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Despite what its various spokesmen say, the new order is not doctrine holds despite the post-Marcos

t-Marcos Constitutions
markedly different from previous administrations in the fight innovation, the Courts power to call out abuse of discretion
against corruption, or the drive to fill the infrastructure it will play a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of the
deficit, or even the pursuit of peace. I write this knowing that dictators family. Instead of affirming the perennial primacy
excellent people are in charge of certain key departments, of country and Constitution, it will only confirm the
including Ernie Pernia at Neda, Liling Briones in Education, prerogatives of a mere and temporary president.
Judy Taguiwalo at DSWD. I realize that Vice President Leni
Robredo has been given the room she needs to make an
impact in housing. I know that peace stalwarts like Jess Read more:
Dureza and Irene Santiago are hard at work to build on what three-changes-are-here#ixzz4siaRGwCD
has been done before. Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on
But if there is a difference, an improvement, in these matters, Facebook
it is a difference in degree. And as far as the anticorruption
campaign goes, the new administration may be said to LIST: Duterte admin's 2016 accomplishments
retrogress. (See third concern below.) The Duterte administration reports that it delivered on
On three concerns, however, it is clear that the Duterte several promises in its first months in office from cutting
administration is fundamentally different from other post- down red tape in government agencies, to waging a war on
Marcos administrations. Change has come, in three deeply drugs, to creating a color-coded map for agricultural crops
unsettling ways: MANILA, Philippines Was 2016 really the year of change in
ADVERTISEMENT the government?
The killing spree. Unlike any other presidential candidate in You yourself can judge based on the accomplishments the
Philippine history, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte campaigned on a administration of President Rodrigo Duterte listed in its year-
promise to kill fellow Filipinos as many as 100,000 end report, which covers everything from his war on drugs to
criminals, he said, whose corpses will clog Manila Bay. Was he caring for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).
indulging himself in hyperbole, or merely joking, or in
earnest? Some 4,000 kills later, the answer should be clear. During the year, Duterte also made a total of 22 visits to
He was dead serious. military camps and 4 visits to police camps.
Many of the dead were innocent; most could not have been
beyond rehabilitation (or, in theological terms, redemption). Here are highlights of the accomplishment report with
Hardly anyone was given the benefit of due process. updates from recent news articles.
The notion that rival drug gangs are killing each others
members is an elaborate fiction; has there been any gang war
anywhere in the world where the rate of kills is steady, night War on drugs
after deadly, dystopian night? The execution of Mayor 1,007,153 drug users and pushers surrendered to
Rolando Espinosa of Albuera, Leyte, was carried out by government.
policemen who have vigorously defended their actions; 42,978 pushers and users arrested as of December
supporters were quick to describe the killing as gang-related. 30.
Leftist organizations supporting Mr. Duterte say the Espinosa 73 government officials arrested for involvement in
killing, at 4 a.m. in his jail cell, was a setback for the war on illegal drug trade, as of October 7, 2016
drugs. Isnt the more logical explanation simpler that 2,166 drug personalities killed during police
Espinosas death, publicly ordered by the President, is exactly operations as of December 30.
how the war on drugs is waged? 5,868,832 houses of suspected drug personalities
The pivot to China. Administration spokespersons speak of visited by police to invite them to surrender to
an independent foreign policy, but the series of actions the government for rehabilitation, under Project
President took to welcome China as an ally in lieu of the Tokhang.
United States preceded any invocation of the constitutional Mega Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation
principle. This is something the President truly wants but Center in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija inaugurated.
during the campaign he did not breathe a word of it to It is being run by the Department of Health.
anyone. P1.266 billion worth of illegal drugs seized by BOC as
A cogent geopolitical strategy can be argued as driving the of end of November 2016: P933.3 million worth of
pivot except that it is against the countrys interests to shabu, P314.7 million worth of cocaine, and P17
create unnecessary enemies. And the Presidents own million worth of ecstasy.
security cluster had no inkling before the first announcement. New PNP Special Action Force troopers deployed to
The rehabilitation of the Marcoses. We do not know what guard New Bilibid Prison in place of old security.
President Duterte thinks he owes the Marcos family, but we Economy
know he has flirted with the idea of Ferdinand Bongbong 10-point Socio-economic Agenda of Duterte
Marcos Jr. as his vice president and successor. administration presented to international and local
I wish to be clear. His running mate, Sen. Alan Peter business groups, foreign institutions and
Cayetano, who abhors Bongbong, topped the vice governments, and other stakeholders.
presidential contest in Region XI; we should give due credit to
Draft of Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion
Mr. Duterte, who clearly campaigned for Cayetano despite a
Act submitted to Congress. It is meant to exempt
vigorous, Nograles-clan-supported Duterte-Marcos alliance in
most Filipinos from paying taxes while collecting
Davao City. The Marcoses, however, enjoy the Presidents
revenue from affluent taxpayers and corporations.
confidence enough for him to wager his political capital on a
17 major projects approved by National Economic
Supreme Court decision.
Development Authority Board.
We still do not know, as of this writing, whether the Court will
Online streaming of closed-circuit television
allow the dictators remains to be buried in the Libingan ng
launched by Bureau of Customs (BOC) as measure
mga Bayani. But it should be clear to all that, if it rules in the
against corruption.
Presidents favor and allows the burial on narrowly legalistic
grounds by essentially holding that the political question
P1.3 billion worth of smuggled goods seized by BOC, ASG leaders Nelson Muktadil, Braun Muktadil, and
including smuggled rice, fuel, fake clothes and sub-leader Mohammad Said among those killed
cigarettes. during operations.
93.3% of P409 billion target for BOC revenue 44 combat operations launched against Bangsamoro
collection collected as of December 2016. Islamic Freedom Fighters and Maute Group by AFP.
Reduction of red tape 50 BIFF or Maute Group personalities killed as a
1,419 cities and municipalities (87% of total) result of operations.
streamlined processing of business permits and 3 suspects of the September Davao City bombing
licensing systems to involve only one form, 5 arrested 32 days after incident.
required signatures, and a maximum of 5 steps. This Agreement signed with Malaysia and Indonesia to
was facilitated by the Department of Interior and enhance military cooperation in addressing piracy,
Local Government. kidnap-for-ransom, terrorism, transnational crimes
Bureau of Internal Revenue begins simplification of in common maritime areas.
the processing of tax clearances and certificates Military personnel deployed for mobile check points,
authorizing registration for real property and shares visibility patrols, and other security-related activities
of stock to 3 to 5 days. Use of credit, debit, or in cities like Davao, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, General
prepaid payments cards and payment centers are Santos, and Metro Manila in order to comply with
added as options to encourage tax payment. declaration of a state of national emergency on
Care for Overseas Filipino Workers account of lawless violence.
One-stop service center for OFWs opened at the Foreign relations
Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) in Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) secured the
Mandaluyong City. It has served 219,697 clients as of release of 5 Filipino seafarersamong crew of Omani
December 7, 2016. ship hijacked by Somali pirates.
P455.1 million in emergency assistance extended to DFA helped drum up support for Philippines
10,233 OFWs displaced due to drop in oil prices in chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian
the Middle East. Of these, 2,401 availed of the Nations in 2017. With help from DFA, President
governments repatriation program. Rodrigo Duterte visited 8 ASEAN countries.
Overseas Employment Certificate no longer a Duterte made visits to China and Japan.
requirement for vacationing OFWs. Their exemption Duterte participated at the Asia-Pacific Economic
from travel tax and terminal fee also being eyed. Cooperation Leaders Meeting in Peru.
Transportation Health
Inter-agency Council on Traffic formed by First CT Scan in Maguindanao Provincial Hospital in
Department of Transportation for more streamlined Shariff Aguak inaugurated by Department of Health.
system for addressing traffic. The council includes Telecommunication
Metro Manila Development Authority, PNP-Highway Department of Information Communications
Patrol Group, Land Transportation Office, and Land Technology (DICT), National Telecommunications
Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board. Commission, and telecom companies agree to
401 colorum vehicles impounded standardize voice call charges between different
6,883 illegally-parked vehicles towed networks to P2.50.
5,738 sidewalk vendors cleared Law and order
Validity of drivers license extended from 3 years 911 National Emergency Hotline launched
to 5 years Agriculture
Drivers licenses applied for from January to October The Presidential Agrarian Reform Council, the
2016 can now be claimed in 36 LTO licensing offices highest policy- and decision-making body on land
in Metro Manila reform and land disputes, is reconvened for the first
No report of laglag-bala (bullet-planting scam) since time after 10 years.
start of Duterte administration The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)
Punctuality of take-off of airplanes (on-time distributes land ownership awards to 50 farmers in
performance) at the Ninoy Aquino International Cebu City, 35 farmers in Sorsogon, 175 in Occidental
Airport (NAIA) improved to 78% from 47% due to Mindoro, and 300 in Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte.
strict enforcement of rule that pilots must take off 5,586 agrarian reform beneficiary organizations are
within 5 minutes or be put at the back of the line. assisted by DAR.
Fleet of 21 premium Mercedes Benz buses launched A P40.7 million rubber processing plant turned over
to bring passengers from NAIA to Makati and Roxas in Banisilan, North Cotabato by DAR.
Boulevard. 2,865 common service facilities turned over to
Labor farmers by DAR.
2,531 workers found to be under abusive end-of- P1.9 billion worth of loans released to 516 farmer
contract system regularized after Department of organizations by DAR.
Labor and Employment inspection of establishments, Color-coded Agri Map launched on December 1,
principals, and contractors. 2016 by Department of Agriculture (DA). Maps are
3-day maximum processing time for Maritime supposed to help the government and investors
Industry Authority (MARINA) applications determine what crops can best be grown in
implemented. particular areas based on soil properties, elevation,
Fight vs terrorism water availability, rainfall pattern, hazard risks, and
597 major military operations conducted against climate change vulnerability.
Abu Sayyaf Group by the Armed Forces of the 10,632 beneficiaries receive 5,581 gill nets and
Philippines (AFP). 10,271 other fishing gear from the DA - Bureau of
94 ASG bandits killed, 21 surrendered, 17 captured Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).
12,484 beneficiaries receive 53.15 million pieces of Suspension of warrant of arrest of Moro National
fingerlings, 3441,388 kilograms of seaweed Liberation Front chairman Nur Misuari for 6 months
propagules, and 3,155 sets of seaweed farm so he can participate in peace talks.
implements from BFAR. Peace talks with the National Democratic Front
Education Unilateral ceasefires of the military and New
600,000 out-of-school youths pass the Accreditation People's Army
and Equivalency Program, certifying them as eligible Yolanda rehabilitation
for either high school or college, as part of the 49% or 3,965 out of 8,000 target Yolanda families
Alternative Learning System program of the transferred to resettlement sites in Tacloban.
Department of Education (DepEd). Transparency, anti-corruption
Guidelines issued on utilization of funds for the Executive Order on Freedom of Information (FOI)
Madrasah Education Program by DepEd for public signed.
schools with Muslim students. Freedom of Information online portal launched by
Energy Presidential Communications Operations Office
26,321 households connected to energy supply by with 312 requests as of December 22, 2016.
Department of Energy and private sector. Of this, 130 out of 185 (70%) of departments, agencies, and
2,662 were identified as priority for energization. government-owned and controlled corporations
Philippine Energy Plan 2016-2030 create their own FOI manuals.
Update completed by DOE. The plan is supposed to 8888 Citizen Complaints Hotline launched.
set the strategy for short, medium, and long-term
goals for electrification in the country.
Two major power plants begin commercial
operation: 414-megawatt San Gabriel natural gas
power plant, and 97-megawatt Avion natural gas
power plant.
41 metallic mines audited by the Department of
Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to
ensure compliance with responsible mining
standards. Of these, 10 were suspended, 20 were
recommended for suspension, while 11 were given
the passing rate.
DENR hotlines launched: #DENR or #3367 for
landline and 0917-868-DENR or 0917-885-DENR for
Public works and highways
Hotline for citizens to report, ask, or make
suggestions about any Department of Public Works
and Highways project launched. Text hotline is 2920
while landline hotline is (02)165-02.
271 new weather stations installed by Department
of Science and Technology (DOST).
Zamboanga Doppler Weather Radar System installed
Social welfare
P9.1 million worth of relief assistance given to
victims of natural disasters.
P135.3 million worth of emergency shelter cash
assistance provided to 27,052 households affected
by Typhoon Lawin.
Memorandum of Agreement for Philippines hosting
of Miss Universe pageantsigned by Department of
Tourism and Miss Universe Organization.
11.65% increase in tourist arrivals as of October
Trade and industry
35.5% increase in investments registered with the
Philippine Board of Investments from January to
November 2016 compared to same period in 2015.
Department of Trade and Industry, DILG, DICT sign
Joint Memorandum Circular shortening processing of
business permits to a maximum of 3 days.
Peace process
Executive Order creating Bangsamoro Transition
Commission signed.
4 meetings held with Moro Islamic Liberation Front.