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Which gender (male or female) tweets emojis with greater

frequency? Of these two genders, which age group (-30 or 30+) will tweet
Emojis of the #Tweeters 10 males: 5 under the age of 30, 5 over 30. Ten females: 5 under the age
of 30, 5 over 30. + #AgeIsNotANumber #AgeIsClearlyAWord #Linguistics
emojis with greater frequency? #ScratchingMyHead #Ruminating

A Study of #Gender and #Age
In #MoreThan
#Method Natural communication = critical to analysis of language use @Labov.
#Hypothesis Females -30 will tweet emojis with greater frequency than their 140 characters! Twitter is spontaneously so #SeeTrump. In selecting subjects, I scanned 3 hashtags:
four above-tweeted counterpart subgroups. #WeWantAnswers

#VanityFair, #The1975, and #Fun (the online equivalent of three real-life
experiment locations). I chose first 5 unverified users of each subgroup with 20+
original tweets (no retweets). I used profile pic to determine ages

4 1
5 2 H
67 < GT
IJ 89 ; Q
K3 : P ]
#Limitations Small sample population (& only 20 tweets per subject) makes #MethodContinued. I analyzed a total 400 tweets. I tallied each tweeters total
results difficult to extrapolate to larger population. Determining ages was often number of emojis in those 20 tweets & calculated for subgroup. I tallied emojis
problematic #iHadToGuess. My use of only 3 hashtags to find subjects meant
(versus emoticons). The former represent all things, not simply emotions (which
those tweeters may not have been representative. One tweeter a girl under 30 the latter does represent).
skewed data slightly. #iWantToBreakFree


u t s p
108 #ByAndrewHill N
Emojis F 87
C 21
13 #Results Males -30 years tweeted 8 emojis. Male subjects 30+ tweeted 5 emojis. Males of
all ages tweeted a collective 13 emojis. Females -30 tweeted 87 emojis. Females 30+ 0 B
E years tweeted 21 emojis. Females of all ages tweeted a collective 108 emojis. The results
were as I predicted. At 87 emojis, females -30 tweeted more than their counterpart
groups. I would be interested in follow-up research: Which specific emojis were most
(-30) (+30) (-30) (+30)
popular? #MakeLinguisticsGreatAgain #ItsAlreadyGreat! #LookRightAndLeft

Copy and Paste Emoji No apps required. (n.d.). Retrieved February 21, 2017, from Labov, W. (n.d.). The social stratification of (r) in New York City department stores. The Social Stratification of
English in New York City,40-57.