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ELIZABETHTOWN CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Offertory Looking through these pages

(Please pass attendance pads at this time.
October 1, We invite visitors to share their addresses on these
2017 Greg and Pam from center chancel
Ron and Josh Music
SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:15 A.M. A Service of Communion
WORSHIP SERVICE 10:30 A.M. Greg from center chancel
Gospel Reading, John 13
* Please stand as you are
** hymnal Supplement *Dismissal to Fellowship Hall

Feast of Love The Love Feast Meal

Memorial Bells Pam
Gathering Music Memorial Bells Footwashing
Greg, note those making use of child care resources
Pam, Jason and Greg from center chancel
Welcome, Announcements & Worship Theme should pick up children at this time.
Pam from center chancel
*Call to Worship

*Opening Prayer
Pam from center chancel We move from worship to service.
*Hymn Seeds scattered and sown
456 Ministers: All the People
Pastoral Team: Jason Haldeman Greg Davidson
(Children may come forward during the last Laszakovits,
verse.) Pam Reist, Josh Tindall
Jason from center chancel Keyboardist Elizabeth Tindall Handbell Director
Ron Bellamy
Time with our Children 777 S. Mount Joy Street, Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Greg from center chancel Church: 717-367-1000 Pastors Cell: 717-475-
Period of Examination 6513
Silent & Guided Prayer
Peggy McFarland from center chancel
Making Resources Available