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Dales Grade 6 Science

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to grade six science! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing
summer. Im very excited for this year. I have put together this guide to help prepare
you for the upcoming year. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have

6th Grade Science - What to Expect

Mr. Dale
Contact Sixth grade science focuses on Earth science
a le @ S e domocha and space science, with some other bits here
Email: jd 6 and there. Students will learn how different
- 5 6 4 - 6 5 3 5 ext. 131
Phone: 2 ed omocha.o
rg/ systems of our planet work and also learn
it es .s
http://s how we study Earth and its history.

Class Materials
It is important that all students come to class Class Rules
prepared with the materials they need. The rules for my classroom are simple and
Organization is key to succeeding! If you have straightforward:
any trouble getting the materials needed,
* Respect others
please let me know and I will do my best to
accommodate. * Respect yourself

* Always give your best effort

For science, all students should have:
* Be prepared
*Science folder
*Science notebook
*Plenty of pencils Following these rules will ensure a fun and
*Pens enjoyable year!
Grading: Summative vs. Formative Grading Systems
Categories: Assignments and assessments
will be broken up and graded in two I use two different systems for grading
categories, formative and summative. in my classroom. The first system is the
traditional percentage system on a
Formative: Formative assessments are 0-100 scale. This scale will be used for
collected and graded to check student grading many quizzes and tests.
progress and understanding throughout a
particular unit. These can come in the form
of class activities, assignments, some The other system I will be using is a 1-4
projects, quizzes, etc. Formative
assessments are worth 50% of a students scale. This scale will be used for grading
grade. classroom assignments, projects, labs,
Summative: Summative assessments etc. The numbers on this scale represent
measure student proficiency. These come in the following percentages:
the form of tests, some quizzes, final
projects, etc. and will typically be found at Score Equals
the end of a unit. These grades
demonstrate what the student has learned 4 100
from a unit. Summative assessments can
have a greater impact on a student's grade, 3.5 95
as there are fewer of these assessments
compared to formative assessments. 3 90
2.5 85
Homework 2 80
I view homework not only as a great way to
practice the concepts and skills we are
1.5 75
working on in class, but also as a way of
1 70
building organizational and preparation
skills. Students are expected to have
homework assignments completed by the due
Homework Grading: Homework is graded on
a 0-3 system. Students who score below 84% (meeting the
standard) on quizzes and tests are able to
3 Completed on time with
retake the assessment. The maximum
reasonable effort upgrade possible is a 90%. Students MUST
complete the upgrade within three class
2 Not completed in class but
turned in by the end of the day periods after receiving the original grade.
Also, students must take responsibility and
1 Not completed in class; turned
in the following day
come to me to express interest in retaking
the assessment, as I will not seek out
0 Assignment not completed