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Present Perfect and Past Simple:

1. I havent seen Alice for ages = Its ages since I last saw Alice ( SINCE + PAST SIMPLE)
2. 2. She started to teach 13 years ago = She has taught for 13 years

3. 3. We last visited Rome three years ago = We havent visited Rome for three years

4. Its 3 months since she last phoned me = The last time she phoned me was three months ago ( LAST TIME + PAST

5. Peter has never heard classical music before = Its the first time Peter has heard classical music (FIRST TIME +

6. 6. This is the silliest joke I have ever heard = I have never heard such a silly joke before

7. 7. I arrived in London last week and Im still here = I have been in London for a week.

8. 8. When did you meet Antonio? = How long have you known Antonio?

1. When did you meet Antonio? = How long

2. I arrived in London last week and Im still here = I have

3. This is the most ridiculous idea Ive heard = I haven

4. Roco has dinner at eight oclock, and its 9 oclock now = Roco

5. I started teaching twenty years ago = I have

6. Virginia was at the party two minutes ago, but she is no longer here = Virginia has

7. My baby hasnt learnt to tell the time, and he is already six = My baby, six, hasnt

8. My baby has learnt to tell the time, and he is only four = My baby, four, has

9. I havent seen a worst film before = This is

10. Gasols romance with basketball began at the age of five = Gasol has loved basketball

11. Frank lost his job three months ago = Frank has been

12. The man who murdered JFK is still free = The Police havent..

13. This is my second visit to Hungary = This is the second time

14. Mary started learning French five years ago = Mary has

15. After I arrived here, I started to feel better = I have

16. Its over twenty years since we got married = We have

17. The last time they saw each other was in 1994 = They havent

18. The last time I ice-skated was ten years ago = I havent

19. I havent seen a worst film before = This is

20. Its a long time since I last went to a football match = I havent

21. She started writing this book two years ago = She has
22. They last wrote me 20 years ago = They havent

23. She bought this car 2 months ago = She has

24. She hasnt worked for 3 years = Its

25. Mary hasnt swum for years = Its

26. Peter hasnt shown me his house for 15 years = Its

27. They havent visited us for ages = Its

28. Its three years since I last ran a marathon = I havent

29. Its ages since she last won an Oscar = She hasnt

30. Its years since they swept the house for the last time = They havent

31. Its 15 years since he lit his last cigarette = He hasnt

32. Its 14 years since she lent me her car for the last time = She hasnt

33. Its years since I last took a holiday = The last time

34. I havent seen Peter for a long time = The last time

35. He has never behaved like this before = Its the first time

36. I havent talked to George for 4 days = Its

37. I have never seen a more beautiful girl = She is

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