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CHURCH AT STUDY - 9:30-10:40 a.m. Announcements 11.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada office

is seeking rsums from those interested in applying for
Song Service.. Notifications the following full-time position Bilingual Administrative
Opening Hymn.. Secretary for Archives and Secretariat Department.
1. Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to the London Applicants should send their rsum to Ulysses Guarin
Scripture Reading.................................. Church. May you be blessed as we worship and ( , or fax (905) 433-
fellowship together. 0982, or mail to 1148 King St. East, Oshawa, ON., L1H
Opening Prayer..
2. Wednesday evening is a special time! Join your 1H8.) Closing date to submit rsums isTuesday,
Superintendent...Simone Shepherd October 31, 2017. Job descriptions available upon
church family and bring a friend as we study, share and
Lesson Study..The Apostle of Paul in Rome.Classes pray beginning at 7:00 pm. request: please email -
10:50 Personal Ministry 12. All members are invited to join us on October 14,
3. The Adventurer Club meets October 14th from 4:00
at 5:00 pm as we go out to distribute flyer invitations to
WORSHIP HOUR - 11:00 am p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
the community surrounding the Mission Possible main
Introit.. Congregation 4. Pathfinders Club meets Sunday, October 8tht at 10 a.m. event.

*Invocation............................Elder Teresa Ferreira 13. Caribbean Region Disaster Appeal - Sabbath,

5. Every week, from 8:30-9:30 AM, please join us for an
Hour of Prayer for Mission Possible. October 14, 2017-Special Offering to directly benefit the
*Hymn of Praise...Rejoice Ye Pure in Heart.............#27 countries/islands in the Caribbean impacted by
6. Parents and guardians, please be aware of your Hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Please plan to give
Congregational Prayer.Earl Biggs generously using a separate envelope from your regular
childs/childrens whereabouts after Sabbath School.
tithes and offerings. Mark your monetary donations
Offering..Local Budget.........Beatrice Kasule "Caribbean Region Disaster. Your generosity is
7. Youth bible study every Thursday at the Ferreiras anticipated.
Praise & Worship...Team 2 home: 785 Nadine Avenue. We begin at 7pm. All youth
14yrs and older are invited to attend as we continue our 14. Pathfinder Leadership Convention and Triennial
Childrens Story.Bev Sealy study into the book "Desire of ages". General Meeting to be held on Sunday, Oct. 15,
2017 (9:00 AM-5:00 PM) at College Park Church in
*Scripture Reading.....Philippians 4:4-5....Renice & Reneica 8. Raise Your Voice! Choir practice resumes every Oshawa. Fee: $20/person. Each club is entitled to send
other Friday, starting October 13th at 7:30pm. New 3 voting delegates and 3 non-voting attendees.
Special Music.Dr Joyce Dien members welcome! Convention theme: Living Gods Mission through
Pathfinder Ministry.
Spoken Word..........................................Elder Teresa Ferreira 9. Community Service is in need of donations of diapers,
baby food and other food items are welcomed. Please 15. Next Board Meeting October 16th at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
Grateful Heart speak to Teresa Ferreira or any member of the Please submit agenda items to Elder Clara Baptiste and
Community Services Team for more detail Larris Biggs prior to the meeting.
*Hymn of ConsecratioNow Thank We All Our God#559
10. ADRA Canada is seeking resumes from those 16. If you are over 55 years old, or have friends who are
*Benediction...Elder Teresa Ferreira interested in applying for the following full-time position over 55 and would like to join our Golden Agers for a
Executive Director of ADRA Canada. Applicants should buffet lunch on Tue. Oct. 17th at The Elm Hurst Inn, 415
*Postlude send their rsum to the chair of the ADRA Board, Mark Harris St, Ingersoll. We will meet there at 11:30 AM. For
.Legend: *Congregation stands Johnson (email or fax (905) more information please talk to Don Topper or Adrien
Offering next week: Voice of Prophecy 4330982 or mail to 1148 King Street E., Oshawa, Intering. Please sign the Sign Up sheet in the foyer and
Elder on duty Elder Bob Reeve
ON L1H 1H8). Closing date to submit rsums pass on the information to your friends.
is October 15, 2017. Job descriptions are available
Sunset Today: 6:57 p.m. Next Friday: 6:47 p.m. upon request:
Birthday Wishes for October Guidelines for Praying for MISSION POSSIBLE:
Oct 1 Anniekay Allen Oct 7 Sarah Onyango Oct 21 Aloma Martin Pray for a deep conviction of sin, spiritual
Oct 2 Kirmane Allen Oct 7 Natalie Magati Oct 22 Renata Starczewski brokenness, a holy fear of God and genuine
Oct 2 Maria Stajfer Oct 8 Steve Hurst Oct 24 Ernie Eccles repentance among His people. (2 Corinthians 7:10
Oct 2 Lystra Shimla Oct 11 Natalia Bartosz Oct 25 Susan Stevens
Oct 3 Beverlyn Sealy Oct 11 Shaquille Sealy Oct 27 Jana Topper
Pray that God will bring loving unity, healing, and
Oct 3 Kyle Mahon Oct 13 Heidi Carter Oct 28 Etta Eccles harmony between our churches. (John 13:35)
Oct 3 Georgie Perez Oct 14 Dennis Plyley Oct 30 Nyamouch Rial Ask for a spiritual hunger in Gods people, and to
Oct.5 Yemi Olawoore Oct 15 Rupert Fabros Oct 31 Jason McQuire draw them to a life of prayer and intercession.
Oct 5 Stephen VanLeeuwen
Oct 6 Sandi Rusek
Oct 17 Clayton Roemer
Oct 18 Kirmane Allen Jr
(Philippians 2:13
Pray for genuine repentance, humility and spiritual
Welcome to
power for the pastors and leaders involved in
Mission Possible. Ephesians 6:14-20, Joel 2:23)
London Seventh-day Adventist Church
Schedule of Calendar of Events
Pray for God to fill His people with a passion to see
people saved. (Romans 9:1-3
805 Shelborne Street, London ON N5Z 5C6
Pray by name for the persons you plan to invite to
Mental Health Outreach: Depression
Mission possible and that they would respond to the
Recovery Seminars London Church - October 10, 17, 19 -
message of hope. (John 14:13-14)
7:00-9:00 pm. More Info 519-857-5575 Kathy & Gord Rayner Ask that your life would be a witness always.
(Galatians 5:16-18)
Oct 27 Nov 11, 2017: Mission Possible
Theme: Hope for a Troubled World; Evangelist: Bill Santos,
Speaker of Lessons for living Start Time:7pm
Venue: Marconi Club of London located at 120 Clarke Road. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity to serve
Like, Follow us on Facebook during Mission Possible, please speak with Cameron Munro
Proposed Topics London Evangelism or Clara Baptiste. On October 12 at 7:30 PM there will be a
October 27-November 11, 2017 rehearsal and dinner for volunteers, you are invited to attend
Oct 27 Fri PM How To Cope When Life Is Unfair Faith/Trust In God
Oct 28 Sat PM Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good Origin of Evil
Oct 29 Sun PM Can We Know When The World Will Signs of the 2nd
End? Coming
Oct 30 Mon PM How Will The World End? Second Coming
Nov 1 Wed PM The Gift of The Cross! Salvation
Nov 2 Thur PM Is God Still in Control? Daniel 2
Nov 3 Fri PM Does it Matter How We Behave The Law
Nov 4 Sat PM Which Day is the Bible Sabbath? Sabbath
Nov 5 Sun PM The Biggest Deception In Christianity Change of the
Today Sabbath
October 7, 2017
Nov 7 Tue PM What Happens To Us When We Die? State of the Dead Please send bulletin relation information by WEDNESDAY,
Nov 8 Wed PM Who Or What is 666? Mark of the Beast 9:30 p.m. to submission will be
deffered to the next weeks bulletin
Nov10 Fri PM Does The USA Have A Role in Bible Land Beast
Nov 11 Sat AM Who is This Jesus? - Baptism Jesus The Messiah (519) 685-1965
Nov11 Sat PM Heaven is Real - Baptism New Earth