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Faster Decision Making

Dota is designed to give the players surprises with fog of war between the two
teams. You will pick a hero for yourself, and try to gain experience and gold by
killing the enemy creeps or neutral creeps. Ultimately, you will reach your desired
level and have all the essential items to finish the game. Yet, it sounds easy but it
is more difficult when you play against other players who may have more gaming
experience than you. Every move you make will affect the outcome of the game.
You will master the power of keyboard shortcuts, the movement of your mouse,
and bring victory to your team.
2. Gain Social Connections
Dota is a strategy game that requires cooperation from the teammates in which it
significantly determines the outcome of the game. Players can communicate via
microphones or chat window to bring their strategies together in order to win the
game. This communication creates a social connection that, in turn, increases
the value of relationships. On the other hand, new players make friends, others
see it as a good hang-out opportunity.
3. Reduce Stress
After a long day at work, playing a game or a few games can significantly reduce
your stress. No matter if you win or lose, you will find something familiar and
satisfying from playing Dota. Researchers claim that violent game that relies on
high decision making skill can reduce depression, hostile feelings through mood
4. Career Boost
Indeed, Dota 2 has gone viral since Gabe Newell, the founder and managing
director at Valve Corporations, decided to throw in US$1.6 million dollars for a
Dota 2 tournament in 2011 called The International. Sixteen teams, 80 players,
competed against other teams to take the prize. Na`vi was the first team that took
home US$1 million dollars, the 4th team, MYM, took home $80,000. This year
The International 7 gives away US$20 million dollars in the total prize pool, and
whichever team comes first will receive roughly US$9 million dollars. The good
news is that the 16th team will also receive about US$100,000. However, there
are other majors within a year with million of dollars worth for everyone to claim.
This is why you should become a professional player, and start treating Dota 2
as your career.
5. Earn More Money
During the off-seasons, professional players often stream their games online
especially Twitch and asking for a donation. With their unbelievable skills (last hit,
deny, harass, micro) and sense of humor, they attract a lot of viewers online who
loves watching pro players play live. Popular Twitch streamers who often receive
a lot of donations are Wagamama, Admiral Bulldog, and SingSing. Some players
are not necessarily good at Dota, yet they bring a lot of funny moments to the
viewers, and that is all we want for a relaxing time for ourselves.
6. Find the Love of Your Life
People find the love of their life every day on the social media, dating sites,
Tinder, workplace, university, and Dota 2 is not excluded. Dota 2 is a game
suitable for both sexes and any genders who have one thing in common, gaming.
It may not mean a lot, but it can be a start because things escalate quickly as
long as your game is beautifully played.
7. Try Your Luck
If you don't have any luck to becoming a professional player to represent your
country, nor if you don't have any luck with attracting a lot of Twitch viewer to
your stream, then you can try your luck again on betting Dota 2 item. Dota 2 item
price varies from a few cents to a few thousands of dollars. The most expensive
Dota 2 item, the Legendary Ethereal Flame WarDog, costs about US$38,000 and
there are only a few of them available in the entire Dota 2 world. There are many
online betting sites that are reliable and legitimate, which also give you the option
to convert your item to cash for withdrawal. Why not try it now?
8. Learn New Language
Dota 2 is an English speaking game, but you can change the setting to Chinese
or even Korean, that can help you learn English faster in a different perspective.
It is not the best, but it can improve your listening skills, and enlarge your English
9. Improve Cognitive Abilities
Scientists claim that action video game requires users to make rapid and
decisive decision which impact their cognitive functions. Active video games
improve attention skills, brain processing, and cognitive abilities including low
level vision through high level cognitive skills. Dota 2 is not an exception, it forces
players to carry out their best reactions, and faster decision making skills in
which improves their brain functions, hence, imrpove their cognitive abilities.
10. Establish a Stronger Relationship
As stated above, Dota 2 is a team game, and it does improve the social
connections between one player to another. For instance, a group of friends
hanging out together to play Dota 2 as a team, making their relationship stronger.
People often hang out in a park, coffee shops, shopping malls, and it works
similarly to Dota 2. Dota 2 is considered the world largest online strategy game
with the most active players. If you are going to hang out with your cousins, may
be going to an internet cafe to play Dota 2 together. It is not only extremely
relaxing, it is also very intense. Showing off your skills, communicate, and win
your game.
In conclusion, Dota 2, or Esport in general, has multiple benefits that actually
very helpful to people. It is a new thing, so it is not widely understood by the
society. You can always make money from anything, as long as you love it and it
shows the way you are. Some players defied their parents to become
professional players, and they have earned millions and be famous with the love
they have for video games. Love, play, and treat Dota 2 as your career.