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The purpose of the lab was to get lab experiments, learn about biotechnology today, and
to test our gene cells.

If we test the DNA properly in the correct gel following the procedure, then I will see if I
have the alleles.

To complete the lab, we first rinsed salt water in our mouths for 60 seconds, then we
split it into microfuge tubes to have our DNA. Add a little bit of chelex to the mix and put it in a
heat block at 99 degrees for 10 minutes. After that, the tubes are refrigerated and put into gel to
see if we got results or not.

My data turned out inconclusive because there were very minimalistic details that I
messed up on. But for the kids that got results, the data was pretty evenly spread out between
them: 1 +/+, 1+/-, 2-/-. I observed that it was hard to follow the procedure as closely as possible.
I also noticed how the small classroom made it harder to work as well.

We took an imaginary pool of students DNA because we didnt have enough results in
our class. This is how we found The frequency (percentage) of positive and negative alleles in
our class. For the kids that followed the procedure correctly, they ended up with results and
saw what alleles their DNA had. Unfortunately, I made an error somewhere in the process and
could not find out my data, like most of the class. The error I most likely made was leaving my
tube in the heating block for too long. I did not set up a timer or realize when it had been ten
minutes and accidentally left it in there for too long. I also forgot where i put my DNA in the gel
but I am almost positive I did not get results anyway. Next time this lab could be looked over
more and made sure that we did all the correct steps in the correct manner. The people that
found their allele counts could investigate more into their DNA and I could try again and be more
careful to see what mine are.

I found out that it is very difficult to complete a lab and you need to be very careful with
the procedure. The end goal is to figure out what alleles are in your DNA. We find this through
many steps and hopefully come out with results. I did not end up getting results but for the
people who did. The different types of DNA were fairly evenly spread out across the results.