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In any kind of structure, economy and stability should be taken into

consideration. The best engineer is one who could come up with a design which
could give a stable yet economic structure. In construction of buildings, be it is a
residential or commercial buildings, concrete blocks are commonly used as interior
and exterior walls. Walls covered almost 30% to 40% of a given single structure
and it seemingly has a great impact in construction cost as well as the time of
labor. The intent of this study is to know the effects of Cotton Fiber additives in the
load bearing capacity of concrete blocks. The dimension of the concrete block is
227mm x 98mm x 147mm. The researchers used Type C concrete mixture for the
Concrete Block with 15% cotton additive and it is compared with a standard Type C
Concrete Block with no additives. Both were cured, examined and tested for 7, 14, and
28 days. Universal Testing Machine (UTM) was used to determine the compressive
strength of each concrete blocks.

This design experiment would not have been possible without the guidance and
the help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended
their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study. First and
foremost, the omnipresent God, for answering our prayers for giving us the strength
and for guiding us in every activity that we needed to do. To our professor, Engr. Mico
Zorel N. Siwa, for guiding us with mix proportions and sharing knowledge about
construction materials. To our friends and classmates from the section CE41FB2 who
helped us with some ideas and valuable details that is vital to our research. To Sir Patrick
and Sir George of the CE Stockroom, who assisted us with the Universal Testing
Machine. Last but not the least, to our respective families, Umali Family, Postre
Family, Quiboy Family, Conanan Family, Recto Family and Sandoval Family for
supporting us morally and financially. To our loving parents and siblings, this study is
for you.

We dedicate this design experiment to our professor, Engr. Mico Zorel N. Siwa, who
taught us about construction materials and guided us with our laboratory experiments. To
our friends and classmates that helped us to complete the design experiment. To Sir
Patrick and Sir George of the CE stockroom, who assisted us with the equipment that we
needed to test and evaluate our design experiment.

We also dedicate this design experiment to our families who supported us both morally
and financially. We truly appreciate all the support and help that we received during the
creation of this design experiment.