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I am a lifelong Christian who recently became interested in Christian apologetics

the defense of the Christian faith based on historical and scientific evidence, and
on philosophical and moral arguments after reading the Bible for the first time in
many years. I have always been familiar with the main stories, people, and lessons
of the Bible, but I had not read it cover to cover in a long time.
The fact is that the Bible contains stories that can be hard to understand and
difficult to reconcile with modern sensibilities. Over the years, I have formulated
my own thoughts about these difficulties, and I have learned much from my
family, Sunday school, Bible studies, and sermons in church. Still, I hungered to
learn more.
I have always felt that every scientific, philosophical, and theological discipline
ultimately amounts to the study of Gods creation, so naturally I wanted to
discover what these disciplines had to say about why we are here, how we got here,
and how we became aware enough to even ask such questions. What I discovered
are philosophical arguments of staggering insight, arguments clearly made as much
from reason and intellect as from faith. I also learned about an incredible array of
precise, finely-tuned properties and machine- and computer-like operations that
describe various aspects of everything from the cosmos to the living cell.
This book is the culmination of what I believe about Gods purpose based on my
lifelong journey of discovery, and sparked by my recent illuminating experience
with Christian apologetics. My conclusions are by no means the last word for me
or for anyone else. However, at some point we all must take a well-informed, well-
reasoned stand regarding what we ultimately believe. This is my stand; this is One
Christians Perspective.