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Steps to warm up your voice Part 1

1. Yawn - Yawning is a good way to release tension in your mouth and neck and start to
naturally open up your throat. You will feel your throat release. That release feeling
should not be how you sing though. A sign that youre yawning effectively is when your
shoulders and neck are relaxed while your abdomen is engaged.

2. GENTLE COUGH - Cough as if youre clearing your throat. Pay attention to the natural
reaction your body has to the cough. There should be a natural reflex in you abdomen
area. This will help warm up your body.

Now after doing these warm up steps, focus on keeping tension in the body, not the
neck/shoulders. Primarily focus on keeping your neck/shoulders relaxed, doing this will
naturally guide your body

3. Lip Rolls - Buzz your lips. Only comfortably do lip rolls, you can do scales, notes,
melodies, or no pattern at all. Just keep the lip roll in your speaking range.

4. Lip Roll while shaking your head - Do exactly as you did in step 3, but while doing it,
shake your head as if youre gesturing No. Try not to be roboting or stiff but stay loose.
You should notice your muscles in your body start to gently contract. Do not force them
to contract, try to let it naturally happen with your lip roll.
a. Now go from the head voice to the chest voice (Top to bottom). Add it to the Step
4 while still lip rolling

5. Hunch the shoulders, drop it, then immediately lip roll from the chest voice to head voice
(Bottom to top) - Imagine youre holding a boulder with a rope when your shoulders are
hunched. Drop your shoulders as if you let go of the rope holding the boulder. This is
usually when people start to get tension trying to hit higher notes. To try and bypass this
problem hunching your shoulders and dropping it temporarily disables the muscles that
causes unnecessary tension in the throat so when you lip roll, it comes more freely.

6. Lip roll from chest voice to head voice, and while doing it, bend your knees. Do the same
again with head voice to chest voice.

Part 2