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Data Manipulation with R
Series: Use R!

Provides guidance on getting data into R from text files, web pages,
spreadsheets, databases and other sources
Demonstrates techniques that use core features of the R language,
and are scalable and efficient
Covers many built in functions along with selected packages from

Since its inception, R has become one of the preeminent programs for statistical
computing and data analysis. The ready availability of the program, along with a wide
variety of packages and the supportive R community make R an excellent choice for
almost any kind of computing task related to statistics. However, many users, especially
those with experience in other languages, do not take advantage of the full power of R.
Because of the nature of R, solutions that make sense in other languages may not be very
2008, X, 154 p. efficient in R. This book presents a wide array of methods applicable for reading data into
R, and efficiently manipulating that data.

Printed book In addition to the built-in functions, a number of readily available packages from CRAN
Softcover (the Comprehensive R Archive Network) are also covered. All of the methods presented
69,99 | 52.99 | $79.99 take advantage of the core features of R: vectorization, efficient use of subscripting,
*74,89(D) | 76,99(A) | CHF77.00 and the proper use of the varied functions in R that are provided for common data
management tasks.

eBook Most experienced R users discover that, especially when working with large data sets,
Available from your library or it may be helpful to use other programs, notably databases, in conjunction with R. Accordingly, the use of databases in R is covered in detail, along with methods for
extracting data from spreadsheets and datasets created by other programs. Character
manipulation, while sometimes overlooked within R, is also covered in detail, allowing
MyCopy problems that are traditionally solved by scripting languages to be carried out entirely
Printed eBook for just within R. For users with experience in other languages, guidelines for the effective use
| $ 24.99 of programming constructs like loops are provided. Since many statistical modeling and graphics functions need their data presented in a data frame, techniques for converting
the output of commonly used functions to data frames are provided throughout the book.

Using a variety of examples based on data sets included with R, along with easily
simulated data sets, the book is recommended to anyone using R who wishes to advance
from simple examples to practical real-life data manipulation solutions.

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