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Complete los recuadros con How much o How many.

pencils are there?

birds are there?
There are thirteen pencils.
There are two birds.

money is there? books are there?

There are three thousand dollars. There are three books.

dolphins are there?

There are two dolphins.
milk is there?

There are four litres of milk.

Responde a las siguientes preguntas.

Is there any milk? (Yes)

How many people are there in the cinema? (200)
How much bread is there? (some)
How much sugar do you need? (two kilos)
How many students are there in your French class? (eleven)
How many tomatoes are there? (two)
How much money do you have? (three )

Write sentences in Simple Present.

I / be / fluent in English
Judy Garner / work / in purchasing
she / be / from Australia
our company / supply / technical products
we / not / work / on Saturdays
they / not / sell / computers
Mr Martin / not / speak English
what / you / do
what languages / he / speak
who / know / the address