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gov RELEASE: 05-032 NASA RECOGNIZES ACHIEVEMENTS AT HONOR AWARDS CEREMONY NASA Glenn Center Director Dr. Julian Earls presented the agency's highest medals and awards to outstanding employees on Thursday, July 21, for their exceptional contributions to achieving NASA goals through excellence in science, engineering and administrative service. NASA Astronaut John Bennett Herrington served as the guest speaker. Outstanding Leadership Medal Harry A. Cikanek, Cleveland Heights, for continued and recognized leadership in the field of rocket propulsion. Leslie A. Greenbauer-Seng, Olmsted Township, for a unique combination of outstanding leadership skills in technical management and human resources. Dennis L. Huff, North Olmsted, for exemplary leadership and integrity in directing, organizing, planning and implementing NASA's acoustics and structures research. Exceptional Achievement Medal Paul A. Bartolotta, Medina, for exceptional achievement in fostering effective, visible, multi-agency and multi-industry partnerships that advanced NASA's mission and contributed to high-speed combined-cycle turbine engine state of the art. Kelly S. Carney, Grafton, for the development of the constitutive material models and analytical techniques used in the Columbia Accident Investigation and the Space Shuttle Return to Flight recertification. Loretta M. Shaw, Fairview Park, for dedicated leadership in process innovation, product excellence and responsiveness to NASA's transformational competitive actions in exploration acquisition

activities. Bryan K. Smith, Brecksville, for exceptional achievement in the formulation and development of the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter Project. Bruce M. Steinetz, Westlake, for exceptional contributions to innovative seals research and creating and leading a nationally recognized NASA Seals Research Team. Exceptional Service Medal Kurt S. Blankenship, Strongsville, for sustained excellence in airborne icing research and flight safety educational outreach critical to industry, airlines and general aviation, both nationally and internationally. Thomas H. Bond, Lakewood, for significant and sustained performance and leadership in icing research as well as exceptional ingenuity in building successful collaborative relationships that have directly improved the safety of the flying public. Amy L. Bower, Huron, for significant contributions to the safety, health and environmental programs at Plum Brook Station. Roger Chamberlin, Westlake, for significant research contributions, exceptional project management skills and the implementation of innovative management practices in the Glenn Research Center wind tunnels. Jo Ann Charleston, Lorain, for outstanding service that has had a pronounced effect upon the educational community as well as the technical and administrative programs at NASA. David M. DeFelice, Medina, for outstanding leadership in public outreach for NASA Glenn Research Center. Edmane Envia, Brunswick, for original contributions to aeroacoustics research and noise prediction methods for turbomachinery. Joseph E. Grady, Avon, for exceptional service and commitment to NASA Aeronautics programs and leadership in ensuring Glenn engine systems contributions to Agency aircraft noise-reduction objectives. Julie A. Grantier, Medina, for sustained excellence in engineering and systems engineering for major Space Science and Aeronautics programs.

Glen M. Horvat, North Royalton, for exemplary technical leadership, vision and integrity in directing, organizing and implementing the mission analysis efforts for NASA's space and exploration activities in the Systems Analysis Branch. Martha H. Jaskowiak, Grafton, for preeminent achievements in the development and implementation of ceramic materials in advanced aerospace technologies. Richard Q. Lee, Ann Arbor, Mich., for sustained performance and outstanding leadership in the research and development of radiofrequency antenna technology in support of NASA's Space Communications Program. Matthew E. Melis, Olmsted Falls, for exceptional leadership and technical contributions to the NASA Glenn Ballistic Impact Team effort supporting the Columbia Accident Investigation and NASA's Return to Flight Program. Debashis Sadhukhan, North Olmsted, in recognition of outstanding efforts in making significant engineering contributions to the Glenn Research Center by improving the safety and reliability of the Central Process Systems for aeronautical research at the Center. Ronald W. Sepesi, Strongsville, for innovation and excellence in meeting the service and construction needs of the Glenn Research Center. Mary F. Wadel, Medina, for significant and sustained performance in project management, leadership and advocacy towards the successful development of aircraft icing technologies. Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal William V. Meyer, Lakewood, for novel and innovative advances in laser light scattering technology enabling a number of highly successful space flight experiments. Mark P. Wernet, Broadview Heights, for sustained, exceptional and innovative scientific advancements in optical diagnostic techniques and supporting technologies for turbomachinery, aeroacoustics and aeropropulsion. Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

David L. Ellis, Strongsville, for the development of the new copper alloy GRCop-84 for rocket engine applications. Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal Nicholas Leventis, Westlake, for groundbreaking research in the development of polymer cross-linked aerogels Public Service Medal Ramaswamy Balasubramaniam, Strongsville, an employee of Case Western Reserve University and a resident at Glenn, for outstanding and internationally recognized research contributions in the area of bubble motion and drops in microgravity. Kevin M. Lambert, North Royalton, an employee of Analex Corporation and a resident at Glenn, for outstanding performance on radiofrequency antenna metrology and characterization at the NASA Glenn Research Center in support of NASA's Space Communications Program. Presidential Rank Awards Julian M. Earls, Beachwood, and Jose M. Vega, Strongsville, were conferred the rank of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service. Distinguished Publication Award Anthony J. Strazisar, Chesterland, Michelle M. Bright, Allison Park, Scott A. Thorp, Medina, Dennis E. Culley, Westlake, and Kenneth L. Suder, Wadsworth, in recognition of the excellence and value of their publication entitled "Compressor Stall Control Through Endwall Recirculation." The paper describes the development of a new approach to extending the stall-free range of operation for compressors in gas turbine engines. Abe Silverstein Medal Mary Ann Meador, Strongsville, for successful development of a series of rod-coil block copolymers that produce easy-to-fabricate, dimensionally stable films for use as ion conducting membranes.

Steven V. Szabo Engineering Excellence Award The Parametric Inlet Team: Paul Solano, Middleburg Hts., Michael Ernst, Bay Village, John Saunders, North Olmsted, John Slater, Westlake, David R. Root, Olmsted Falls and employees of Techland Research Bobby Sanders, and Lois Weir, for innovative design and fabrication of an advanced external compression supersonic inlet for aircraft engines. Craftsmanship Awards Assembly and Building -- John Brodkowski, Brunswick, in recognition of the leadership and innovative approach to designing, fabricating and installing the instrumentation sensors for the T-700 Active Stall Control Engine Demonstration Program. Manufacturing -- Ken Guinta, Hinckley, Herb Lawrence, North Ridgeville, and Richard Minter for creativity and excellent contributions in the fabrication of the Revolutionary Approach to Time-Critical Long Range Strike supersonic inlet. Procurement Person of the Year Awards Contract Manager of the Year -- Steve Craig, Twinsburg, for dedicated management of diverse contract activities including major aeronautics research contracts and contracts in support of NASA's education initiatives, possession of broad procurement knowledge and willingness to volunteer for special assignments, including mentoring other contract specialists. Procurement Supervisor of the Year -- Karin E. Huth, Brooklyn, for outstanding support to the Agency, Glenn Research Center, the Procurement Division and branch employees, and for leading an Agency team to develop the NASA Most Efficient Organization proposal for the NASA Shared Services Center effort. Simplified Acquisition Specialist of the Year -- Jean M. Boylan, Brunswick, for excellent technical purchasing and customer relations skills and for willingness to take on additional assignments including "Super User" for the SAP R/3 system. One NASA Center Best Peer Award Eleven members of the NASA Aerospace Flight Battery Program Team, for ensuring the quality, safety, reliability, affordability and

performance of flight battery systems for NAS missions, while establishing the foundation that enables the infusion of validated technology into future missions. Group Achievement Awards One hundred ninety-nine members of the Community and Media Relations' Columbia Mishap Team, for working above and beyond the call of duty during the STS-107 disaster, a truly traumatic time for NASA. Fourteen members of the Disability Awareness Advisory Group, for excellence in advocacy for disability awareness. Twenty-one members of the Glenn Pollution Prevention Team, for improving the Center's safety, health and environmental performance by reducing hazardous materials, improving recycling and using alternative fuels. Seven members of the Glenn Shuttle Actuators Investigation Team, for exceptional team effort in providing critical technical and experimental support in the investigation and resolution of Space Shuttle Actuator Return to Flight issues. Thirty-five members of the Glenn STS-107 Data Recovery Team, in recognition of significant contributions to the STS-107 data recovery effort and input to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. Eleven members of the Incident Reporting Information System (IRIS) Web-Based Enhancement Team, for exceptional support in the design, build and NASA Agency deployment of a new Web-based enhanced Incident Reporting Information System. Sixty members of the Parametric Inlet Fabrication and Installation Team, for the fabrication, installation and testing of a prototype mach 2.35 external compression supersonic inlet across five NASA centers to meet the wind tunnel testing schedule. Twelve members of the Process-Based Mission Assurance (PBMA) CAIB Support Team, for the outstanding achievement of rapidly implementing a highly secure, Web-based capability for documentation, file exchange and electronic communication in support of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB). Sixty Year Service Award

Richard H. Cavicchi, Fairview Park, Propulsion Systems Division Fifty Year Service Award Bernhard H. Anderson, Rocky River, Propulsion Systems Division Forty-five Year Service Awards Donald L. Chubb, Olmsted Falls, Power and Electrical Propulsion Division William E. Ford, North Olmsted, Computing Science Division Lawrence A. McFarland, Brunswick, Information Systems Division Luis A. Povinelli, Westlake, Research and Technology Directorate Del B. Zatroch, Cleveland, Engineering Systems Division Forty Year Service Awards Gustave C. Fralick, Middleburg Heights, Instrumentation and Controls Division Richard P. Finn, Brunswick, Facilities Division Kenneth W. Guinta, Hinckley, Engineering Systems Division Michael D. Lee, Wellington, Research Testing Division Michael Lupton, Cleveland, Information Systems Division Gloria O'Donnell, Westfield Township, Materials Division John E. Rohde, Brunswick, Aeronautics Division Dennis M. Thompson, North Olmsted, Research Testing Division -end-