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1. Read the text:

Christmas is a time of joy for everyone. Children are overenthusiastic because Santa will
bring them presents and surprises. If the snow covers the earth we are lucky to have a wonderful
landscape. It is a time for families and friends to celebrate together and exchange gifts.
Christmas trees are decorated in almost every house and carols are heard everywhere.

2. Are these statements true or false? Correct the false ones.

1. Children are very happy because winter is coming.

2. Santa brings presents to children.

3. Trees are decorated in every house.

4. Gifts are exchanged.

3. Match words from the two columns to make new words.

snow tree

Christmas flake

snow Claus

Santa man

4. What would you like to get from Santa Clause?

5. Solve the puzzle; write words beginning with the letters given horizontally. The first is done
for you.


6. Decorate the Christmas tree with words connected to the word winter.