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Name: Naoya Minegishi

Class: L-10
Date: September 30,2017
Smart Goal Map ALESA Writing Goals
Try and fill out for at least two goals
What do you want to accomplish?
Goal 1: acquire academic writing skills and make use of
Make it
S this skills in the near future.
Goal 2: have confidence in my English and positively
communicate with foreign people.
How will you know when you have accomplished your
Make it Goal 1: When I can master fundamental academic
Measurable manners and write academic articles properly.
Goal 2: When I can stately speak English and enjoy
communicating with foreign people.
How can the goal be accomplished?
Goal 1: learn manners lttle by little and practically
Make it
A write essays many times.
Goal 2: speak English without fear in the class and
talk with teacher positively.
Is the goal worth working hard to accomplish? Explain
Goal 1: Yes,it is because academic manners cannot be
Make it
R acquire easely and they are very useful in the future.
Goal 2: Yes,it is.If I can communicate a lot of people ,
I can add to my experience and acquire culture.

Goal 1: I want to acquire basic academic skills by next

Make it
T March and real skills by a graduation ceremony.
Goal 2: I want to speak English fluently by third-year
student. I will travel abroad.