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Hello Guys!

Today im gonna show you how to Auto-Tune

Your voice in-Game in "STEAM"

1.Download the Link on the Description

" TheTPainEFX "

2.Extract all the files everywhere in your PC

this compose of 2 Folder
The "VAC 10" and "T-Pain Effect"

3.Go to "T-Pain Effect" Folder

Install the "The_T-pain_Effect_Setup_v1_02"
After installing...
From the Folder "T-Pain Effect"
Go to "Assign" Folder --> The "T-Pain Engine"
Copy the "The T-Pain Engine.exe"
Paste in on your T-Pain Effect Folder
Installed in your computer

4.Go to "VAC 10" Folder

Install "setup" for 32-bit Operating System
Install "setup64" for 64-bit Operating System
After Installing...
From the "VAC 10" Folder
Go to "x86" Folder for 32-bit Operating System
or "x64" Folder for 64-bit Operating System
Copy all the Files inside
Paste in Your VAC Folder
Installed in your computer

5.From Start Menu, Go to All Programs

Find Your VAC Folder, Then Open Control Panel
Check the Box beside "Mic" the press "Set"

6.Open Your T-Pain Engine. Hit Vocal 1

Then go to "Edit" Menu the go "Preferences"
Set your
Output Device: Line 1(Virtual Audio Cable)
Inpute Device: Microphone
Hit "REC" on your T-Pain Engine, Just leave it

7.On your Steam

Go to "Settings", Then "Voice"
Let your "Line 1" Set as Default
Now Auto-tune in Game.