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YO: Hello Jos

Jos: Hello Juan how are you

YO: I'm not very good

Jose: Why

YO: You know that I lost my son a year ago and it's the time I can not find him, and he does it for
the lost hay looking for a way to get home.

Jose: There is nothing wrong, see if you want to take you with a girl who reads the letters and as
soon as I can tell you some clue where it is.

YO: Seriously, if you take me with her.

Jose: OK let's go

Jose: Hi, Miss Melissa, it's me Jose, I brought you a friend so you could read the letters.

Melissa: If you make it clear, you want me to read the letters to see if you will see yourself in the
future with your lost son.

YO: Yes, of course.

Melissa: Let's start.

Melissa: Red hearts, which means that your lost son is alive.

Melissa: let's keep going

Melissa:King of diamonds, if indeed his son was lost a year ago to return home, but not be soon.

YO: And when

Melissa: All your time

YO: Thank you very much Miss Melissa has given me hope that my son will return home.

Thanks to you too, Jose, for bringing me.

Jose: Juan anything for that we are friends.

Melissa: I hope you find your son.