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October Christner Chronicles

Mrs. Christners 3rd Grade Class

CONTACT: 440-944-3130
October 9-20, 2017

Fall into Learning! Notes From the Teacher

Please be sure to check out assignment notebook and
empty your childs take home folder each evening.

Students will be coming home with a 1-page reading story

with numbers on the side. This is called their HOT/COLD
Reading - The target skills for this week read, which will improve their reading fluency. As you
know, the smoother you read, the better reader you
will be context clues, genre and sequencing. There will become! Please have them read it once each night. They
usually be a weekly assessment to assess these will graph their progress on Fridays with our volunteer. I
skills. always look forward to the reader improving the most in
a week!

Math - We will finish Unit 3, Subtraction and Compass is up and running! Students activities and
start to learn multiplication facts soon! Chapter 4 is folders will be geared towards what the MAP test
an intro to multiplication. recognizes they need practice with! Please try to do 60
minutes of compass each week and log it into the
Writing - We will be creating a
Halloween riddle about our Halloween costumes
using adjectives to describe our costume! Please check out this important resource regarding the upcoming
test your child will take this year for the 3rd Grade Guarantee.
Science- We are studying different types of Students have two chances to take the A.I.R. assessment- once
in the fall and once in the spring.
rocks and identifying different features that rocks have.
Next week we will move into soil and study different types
of soil in a soil lab we will complete! Important Dates
Question of the Week: October 11 Open House 6-7 p.m.
October 13 No School
For 5 Dojo Points, you can submit your answer on a October 18 Picture Day
sheet of paper each newsletter! October 23 3rd Grade A.I.R. State Test

Show an example of an inverse operation.

SPOOKtacular Students 100% Homework Club for September

Congrats to the following students who belong in the September 100%

Homework Club! They did their homework for the ENTIRE month of
Chloe, Ardriel, Shaubriana, Jacob, Mark, Bridget, Abby N., River, Dominic G.,
Kaylee, Anthony, Dominic V., Stella, Johnny, Alyssa, Zoe, Leigha, Autumn,

Congratulations to the following kids who answered the question of the

week correctly!! Marley, Gabriel, River, Jacob, Zoe, Anthony & Abby