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Lesson Plan

Teacher Name Ms Moore Date Sept 19

Subject Area Science Grade 2
Topic Magnetic Poles Time 68 min.

2. Distinguish materials that are attracted by a magnet from those that are
Specific Learner not.
Outcome(s) 4. Recognize that magnets have polarity, demonstrate that poles may
Taken from Alberta
Program of Studies either repel or attract each other, and state a rule for when poles will repel
or attract each other.
Learning Students will:
Objectives Understand the poles that are present on some magnets
What do you want your Understand that opposite poles attract
students to learn? Demonstrate that they know if poles repel or attract
How will you know your
students have learned?
What resources will you

Allow students time to finish the Testing Objects activity.

Explain to students that magnets have poles. And the poles are
lablelled North and South. Explain that opposites attract. Therefore
North is attracted to South and vice versa. North is not attracted to
North and South is not attracted to South. Demonstrate this with
Introduction the few horseshoe magnets that are labelled north and south, Pass
the magnets around to allow the students the opportunity to test it
out themselves.
Explain to students what a bar magnet is. Explain to students that
one part of a bar magnet is north and the other is south. Ask
students to complete the worksheets in their duotangs that ask
about repelling and attracting.
Body When students are finished the repelling, attracting activities,
show the Magnetic Field Smart Learning for All video on youtube.
Closure If there is still time at the end ask students to color their title page
or work on the word search.
EA Notes: