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Grade 1 Weekly Newsletter October 8 - 12

Story: Sam, come back!
Phonics: Short a, final ck.
Vocabulary: Descriptive words. Sunday,
Words of the week: come, in, on, my, way. Math: adding one part to another.
Grammar/ Writing: Sentences. Language: Review the sounds that kids learned: c, h, e ,m, d, r
Math Monday,
Chapter 1: Solving addition and subtraction problems within 10 Math: putting two parts together.
Lesson 1.1-Lsson1.5 Language art: practicing blending 3 letters words( cat, sick, sand, rat, hen, hand,
Vocabulary: add to, subtract from, difference, take away, sum, equations. more, snack, ten, desk, rest, test)
fewer. Tuesday,
Math: breaking apart a total number of objects
Language: writing short words
Part 1: The nature of science. What is Science? What questions do scientists ask?
Vocabulary: inquire, observe.
Math: taking away from a group
Social Studies Language art: practicing blending short words.
Introduction: Thursday.
Introduce the concept, explore the books and ask questions. Math: comparing to find how many more objects in one group than another group.
Arabic Language: revision of the sounds students learns last week and this week ( s, a, t, i,
n, p, e, m, h, r, d, ck)
Intoduction and probation book Section(3/4/5)
Islamic Studies Classroom News:
Knowing the greatness of Quran. What we should know about Islam.Surah Al-Nas
Spelling Test will be from the Spelling List No. 2 on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017. You can
French find the list in your childs folder/attached to the mail/my website.
Learning Alphabet (Lalphabet)
The Phonics List No. 1 will not be included in the test but it is meant to help you
Art practice phonics with your child.
Intoduction to art. Discussion about art and what the kids are going to learn about .
On Thursday, October 12 we have pajama day. Kids can bring their favorite blanket
PE and pillow. Kids can bring their favorite book so they can read it with their friends in
Itroduction. Explanations of class policies, expectations and procedures. Discussing classroom.
personal responsibility to create and maintain a physical and emotionally safe and
Dear parents,
nonthretening environment.
Please check Daily Planner and sign next to the spelling test grade.
Spelling Test List No.1 : /10
If you did not receive any emails from me please send me your new /correct mail at
Parent Signiture: /
Please send the daily planner and the folder back to school on Sunday, Oct.8 th.
Kindly asking you to fill the weekly reading log from the Daily Planner.