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My Soul Magnifies The Lord The Magnificat Andrew Rottner Words adapted from the Book of Luke Am Em F G c fe F ; GE poe a eS 1He that is migh = ty, — has shown great strongth tome. 2He that 8 migh 2 -BE has rovehe thet “Seek” shame Site that iSight, has) not for - "got = ten “me, Am c Em F G c 6 : s 3 Se =—* His more - y is for those who fear His Ho - ly name And His an gers for those Who curse His Ho > iy ame And Tis help = ing is for those Who Seve His Ho = ly name And oF c F c Am c Dm é $ is ky Kt i K 5 r te ee ae een 2 He has shown strength with His. arm and His law. And He has Shown rage with the mighty “in their thrones, And He fas shown re. == mem> Brance with «His. Ser = vant Is - “ra el ‘And bor OG Am F Am G c 6 —— = ——— c= Pe ee a ee + Je He scat’ - cred the proud inthe thoughts of their heart. He “it “cathe Plow = in_* te is lo ‘ous home. He spoke "pro - mise from which” all = my doubis. dis. pall ne Foc G Am Am FoAm G c S == == = SeS5 == Yes, my soul mag-ni - fies the Lord a € F G Am Am F Am 6 co “fees hit. ipsa Pa Liisa Oh my soulmag-ni - fiesthe — Lord, Yes, my soulmagni - fiesthe Lord Andrew Rottner Music 2013 © All Rights Reserved