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Ferritin Gen.2 - Application for C.f.a.s. Proteins Specific proteins
Order information
Analyzer(s) on which cobasc pack(s) can be used
03528995 190 Ferritin Gen.2 (200 tests) System-ID 0768081
11355279 216 Calibrator f.a.s. Proteins (5 1 mL) System-ID 0765570
10557897 122 Precinorm Protein (3 1 mL) System-ID 0791059
11333127 122 Precipath Protein (3 1 mL) System-ID 0791067
05117003 190 PreciControl ClinChem Multi 1 (20 5 mL) System-ID 0774693
05947626 190 PreciControl ClinChem Multi 1 (4 5 mL) System-ID 0774693
05117216 190 PreciControl ClinChem Multi 2 (20 5 mL) System-ID 0774707
05947774 190 PreciControl ClinChem Multi 2 (4 5 mL) System-ID 0774707
20756350 322 NaCl Diluent 9 % (6 22 mL) System-ID 0756350

English Mix all brand new (nonpunctured) cobasc packs for 1minute on a
cassette mixer before loading on the analyzer.
System information
Test FER2P, test ID 0278 COBAS INTEGRA 800 analyzers
After cobasc packs puncture, the analyzer automatically mixes the reagent
Intended use for 1minute.
In vitro test for the quantitative immunological determination of human
ferritin in serum and plasma on COBASINTEGRA systems. Storage and stability
Summary1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Shelf life at 28C See expiration date on
Ferritin is the iron storage protein. It has a molecular weight of cobasc pack label
440000daltons, depending upon the iron content, and consists of a
protein shell (apoferritin) of 24subunits and an iron core containing an COBASINTEGRA400 plus system
average of approximately 2500Fe3+ions (in the basic isoforms). Common On-board in use at 1015C 12weeks
to all isoforms is their construction from two separate subunits, the acid
H(heavy)type subunit and the weakly basic L(light)type subunit. The COBASINTEGRA800 system
basic isoferritins are responsible for the longterm iron storage function and On-board in use at 8C 12weeks
are mainly detectable in the liver, spleen and bone marrow. Acid isoferritins
are found mainly in the myocardium, placenta, tumor tissue and -to a Specimen collection and preparation
lesser content- in the depot organs. For specimen collection and preparation only use suitable tubes or
The determination of ferritin is necessary above all in iron metabolism collection containers.
diagnosis, monitoring iron therapy, ascertaining the iron reserves in groups The use of certain blood collection tubes containing separation gels and/or
at risk and in the differential diagnosis of anemias. It encompasses clotting accelerators may interfere with this test.
prelatent and latent iron deficiency as well as iron overloading. It is also
used to distinguish between hypoferric anemia and hypochromic anemia Only the specimens listed below were tested and found acceptable.
(chronic infection and tumor anemias, sideroblastic anemia or thalassemia). Serum
Plasma: Liheparin plasma, K2 or K3EDTA plasma
Ferritin determinations are particularly suitable for monitoring renal anemia
when iron utilization and distribution disorders are present during therapy The sample types listed were tested with a selection of sample collection
with erythropoietin. The ferritin detectable in blood is in equilibrium with the tubes that were commercially available at the time of testing, i.e. not all
bodys depot iron and hence acts as an indicator for the level of iron stores. available tubes of all manufacturers were tested. Sample collection systems
from various manufacturers may contain differing materials which could
A variety of methods are available for determining ferritin, e.g. affect the test results in some cases. When processing samples in primary
radioimmunoassay (RIA), enzymelinked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), tubes (sample collection systems), follow the instructions of the tube
fluorescence immunoassay (FIA), luminescence immunoassay (LIA) and manufacturer.
nephelometric immunoassay.
When using K3EDTA tubes pay particular attention that the tubes are
The automated Roche ferritin assay is based on the immunological adequately filled.
agglutination principle with enhancement of the reaction by latex.
Blood collected in capillary blood collection tubes is unsuitable. Do not thaw
Test principle frozen specimens in a 37C bath. Violent mixing may denature ferritin.11
Particle enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay. Do not use turbid samples.
Human ferritin agglutinates with latex particles coated with anti-ferritin Centrifuge samples containing precipitates before performing the assay.
antibodies. The precipitate is determined turbidimetrically at 552nm.
Reagents - working solutions Stability:12 7days at 1525C
7days at 28C
R1 Glycine buffer: 0.17mol/L, pH8.3; rabbit globulin: 5mg/mL;
stabilizers and preservative. 1year at (-15)(-25)C
SR Latex particles coated with antihuman ferritin (rabbit): 0.17%; Materials provided
glycine buffer: 0.17mol/L, pH7.3; stabilizer and preservative. See Reagents working solutions section for reagents.
R1 is in position B and SR is in position C. Materials required (but not provided)
Precautions and warnings NaClDiluent9%, Cat.No.20756350322, systemID0756350 for
automatic sample dilution and standard serial dilutions. NaClDiluent9% is
Pay attention to all precautions and warnings listed in placed in its predefined rack position and is stable for 4weeks onboard
Section1/Introduction of this Method Manual. COBASINTEGRA400plus/800analyzers.
Reagent handling
Ready for use
COBAS INTEGRA 400plus analyzers

2015-07, V 5.0 English 1/4 FER2P


Ferritin Gen.2 - Application for C.f.a.s. Proteins Specific proteins

Assay Calibration interval Each lot, every 84days and as

For optimum performance of the assay follow the directions given in this required following quality control
document for the analyzer concerned. Refer to the appropriate operators procedures.
manual for analyzerspecific assay instructions.
Enter the assigned lot-specific ferritin value of the undiluted calibrator,
Application for serum and plasma indicated in the package insert of the Calibrator f.a.s. Proteins.
COBAS INTEGRA 400plus test definition Traceability: This method has been standardized against the Elecsys
Ferritin assay (immunological method) which is traceable to NIBSC (WHO).
Measuring mode Absorbance
Quality control
Abs. calculation mode Kinetic
Reference range Precinorm Protein or PreciControl
Reaction mode R1-S-SR
ClinChem Multi1
Reaction direction Increase
Pathological range Precipath Protein or PreciControl
Wavelength A 552nm ClinChem Multi2
Calc. first/last 35/42 Control interval 24hours recommended
Typical prozone effect >10000g/L (>22470pmol/L) Control sequence User defined
Antigen excess check Yes* Control after calibration Recommended
Unit g/L For quality control, use control materials as listed in the Order information
section. In addition, other suitable control material can be used.
Pipetting parameters
The control intervals and limits should be adapted to each laboratorys
Diluent (H2O) individual requirements. Values obtained should fall within the defined
limits. Each laboratory should establish corrective measures to be taken if
R1 50L values fall outside the defined limits.
Sample 20L 20L Follow the applicable government regulations and local guidelines for
SR 47L 10L quality control.
Total volume 147L Calculation
COBASINTEGRAanalyzers automatically calculate the analyte
COBASINTEGRA 800 test definition concentration of each sample. For more details, please refer to Data
Analysis in the Online Help (COBASINTEGRA400plus/800 analyzers).
Measuring mode Absorbance
Conversion factors: g/L=ng/mL
Abs. calculation mode Kinetic
Reaction mode R1-S-SR g/L2.247=pmol/L

Reaction direction Increase mol/L445000=ng/mL

Wavelength A 552nm Limitations - interference

Calc. first/last 47/56 Criterion: Recovery within 10% of initial value.
Hemoglobin, bilirubin and Intralipid interferences were checked with a
Typical prozone effect >10000g/L (>22470pmol/L) sample revealing a ferritin concentration of approximately 28g/L.
Antigen excess check Yes* Serum, plasma
Unit g/L Icterus:13 No significant interference up to an Iindex of 60 for conjugated
and unconjugated bilirubin (approximate conjugated and unconjugated
Pipetting parameters bilirubin concentration: 1026mol/L or 60mg/dL).
Diluent (H2O) Hemolysis:13 No significant interference up to an Hindex of
960(approximate hemoglobin concentration: 596mol/L or 960mg/dL).
R1 50L Lipemia (Intralipid):13 No significant interference up to an Lindex of160.
Sample 20L 20L There is poor correlation between the Lindex (corresponds to turbidity) and
triglycerides concentration.
SR 47L 10L
Rheumatoid factors: No significant interference.
Total volume 147L Therapeutic drug interference was tested according to the
*A prozone effect occurs with values of ferritin above 10000g/L. Such recommendations of the VDGHa). No interferences were found.
results are automatically flagged by the system up to a concentration of In very rare cases, gammopathy, in particular type IgM (Waldenstrms
75000g/L. In case of nonlinearity flagging, dilute the specimen manually macroglobulinemia), may cause unreliable results.14
with 0.9% saline solution such that the concentration is less than the For diagnostic purposes, the results should always be assessed in
highest standard concentration. Multiply the result of the diluted specimen conjunction with the patients medical history, clinical examination and other
by the appropriate dilution factor. findings.
Calibration a) Verband der Diagnostica und Diagnostica Gerte Hersteller. Refer to section1/ Introduction of
this Method Manual for a list of drugs tested and their concentrations.
Calibrator Calibrator f.a.s. Proteins ACTION REQUIRED
Calibration mode Logit/log5 Special Wash Programming: The use of special wash steps is mandatory
when certain test combinations are run together on COBASINTEGRA
Calibration dilution ratio 1:2, 1:3, 1:6, 1:9, 1:48, and 0g/L analyzers. Refer to the CLEAN Method Sheet for further instructions and for
performed automatically by the the latest version of the Extra wash cycle list.
instrument Where required, special wash/carry-over evasion programming must
be implemented prior to reporting results with this test.
Calibration replicate Duplicate recommended

FER2P 2/4 2015-07, V 5.0 English


Ferritin Gen.2 - Application for C.f.a.s. Proteins Specific proteins

Limits and ranges Passing/Bablok16 Linear regression

Measuring range y=1.298x+13.0ng/mL y=1.241x+17.5ng/mL
10484g/L (221088pmol/L)
=0.922 r=0.994
Determine samples having higher concentrations via the rerun function.
Dilution of samples via the rerun function is a 1:5 dilution. Results from SD (md95)=17.8 Sy.x=9.09
samples diluted by the rerun function are automatically multiplied by a The sample concentrations were between 14.3 and 529ng/mL (32.1 and
factor of 5. 1189pmol/L or 14.3 and 529g/L).
Determine samples having higher concentrations via the rerun function.
Dilution of samples via the rerun function is a 1:5 dilution. Results from Roche/Hitachi917 analyzer
samples diluted using the rerun function are automatically multiplied by a
factor of5. Sample size (n)=57
Lower limits of measurement Passing/Bablok16 Linear regression
Lower detection limit of the test: y=1.031x-6.07ng/mL y=1.035x-6.51ng/mL
10g/L (22pmol/L)
=0.959 r=0.997
The lower detection limit represents the lowest measurable analyte level
that can be distinguished from zero. It is calculated as the value lying SD (md95)=56.3 Sy.x=21.6
3standard deviations above that of a zero sample (zero sample+3SD, The sample concentrations were between 14.3 and 1840ng/mL (32.1 and
repeatability, n=21). 4134pmol/L or 14.3 and 1840g/L).
Expected values1,15
Expected values for ferritin concentrations in clinically healthy subjects are
strongly dependent upon age and sex. 1 Wick M, Pinggera W, Lehmann P, eds. Iron Metabolism, Diagnosis and
Therapy of Anemias. Clinical Aspects and Laboratory, 5th ed.
Results of a study with Tinaquant Ferritin on samples from 224healthy test Vienna/New York: Springer-Verlag 2003.
subjects (104women mainly premenopausal and 120men) are given
below. These values correspond to the 5th and 95th percentiles. 2 Kaltwasser IP, Werner E, eds. Serumferritin: Methodische und klinische
Aspekte. Berlin/Heidelberg/New York: Springer-Verlag 1980.
Men (2060years) 30400g/L (67899pmol/L or 3 Williams WJ, Beutler E, Ersler AJ, et al. Hematology, 4th ed. New York:
30400ng/mL) McGraw-Hill 1990.
Women (1760years) 15150g/L (34337pmol/L or 4 Albertini A, Arosio P, Chiancone E, et al. eds. Ferritins and isoferritins
15150ng/mL) as biochemical markers. Amsterdam/New York/Oxford: Elsevier 1984.
Children: For detailed information about reference intervals in children refer 5 San Diego Declaration, Erythropoietin use and response in end-stage
to the publication: HeidukM, Pge I, KliemC, et al. Pediatric reference renal disease. The American Society of Nephrology, Annual meeting,
intervals determined in ambulatory and hospitalized children and juveniles. San Diego. J Am Soc Nephrol 1995;3:35.
Clin Chim Acta2009;406:156161. 6 Finlayson NDC. Hereditary (primary) haemochromatosis. BMJ
Each laboratory should investigate the transferability of the expected values 1990;301:350-351.
to its own patient population and if necessary determine its own reference 7 Franco RS. Ferritin. In: Pesce AJ, Kaplan LA, eds. Methods in clinical
ranges. chemistry. St. Louis/Washington/Toronto: CV Mosby Company
Specific performance data 1987:1240-1242.
Representative performance data on the COBASINTEGRA analyzers are 8 Linke R, Kppers R. Nicht-isotopische Immunoassays - Ein berblick.
given below. Results obtained in individual laboratories may differ. In :Borsdorf R, Fresenius W, Gnzler H, et al. eds. Analytiker-
Taschenbuch, Vol. 8. Berlin/Heidelberg/New York/Tokyo: Springer-
Precision Verlag 1989;127-177.
Precision was determined using human samples and controls in an internal
protocol with repeatability (n=21) and intermediate precision (1aliquot per 9 Dati F, Sauder U. Immunchemische Methoden im klinischen Labor. GIT
run, 1run per day, 10days). The following results were obtained: Labor-Medizin 1990;7-8:357-372.
10 Dubois S, McGovern M, Ehrhardt V. Eisenstoffwechsel-Diagnostik mit
Level 1 Level 2 Boehringer Mannheim/Hitachi-Analysensystemen: Ferritin, Transferrin
Mean 19.8ng/mL 108ng/mL und Eisen. GIT Labor-Medizin 1988;9:468-471.
(44.5pmol/L or (242pmol/L or 11 Tietz NW. Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry, 3rd ed. Pa: WB
19.8g/L) 108g/L) Saunders Co 1987;405:789-824.
CV repeatability 9.0% 2.5% 12 Guder WG, Narayanan S, Wisser H, et al. The Quality of Diagnostic
Samples. Broschure in: Samples: From the Patient to the Laboratory,
2nd ed. Darmstadt: GIT Verlag 2001.
Level 1 Level 2
13 Glick MR, Ryder KW, Jackson SA. Graphical Comparisons of
Mean 20.3ng/mL 157ng/mL Interferences in Clinical Chemistry Instrumentation. Clin Chem
(45.6pmol/L or (353pmol/L or 1986;32:470-475.
20.3g/L) 157g/L) 14 Bakker AJ, Mcke M. Gammopathy interference in clinical chemistry
CV intermediate precision 7.8% 3.4% assays: mechanisms, detection and prevention.
Method comparison 15 Lotz J, Hafner G, Prellwitz W. Reference Study for Ferritin Assays.
Ferritin values for human serum samples obtained on a Kurzmitteilung Clin Lab 1997;43:993-994.
COBASINTEGRA700 analyzer with the COBASINTEGRA Ferritin Gen.2 16 Bablok W, Passing H, Bender R, et al. A general regression procedure
reagent(y) were compared with those determined using the for method transformation. Application of linear regression procedures
COBASINTEGRA Ferritin reagent on the same instrument(x) and with for method comparison studies in clinical chemistry, Part III. J Clin
those determined using the Tinaquant Ferritin reagent on a Chem Clin Biochem 1988 Nov;26(11):783-790.
Roche/Hitachi917 analyzer(x).
A point (period/stop) is always used in this Method Sheet as the decimal
COBASINTEGRA700 analyzer separator to mark the border between the integral and the fractional parts of
a decimal numeral. Separators for thousands are not used.
Sample size (n)=49

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Ferritin Gen.2 - Application for C.f.a.s. Proteins Specific proteins

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