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October 13, 2016, 10:31 pm

Donald Trump will win 2016 US Presidential election predicts a Pakistani


Islamabad: October 13, 2016. (PCP)Mr. Khalid Mustafa Advocate, Analyst, Columnist and
Numerologist have conducted an exclusive analysis on US Presidential Election 2016 and its

Mr. Khalid said according to my numerology based analysis/prediction regarding US upcoming

Presidential Election 2016, I am very much confident to say after considering numbers based data of
both the presidential nominees of respective parties in light of acquired knowledge of numerology,
which is universally considered as an ancient art that Mr. Donald Trump will be the next US President.
This finding is not on the basis of personal liking or disliking but is truly based on the numbers based
analysis. I do not involve my personal feelings or wishes, when make analysis for individual or nation. I
do take care of Trust & Merit in my analysis

A detailed note is as under: 1. Ms. Hillary is the nominee from Democrats side for US Presidential
Election 2016. The word Democrats has sum value 8. The eight could be favourable to her if the
elections to be held in 2017 as we also see the influence of Year 2016s sum number 9 on 8. Due to 8,
she will not have the magical influence of number 9. Mr. Donald is Republicans nominee. The sum of
word Republicans is 3. Mr. Donald will have favours of # 3 as this number has the total match with
influence of number 9. In numerology, # 9 acts to influence very much on ones ambitions and thus
makes her/him more & more ambitious in achieving objectives.

Ms. Hillary Clintons name has been considered for the purpose of my analysis as Hillary Diane
Rodham. The three word sum is 6. This number 6 will bring much support of female voters for her and
also will cause defeat around 6% overall votes difference. Mr. Donald Trumps name has been
considered as Donald John Trump. This is also three words name but it has the sum 5. This number 5
will bring support of female & male voters for him. The number 5 is considered as the number of
pentagram, a five-pointed occult mystic star.

Ms. Hillary was born in City named Chicago. The sum value of this city is 1. People born under this
number do possess a very strong leadership quality. In Astrology, it symbolizes SUN, the ruler. The
most generous rulers is the word that could be used to define word SUN. Mr. Donald was born in
New York. The sum value of New York is 3. Here, Ms. Hillary can have the lead if the result were
subject to the campaign expenses only as her expenses or generosity will be higher than Mr. Donalds
total campaign expenses. The presidential election is not based on the campaign expenses or generosity
alone and there are other factors including numbers & dates crucially related to the campaign &
nominee. Mr. Donald will have favour of # 3 as this number shows much public favour due to Supreme
Soul after the transformation period.

Mr. Hillarys birth date is 26/Oct/1947. The sum of this birth date is 30. The zero after three brings
additional special physical features in person and those features cause proudness in the subject.

This proudness leads towards failure when public or voters opinion at very large scale is concerned. Mr.
Donald has the birth date as 14/June/1946. The sum is 4. This 4 shows much active & productive mind in
commercial activities and drawback of this type of mind is seen in activities at home. In Mr. Donalds
victory, #4 will play the pivotal role.

US Presidential Election 2016 is the 58 Election. Its sum value is 4. The election is going to be held on
08/Nov/2016. The sum of this date is also 4. The day on which, it will be held is Tuesday. In Numerology,
Tuesday is associated with # 9. These all numbers are much favourable to Mr. Donald and less
favourable to Ms. Hillary.

To some extent, the nick names also play role in your success & defeat. In our case, there are two nick
names as Hill & The Don.

Here, I also see mind softening effect of word The Don. Therefore, Mr. Donald will have some benefits
of his nick name The Don in the victory or win over Ms. Hillary in US Presidential Election 2016.

My advance congratulation to Mr. Donald Trump, his family, voters & lovers all around.