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Julian Salmi-Perry

September 19, 2017

Algebra 2
QCCQ: Book of Numbers Chapter 1

Quote: And of course, one is often used to mean the best. In China, Feng Shui can be
improved with the right numbers. The number one is the first of the yang numbers and is
strongly linked with growth and prosperity. But in the West, strangely, we dont always use the
word one in this way.

Comment: I chose this quote because of what I realized after reading it: the number one in the
West is used far less than in the East for meaning the best. Id never really thought about it. Its
not like it is unheard of in the East, but in Eastern pop culture it is so much more prominent (Ill
expand on this in the connection part). In the East, there is the number one pop star, number one
restaurant, et cetera. They use the number one for emphasizing a things greatness far more than
we do.

Connection: I can connect this to Naruto and My Hero Academia, two of my favorite shows that
are from the East (more specifically, Japan). In Naruto, the main protagonists goal is to become
the Hokage, which is basically the number one ninja. He always says hes going to be number
one and eventually, he does. Even other characters use the Eastern number one meaning when
they refer to Naruto as the Number One Most unpredictable Ninja. In My Hero Academia, the
main characters goal is, you guessed it, to become the number one hero. The entire hero system
in that universe is numbered. There is a number one hero, a number two hero and so on. This
isnt just in Naruto and My Hero Academia though, it is extremely common in the shounen
anime, a genre of Japanese cartoons. In other shows of this genre like One Piece, the main
character want to be the number one pirate. Number one is used so much in shounen compared to
western works, its very noticeable.

Question: Why is this way of using number one so much more prominent is the East?

Why dont we use it as much as they do?

Why does number one mean the best in the first place? It is the smallest natural number.
Shouldnt it mean the worst?