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The Bohr Model Simulation

Open a browser and go to this site:
(if prompted, accept the risk and run)

1. Take note of the features on the home page: atom model, electron orbits, spectra (absorption
and emission), orbit locations (current and destination), re-sizing option
2. Go to the side-bar and select the top link: Spectral absorption and emission. Read through this
page; you may want to refer back to it later.
3. Time to play. Go to the link below (use Chrome as your browser)
a. Read the Introduction and How To. Select the Interactive tab and begin transitioning
the hydrogen electron!
4. Complete the table below as you transition your electron! (n refers to the orbit (1,2,3,4,))

Initial n Final n Direction of movement Type of light Color Wavelength

of electron absorbed/emitted (if visible) (nm)
(away/toward nucleus
1 2

1 3

1 4

2 3

2 4

3 4

2 1

3 1

4 1

3 2

4 2

4 3

Which uses more energy: moving an electron from level 2 to level 3, or from level 3 to
level 4?

Should they be the same? Why or why not?

Now, select the Exercises tab and complete the problems.






Finally, predict the energy required for an atom of this element to ionize (relative to
the energy associated with specific electron transitions). Include at least 2 calculations
(c = f; E = hf).