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Task Two

Generating a good example of a short movie about Applied Psychology and sharing with
the class via Blackboard

Independent work no facilitator

For this task you can work anywhere on Campus and will be working in pre-assigned groups
given at the start of the session. These groups were created randomly by Blackboard.

Aims of task
1. To feel comfortable collaborating with a random group of people
2. To experience thinking in a fluid way with few constraints
3. To experience making choices about joint interests
4. To experience making decisions in a group
5. To be exposed to an environment where creative thought is encouraged
6. To reflect on what makes a successful short film

What you will do first

1. Join the allocated group. You will be told the members at the start of class.
2. Introduce yourself to the rest of your group. Tell them what areas of Psychology you
enjoy most. (miss this stage out if you did Task One first)
3. Find a free computer where you can also chat, or use one belonging to the group

What you will do next

1. Generate some issues in real life that interest the group
2. Gather these notes on screen using any tool
3. Each member search online for a short film that is relevant to the real life issues you
have on your list. Take 15 minutes maximum for this. Feel free to use You tube.
4. Gather the links to the films chosen by the group
5. Contribute to a discussion of the pros and cons of each selected film in terms of
being best to share with the class. Make your choice based on characteristics such as
a. The subject is surprising in some way
PSY307 Applied Psychology
Week One B

b. The subject tells you something which is important

c. Was a film you held strong opinions about either agreeing or disagreeing or
simply the group feeling the class should know about the film
d. Is a bad example

Reflecting on these characteristics will help you to make the strongest choice

6. Create a short description of your chosen film and include the url. This piece of work
will be uploaded to Blackboard for the rest of the class to read and learn from. Bear
in mind that your piece may inspire later group work. Try to make it concise yet
a. Title, film maker, date
b. What was this film about?
c. What does the film use to communicate the message ? (e.g. piece to camera,
animation, subtitles, music etc.)
d. Why is the movie interesting?
e. Is there anything that could be improved about the film?
7. Create a Powerpoint presentation for upload to Blackboard

You must also do Task One this week

At the end of this task you should have

1. A note of the various films generated by your group. Each member of the group
must upload this list individually to Blackboard. Please include short notes on why
you made your final choice of film. This will show me that everyone has contributed
to this group work. An assignment button will be provided soon.
2. A copy of the Powerpoint presentation created by your group. One copy will be
uploaded to Blackboard. An assignment button will be provided soon.

Dr Siobhan MacAndrew
September 2017