cost option not available hotspot via a SIM card supplied by you requires a valid subscription to a mobile network provider of your choice (subject to charge). Deletion of audio and communication system
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list. 2)
Please visit for detailed information on everything that Porsche Car Connect has to offer.
108 Personalisation

Porsche Tequipment accessories

developed for 365 days full of life.

With the Porsche Tequipment range of [1] Car Care Set

accessories developed specifically for Interior and exterior care products
your 911, you can style it entirely to your optimally selected and formulated
own preference. From the start, the same for your Porsche.
rules that apply to our vehicles also apply
to the products of Porsche Tequipment: [2] Porsche Charge-o-mat Pro
developed, tested and proven at the Reduces battery charging time thanks
Development Centre in Weissach. Bythe to its increased charging power.
1 2 3
same Porsche engineers and designers
who made your car. Designed with the [3] Key pouch in Alcantara

complete vehicle in mind and precisely With decorative stitching in selected

tailored to your Porsche. colours and Porsche Crest.

And your original car warranty? It will [4] Wheel sets1)

remain completely intact, whichever For enhanced individuality, agility and
Tequipment products you ask your safety. And even greater driving
Porsche Centre to fit. pleasure.

To discover more about Porsche [5] Car cover2)

Tequipment, please consult your Porsche Tailored indoor and outdoor covers
Centre. Alternatively, all Tequipment with Porsche Crest.
products can be found online at using
our Tequipment accessories finder.

Provisionally available from 08/2017.
Provisionally available from 05/2017. 4 5 5
110 Personalisation Personalisation 111

Porsche Car Configurator. Designing your Porsche.

The dream of the 911GT3 comes in Consultation. Factory collection. visitto the Porsche Museum. Legendary Whichever location you choose, your
many shapes and colours. With the At your Porsche Centre, were on hand to Once the planning is over, the models from a sports car history itinerary includes a guided factory tour, a
Porsche Car Configurator, you will see answer all your questions about your new anticipationbegins looking forward to spanning more than sixdecades await. stylish lunch and, of course, the moment
quickly and intuitively which design for Porsche. Of course, the same applies to the day of delivery. The Porsche factory youve been waiting for: taking delivery
the 911GT3 suits you the best. the personalisation options of Porsche collection makes this an event to cherish At our Leipzig location, youre going to of your Porsche.
Exclusive. even more. Stuttgart or Leipzig? Both take to the starting grid in a Porsche
On the way to realising your dream car, venues hold their own special allure. model identical to the one you purchased To arrange a date for your factory
you can nowcreate your own personalised In our Customer Centres in Zuffenhausen and under the expert supervision of one collection experience, please consult
configuration not only on your desktop and and Leipzig, we will show you what else In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, you can of our instructors. During the drive, they your Porsche Centre. There, you will be
tablet, but also on your smartphone. Your can be done. Here, you can select your experience and learn about every aspect will demonstrate all the functions of your given all the relevant further information
car can be displayed in the perspectives materials and paint colours and plan your of the legendary Porsche brand. In new Porsche. And, indeed,the potential about current availability and the
of your choice and with 3D animations. vehicle in detail using the Porsche Car addition to receiving a detailedlowdown that lieswithin. On-road on theracetrack. formalities, legal or otherwise, that need
Tailored recommendations along the way Configurator. on your car, you will also gain an insight Or off-road, on our very own off-road to be completed before you can take
help you to make those all-important into the entire history of Porsche with a track. delivery.

Visit to find the

Porsche Car Configurator and discover
much more about the fascination of

Porsche Exclusive consultation Porsche racetrack and Customer Centre

112 113

Porsche World.

Porsche Centres Porsche Exclusive Porsche Tequipment Porsche Drivers Selection Porsche Travel Club Porsche Sport Driving School Porsche Clubs
Your Porsche Centre can assist you with Realise your vision of the perfect Personalise your Porsche at any time With sporty leisurewear, intelligent Embark on a thrilling adventure and feel Develop your skill and explore your Since the first Porsche Club was
every aspect of purchasing and owning Porsche with our factory customisation after purchase with our range of accessories and luggage items optimally the power of Porsche. Stay in top-class Porsche with the Porsche Sport Driving founded in 1952, their number has grown
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Technical data
116 Technical data Technical data 117

Fuel consumption/emissions2) PDK/Manual

Engine Performance PDK/Manual
Urban in l/100 km 19.4/19.7
Type Aluminium horizontally opposed and naturally Top speed 318 km/h/320 km/h Extra urban in l/100 km 8.8/8.8
aspirated engine 0100km/h 3.4 secs/3.9 secs Combined in l/100 km 12.7/12.9
Cylinders 6 0160km/h 7.3 secs/7.6 secs CO2 emissions combined in g/km 288/290
Displacement 3,996 cm3 0200km/h 11.0 secs/11.4 secs
Max. power (DIN) 368kW (500hp)
Energy efficiency data (Germany)3)
Flexibility (80120km/h), 5th gear /4.9 secs
at rpm 8,250 Efficiency class G/G
Overtaking acceleration (80120km/h) 2.0 secs/
Maximum torque 460 Nm Energy efficiency data (Switzerland) 3)
at rpm 6,000 Weights PDK/Manual
CO2 emissions from fuel production and 64/65
Maximum engine speed 9,000 rpm Unladen weight (DIN) 1,430 kg / 1,413 kg distribution in g/km
Transmission Unladen weight (EC) 1)
1,505 kg / 1,488 kg Efficiency class G/G
Layout Rear-wheel drive Permissible gross weight 1,777 kg / 1,760 kg The average CO2 emissions value of all new vehicles sold in Switzerland is 134 g/km.
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) 7-speed Dimensions/aerodynamics
Manual transmission (optional) 6-speed Length 4,562 mm
Chassis Width (including exterior mirrors) 1,852 mm (1,978 mm)
Front axle McPherson strut suspension with selected Height 1,271 mm
mountings ball-jointed Wheelbase 2,457 mm
Rear axle Multi-link suspension with selected mountings Luggage compartment volume (German Car 125 litres
ball-jointed, rear-axle steering Manufacturers Assoc.)
Steering Variable steering ratio, power-assisted Tank capacity (refill volume) 64 litres
(electromechanical) Tyre identification
Drag coefficient 0.33
Turning circle 11.1m Tyre type Size Fuel efficiency class/ Wet grip class External rolling noise* External rolling noise
Brakes Six-piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers rolling resistance (class) (dB)
at front, four-piston units at rear,
discs internally vented and cross-drilled Sports tyres (S) 245/35 ZR 20 E E 70
Brake disc diameter 380 mm front and rear
Sports tyres (S) 305/30 ZR 20 E E 73
Vehicle stability system Porsche Stability Management (PSM)
Standard wheels Front: 9 J x 20 ET 55, Rear: 12 J x 20 ET 47 For logistical and technical reasons relating to the production process, we are unable to accept orders for a particular make of tyre.
* Quiet rolling noise, Moderate rolling noise, Loud rolling noise.
Standard tyres Front: 245/35 ZR 20, Rear: 305/30 ZR 20 (sports

Weight is calculated in accordance with the relevant EC Directives and is valid for vehicles with standard specification only. Optional equipment increases this figure. The figure given includes 75 kg for the driver.
Data determined in accordance with the measurement method required by law (Regulation EC 715/2007 as amended). The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle nor do they constitute part of the offer. They are intended solely as
a means of comparing different types of vehicle. Fuel consumption calculated for vehicles with standard specification only. Actual consumption and performance may vary with items of optional equipment. A vehicles fuel consumption
and CO2 emissions depend not only on its efficient use of fuel but also on driving style and other non-technical factors. The latest Porsche models with petrol engine are designed to operate on fuels with an ethanol content of up to
10%. You can obtain further information about individual vehicles from your Porsche Centre.
Valid in the countries listed only.
120 121


# E Porsche Active Suspension S The models featured in this publication Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, 2017 Dr. Ing. h.c. F. P
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6-speed GT sports manual Emission control 58 Management (PASM) 46 Safety51 are approved for road use in Germany. All text, images and other information Porscheplatz 1
transmission 35 Engine25 Porsche Car Configurator 110 Seats Some items of equipment are available in this publication are subject to the 70435 Stuttgart
Environment 58 Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake Full bucket seats 64 as extra-cost options only. The availability copyright of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. Germany
A (PCCB) 54 Sports bucket seats 64 of models and options may vary from
Aerodynamics 16 F Porsche Communication Management Sports seats Plus 64 market to market due to local restrictions Any reproduction, duplication or other
Airbags54 Factory collection 111 (PCM) including online navigation 69 Sound system 75 and regulations. For information on use is prohibited without the prior written Effective from: 03/2017
Apple CarPlay 71 Fuel 58 Porsche Connect 69 Sports exhaust system 30 standard and optional equipment, please consent of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. Printed in Germany
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Brakes51 I Porsche Connect Store 73 All information regarding construction, use of paper from sustainable forests.
I numbers 98 Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) 33 T features, design, performance, The paper forthis brochure is certified in
C Instruments 63 Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur 91 Technical data 116 dimensions, weight, fuel consumption accordance withthe strict regulations
Chassis 39 Intake manifold 28 Porsche Side Impact Protection Tequipment 108 and running costs is correct to the best of the PEFC (Programme for the
Chrono Package 67 Interior 63 System (POSIP) 54 Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM) 44 of our knowledge at the time of going to Endorsement of ForestCertification).
Club Sport Package 57 Porsche Stability Management (PSM) 46 print (12/2016).
Colours94 L Porsche Tequipment 108 V Porsche, the Porsche Crest, 911,
Connect apps 71 Leather interior decorative stitching Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus VarioCam27 Porsche reserves the right to alter Carrera, Cayman, PDK, PCCB, PCM,
Connect Plus 69 in red 64 (PTV Plus) 46 specifications, equipment and delivery PSM, Tequipment and other marks
Porsche Track Precision App 67 W scopes without prior notice. Colours are registered trademarks of
D M Porsche World 112 Wheels44 may differ from those illustrated. Errors Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
Design 16 Mobile phone preparation 69 and omissions excepted.
Direct fuel injection 27 Motorsport 80 R
Dry-sump lubrication 28 Rear-axle steering 41
Dynamic engine mounts 41 P Rear differential lock 46
Personalisation 89 Recycling 58