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21 Week Baby Born Alive (photo, 3 weeks later) Baby Born at 4% Months Baby Kenya King, born in Orlando, Florida, 21 weeks (42 months) from tho frat day of her mother’ last menetrue! perioa. Welghing te 2 (S10 {gm) she didpped to 18 cz, Shes shown © § ibs with her mother. (Mam! Herald, Pam Smith photo) ‘Same states use “viability” or ability to eurvive outside the womb as ‘measurement of the humanity ofthe unborn. Thirty years ago, however “viability” was about 30 weeks. Now it fs 35 early as 20 weeks, I 20 more years may be at 10 oF 12 weeks. What Ie enanging Is the Ine ‘creasing cophistication of our external ito eupport eystoms. Tho babies fre the same, Therefore, “viability” cannot be used to judge the baby's humanity. Rather lt measures the ski and equipment of the doctors fureee, and hospital in whieh tho baby is born, Eleven to Twelve Weeks (3 Months) At this stage all organ systems are functional. He breathes, swallows, ‘igests, and urinates. He fs very sensitve to pain, recalling from pin= prick and noiso, and socks a position of comfort when disturbed. Soon Fe will sleep and wake with hie mother. It his amniotic lula fe ewoat- 12 wil Swallow mare olen, if itis made sour he will quit swale He can be taught by sound signals to anticipate and recol from a pain stimolus, but no two fie ones will respond the same, they are already indwviduale. Atthis stage Arnold Gosel Ras sald, “Tho crgartzation oF his Daychoeomatic set well under ‘Alto this time nathing new will velop or function, only further growth ‘and maturation Noto he is sicking his thumb. Ultrasound movies have shown thumb sueking at eight weeks. Caesarean Section Abortion (Hysterotomy) ‘This method is exactly like @ C-section until after tho cord ie cut, In 12 Gaosarean Section. the baby's phiegm Is sucked out, and she is taken {othe intensive care, newborn nursery where everything Is done To care for her. “The baby in this picture weighing two pounds (a 24 week pregnancy) was to be aborted. She was cut free, dropped ina bucket, and left to ‘ie, At this age they all move, breathe and some will even cry. By Dr 8 Mrs. J Wake ‘ine phos in hs brochure are copyrighted. Permission 10 reproduce must be coltind rom te pbisher © 1981, Hayes Publishing Co ne. Salt Poisoning Abortion at 19 Weeks (4¥2 Months) ‘This method is done after 16 weeks when enough fluid hae accumulated in the baby's bag of wales. Along nea Is inserted trough the meters abdomen info ihe baby's sac and a solution of concentrated salts injected into‘ The baby breathes n and swallows the salt and is potsoned by The ‘uter layer of skin ie burned off by ts corrosive effect. takes over an hour {e slowly Kila baby by this method. The mother wil then go into labor about ‘2e hours later and delver the "Product of Pregnancy" above Prostaglandin Abortion “This drug, made by the, Upjohn Company orignal fr the speci: pur pose of abertion, causes the oman to go into labor st any’ stage of prec cy. I's. used in middle and fate pregnancy to induce abortion. its major complication” ig “lve bith". It algo oan cause serious maternal Injury, Tiny Human Feet @ 10 Weeks “These perfectly formed fest demonstrate that the baby's tiny body is Pore ompletely formed at this time. rere ‘at six weeks: uickering” occurs — tal js movement bens ince bid acy cat oe Nacaoed ok fs Ulecroncesnaiogan, at ways .— he human Peat bogs to pet St LesetPon— mane begne A that neem a new being enn ttaly Given om ie, bay of eh frelmetnerr the Tate” (aterent gence rake —Finar"o chromosomes) See eee esting ne cwn ang call Se LeRig ay osrand foe tow io on Soa hes, 4 D & C Abortion at 12 Weeks Performed between 7 and 12 weeks, this method utilizes a loop shaped, knife. Tho utorus Is entered through the vagina. The cervix (mouth of fomb) is'stretched open. The abartonist tran cuts the tiny Body 10 places and slices the placenta from the walls of the uterus. D &E Abortions Until 18 Weeks Performed between 12 and 18 weoks, this method utilizes a sharp toothed pllersctike instrument The abortionist grasps a part of the body of the baby Sra tava. Tis domerbeen of fe ng baby continues wit ‘any feta! anaosthatc unil all parts, plus the deeply rooted stteroirh, are removed, Bleeding is praluse.” ig Cone of the jobs of the operating roam nurse isto reassemble the body pat tee sure teers soy, Swrrante moor Ded an bosom infocte Human Life at Eight Weeks (2 Months) A this stage: he (or she) will grab an instrument placed in his palm and hold on —an electrocardiogram can be done he swims freely in the amniotic fluid with a natural swimmer's stroke! with instruments you can hear his heartbeat Suction Abortion at 10 Weeks ‘Over 8506 of all abortions performed in the U.S. and Canada are done by this method. Its Ike tho © -& © excopt that a powerful suction tube is inserted, This tears apart the body of the developing baby and his placenta, ‘Sucking the "products of pregnancy” info ajar Sometimes the smaller body parts afe recognizable a8 on this picture. Allpotos inte brochure were antered as documented evigonce before the Federal iat Baur of Connecticut n'a. Those ane thers wore submifog ung sath featinony before the susotry Subsconmitos ol to US House of Hoprosoiaas Hentard frie Sil Sum corte of Us, Son 08) aa Jo yore ro chlonged and wore publanod By Dot) Mouse a Senate ithe oes) Prosesdnge What of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision? This has openod al fity states to anarton on go. rand ure se corais out. prevents any sate om Feroisaing abortion wen Seoced fer the ie 0 haatn of he mater By the Couts own defntion, the word “helt” feano: The mecca! iudgment may be exercise Inne ait of a lactors pistol emotional sy holla ana ihe wena's conan {othoweltbeing ofthe palo Alnead actors may folate to health (Dee ¥. Baton). [Rincludes when Spregnaney would irree vpon a woman eessut ie and tate: Produce "payenologteal harm “Wx ata and priya healt by child eae wil bring the cistrase “associated wth the oh varied che "bring hid Ir a temiy aleady unable psy otogly' thernna ocr or {i ng the “conteutng aiteuves ‘and stigma of Uwe minted (oe v. Wade) The Dred Scott Decision n 1957 ruled that black Dooole were not “persona” the even he Cons {ion Staves couls be bough sole, uous or even hiled'as propery ofthe anne’ Thai decison nas verturned bythe tah Amendment. Now the cout fas uled thet unborn people are not “permonss eyes ofthe Gonstion: They can oe led at te sto hey owes (mothers). Ths cossta So Sion cen ony be Toveraod by ihe cout tae Or ‘verted by another constutlonal amendment. ‘Burt legalizing abortion would eliminate criminal abortions! Bi sae re mare we Eectres:(borvon Questions & Answers) Doesn't a mother have a right to her oun body? ‘This i ngt her body but the body of anther human Dperaon. Since when have wa given te a mother he Fightto ki her ehidren--born or unboin? [Abortion ie only ¢ religious question, ian it? {Or numan Hoc mon urn ation, nowevee 1 iirhen Ife Bogie. Tho quetion et abortion 8 Jc human question tat concerns he entre ev Raed aoaety wri we vs, vent juss Cato or Pretotant, of Jewish isbua. tise question ose {sat abortion another means of contraception? Ne, ant confuse abortion ity contaceton entraception prevents new ie ‘rom Beginn ‘Xeorten kil the new hie Ihat has areacy begun Why bring unwanted babies into the worts? ‘an unwantoe pregnancy in the eary montne ee ‘ot nocecsariy mean 29 unwantee Seby ete Sey ry. Or Edward Lenosk (Wat. Cal) has conclu ney shown that Sow Ot ualered engron more planted pragnancies. What about a git who's been rograncy frm rapes extromely rare, (See Wilke, ‘Aoertion: QuBstions & Answers). The vitim must be Supported, loved and helped, Sut we should never iPER innaaent baby forthe crime of hs father, What ifthe mother threatens suicide? ieige among pregnant women is simost unknown Innlinmesota iva ayearperea, thers wera ony 14 maternal gucces, Elven oooures ster esivary egtimataly pregnant. all were pey Arete terattects to the moter? ‘tor egal aborion thors an incroase in strity of Bul sn crue tow andeapped child be ‘born — to a miserable life? ees Sie aeeeacenteemear Seacegfenren sta manta ae Sera tatiana ese EASES mee it lan na ERSP oi guy charts mca Human Garbage—"These dead babes had reached fetal agen of 1610 24 woos before belay hed by fhonion. This is the result of one morning's Wark SP Canedlan texting hospital” Anew ethic? Drinld Inte the nodes 6: Seon hae onto tne Seren wt say Sn | Sere ety wits Se aoe Romy eer Seiler get caracnine Sree Sermae areet Spam ge ee Sere Ses See rarriee Eee see ne {n't abortion safer than emia In the Ist sagas ita te more dt tse months tis probably more ¢ Br dangorose an eniabien: Lg ipo comptsasone an oven ‘aly undoreportes Therefore potted seats state that abort fats probably more dangerous ton true that tothe poor? (tle probably vuo thet i ie safer for a rch person { brosk almoat any law, than for » poor peracn 12 {do eo. Pormapa tho poor canna afford al the herein thoy’ want. Mich people prosstly can Docs that mown Wwe shoul make Heroin avaiable to every Say teen al my cn yf are {any good. Tae elution ent to roped laws, Bet {eran inom fay. Cave resting abortion can Deana freguorty have been, adoquatty enforces swictve abortion tawe are untit What of the Population Exolasion? Ferity in the United States nas dropped below the placer ovel ocho amily a necessary to achlewe zero populton growth thas Seon 18 ance sera” PoPuaven weit age pire So ace tha 20:ang the smiumby 2880" Giese Os.) R. Ravenholt, director, off ef population USAID Constructive Answers