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Julian Salmi-Perry

September 12, 2017

Algebra 2
QCCQ: Book of Numbers Chapter 0

Quote: When zero is added to a number or subtracted from a number, the number remains
unchanged; and a number multiplied by zero becomes zero. Today a child is taught this at school
at an early age, but in 628 A.D. it took the genius of a mathematician to think in this unique

Comment: I chose this quote because I think it shows how far humanity has come. Its quite
amazing how weve gone from thinking of zero to calculus to space travel. When he thought of
zero, it was revolutionary. Now, everyone knows what zero is. We take it for granted. Its just so
weird that zero took hundreds of years to be thought of even though its such a simple concept.
The fact that in 628 A.D. zero was a big discovery really shows how much humanity has
advanced as a species.

Connection: I can really connect this to UMA. UMA is a school that promotes the idea of
students discovering things for themselves , even if its something really simple. The
mathematician who told the world about zero probably spent all his time thinking, rethinking and
re-rethinking his theories. This a a big part of what UMA is about: making mistakes and learning
from them. If that guy had given up after his first failure, he wouldve never made his
conclusions about zero that furthered humanitys understanding of the universe. If a UMA
student gives up after their first try, they probably wont get a very good grade (or a good
learning experience).

Question: If that mathematician had given up, who wouldve figured out zero? How long would
it have taken for someone else to figure it out?

How long did it take him to discover zero?

Whered he come up with the name for zero?

What was is process? Howd he come to the conclusion of zero?