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[Client Letterhead]


Date: _________ 20__


Re: REVERSE INQUIRY STATEMENT - [Name] (the "Client")

Dear Mr. Sebastian:

I, _____________, as Director and as Authorized Signatory, do hereby confirm that I

have initiated request from you for specific confidential information and documentation on
behalf of myself, my company and my partners regarding the to-be available offering or
placement of shares or units of the Alternative Investment Fund you are establishing and that any
information provided in advance is for discussion purposes only and shall serve merely for my
interest and education, and is not for further distribution.

I hereby represent that I am not an informant, nor am I associated with any government
agency of the United States of America, or any other country, nor any agency or commission
whose purpose is to gather information regarding such offerings.

Signed this day of, 20__

(Signatory Signature)

Passport No.:
Country of Issue: