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Trustee Resignation

I, __________________, Trustee of __________________________________ do

hereby resign on _______________ (Date) all of my Trustee responsibilities, rights, title,
and any other interest whatsoever I may have or had in this trust or trusts.

Before resigning, I appoint __________________________________________ (Name

and address) as the successor Trustee.

In witness thereof, I hereby sign my Resignation as Trustee of the above trust (s).



Trustee Resignation
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about the document in question and assist you
in its preparation. It is imperative you get this Trustee Resignation following the
appointment of a Trustee to represent your interests in any way. You should get the
Trustee to resign in one document in favor of yourself or your spouse or close relative,
and in a second document, in favor of another of those parties. This must be done after
the first agreement has been signed, and better if done a few days later. There is
nothing to prevent you from first doing it at the initial closing contemporaneously with the
close and then again a few days later. Keep the resignations in your safe and only use
them if you find the need to do so. Again, an ounce of caution is better than a pound, or
perhaps two!, of cure. This prevents trouble if you ever have a falling out with a Trustee
on this or other matters, which is an all too common experience.