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^_ ^ F X U A V

State of Kansas )
) ss.
County of Jefferson )

I/ Stacy Quinn, of lawful age/ being first duly sworn upon

her oath/ deposes and states as follows:

1. On , 1994 Z got out of the bathtub at my mother/s

:^.^- '- .^'.'^^^^:^.''<^^^^^.^.^l-i''&^^^^. . '^
~^:*W.^!>^- .

out the door to lay mother to tell her to come back inside Uie

house. My mother ignored me.

2. While X was looking out the door at my mother and at my

uncle, I noticed a man walking down a hill toward Hutchings

Street in Kansas City/ Kansas with his arm down to his side.

3. There was an alley and vacant lot across from our house

and it appeared that the man was walking from the alley area

toward Hufcchings street in a southwesterly direction< Z watched

the man both from the front and from the back. I got a clear

view of the man's face,

4. There was a light blue car parked on Hutchings Street

facint north with two saen sitting in the car. It appeared that .,,.;

the two men were waiting for the man who was walking down the

hill as I thought that they had already seen him,

5. The man continued walking toward the light blue car. I

saw that he had a shotgun in his hand. The man had braids in his

hair and had on black pants with a white T-shirt with black

writing on it.


Exh. 36
6. The man wal3ced up to the passenger/s side of the light

blue car/ pointed the shotgun at the passenger, and fired twice.

The gun did not go off either time. The man pumped the gun

again/ fired, and shot the passenger in the face. The man fired

again/ shooting the driver. X did not know until this time that

cousin/ Doniel Qfuinn/ was one o-f the victims who had been

ag^; hot *
'''yi.^i-^ ' I:: ^^^'y'^ - /
ws^-"' sa@n th ^ho&ter .on tho streets/ specifically on
h?.^. 'v<

-7th Street and Allis Street in Kansas City, Kansas/ since the

shooting on April 15, 1994< X have felt threatened by the

shooter/ but fortunately whenever I have seen him I have been

with a group of people so I have been able to blend into the

crowd. Although 1 am not positive/ I believe that the shooter

saw me on April 15, 1994 when he committed the double homicide.

8. I am afraid of retaliation by the shooter, but 1 want the

right person to be punished for killing my cousins<

9. I have viewed four photographs of Laaont HcXntyre and am"''

positive that he was not the person who coimitted the double ^ .;"
<i^^^irF\^': ':
hoiaicide on April 15, 1994 on Hutchings in Kansas City, Kansas.^'

10* Z BBS willing to point out th coricect ^ootex: ^i;<] if!Leansn NflVi-"*'

" ^-^Wi^ss^^:
hist on the streets again after I am released from custody'-; '- '

11, The police never questioned me about the double

homicide/ although I have been in the area. Additionally, X

never testified at any of the hearings in which Lament Mdntyre

was the defendant nor at the trial held from September 26, 1994

through SepteEiber 30, 1994.

Exh. 36
' 12. There is no doubt in my mind that Lamont KcXntyre was

not the shooter on April 15, 1994. Hclntyre/s face is too long/

he is too tail/ and his lips are too dark. The real shooter was

approximately my height (approximafcely 5r7 or 5/8)/ thin/ dark

cotnplecfcedt with :bsss|e lips/ and braided hair, ....



y'r': ''^:''' \ -^ ^^ssyy^^s^&^

's^cy %^i
.^' '-^
Subscribed and sworn to,b^fore e this 'day of March/ 1996.

^ ^\>^!iSfS^
i^^ TibWTHYiU
t'^St^i i^^r,p<c\Vt<^.

Hy Appointment"E:tCp'iy<
-'-* '^w^

'^^Msy ::
' '/I^%f^^h:^\'
' '."'


r<"^' , ..., ;-..:- ^.-'\

^' ' NK^I^JSSK^',.-:

.. . . (.,.- ^(^^^^---^^-^^^^^^^^Sfe-
' Q:^^WM^-;'
;\it '^V-

Exh. 36