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100 Sweet Talkin’ Guy Registration 4 Rhythm: Rock Words and Music by Doug Moris, Eliot Greenberg, (F) {C) Barbara Baer and Robert Schwartz 2¢— a Yo: 2 SI D O-0- 4 at talk -in’ sweet kind of — ties, ___ Bb Pray by o- ei 0 Pie 3 7/6 * ay (Fl Hee oP oa pee 1 Hell send you flow - ers, then paint the town with an oth = er 2 Dont gve him love to) = day to mor - row he's on nis To cod [F] > O = pee © lo! Sweeter than su = gar 101 cls [tm] - ser © oP ere Kiss es like wine, Don't tet him un + der your skin Ww DS.alCods copa, (Return 0 & Bb wees ta et-+@ -1>® re bel e+e +e ‘cause youll, nev - er win, why do It © love him like ' 40? E O DS. (Lyric 2) and Fade (Em = paheteg anaes Ole © No. youth never win, 102 Twist And Shout Registration 5 Words and Music by Rhythm: Rock a Bert Flusseli and Phil Medley N.C. F) Be C F] [Bb cA ERY ie b : (OO -Tay At owe ©)_& ie) } Shake it up. ba + by, ___ Twist and shout! ba = by twist and shout! ic A Bl Come on = by work i comea, comes, > yl wont a fc C (F Bb] c {fF Bb] Py — = S é @ oe ©) ~ Work it on out Honey Worm it_on out a cr c F] (Bb) [Cc F] [Bb | “OTe ———_well, you took so good, You got___—me. go - ing cr c E Bb] [Cc] tO-ae 7 Owe —— ike =| knew you would. Wel, shake it up.