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Chapter V

Land and Land Revenue

38. (1) All land in the Union Territory of the Andaman and

Nicobar Island is vested absolutely in the government, and,

save as provided by or under this Regulation, no person shall

be deemed to have acquired ant property therein or any right

to or over the same by occupation, prescription or conveyance

or in any other manner what so ever except by a conveyance

executed by, or under the authority of, the Government.

(2) The right to all trees, brush wood, jungles or other

natural product wherever growing, except in so far as the same

may be the property of any person, vests in the Government

and such trees, brush wood, jungles or other natural product

shall be preserved or disposed of in such a manner as may be

prescribed keeping in view the interests of the people of the

area with regards to the user of the natural products.

(3) All such trees which have been planted and reared by,

or under the ordors,or at the expense, of the Government and

all trees which have been planted and reared at the expense of

any local authority by the side of any road belonging to the

Government, shall vest in the Government.

(4) Where a dispute arises in respect of any right under

sub-section [1] or sub-section[2] or sub-section [3] such

dispute shall be decided by the Deputy Commissioner.

(5) Any person aggrieved by any order passed under sub-

section [4] may institute a civil suit to contest the validity of the

order within a period of one year from the date of such order.

(6) Where a Civil Suit has been instituted under sub-

section [5] against any order, such order shall not be subject to

appeal or revision under this regulation.

Chapter XIII



146. The Chief Commissioner may, on such terms and subject

to such conditions as he thinks fit :-

(i) make to any person, for cultivation of coconuts,

coffee, rubber and other long-lived crops and for the

construction of buildings and works to be used for the purpose

of, or in connection with, such cultivation, a grant of land for

any period not exceeding thirty years with an option for

renewal for a like period :

Provided that for the cultivation of rubber crop a longer

period may be specified by the Chief Commissioner with the

approval of the Government ;

(ii) grant a license in writing to any person to occupy any

land to such extend and for such purposes as may be