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1.1 The Sports Education Trust founded United World Sports Academy in 2017 for families who were seeking
an evangelical non-denominational, Bible-based, Christ-centred sports based education for their children.
Who understood that a new paradigm in education was possible and necessary to achieve the level of
success that was sought after for their children.

1.2 The Sports Education Trusts goals are for students to be provided a Christian education through a sports
model and for them to embrace a life of integrity in all aspects of their life. To provide an educational
atmosphere where they can hone their academic and sports studies and be provided the opportunity to excel.

1.3 The Sports Education Trust has established United World Sports Academy Limited as a Proprietor (as
defined in the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act) to oversee, audit and supervise the maintenance
of the Special Character in the academy for the age groups from Years 7 to Year 13.

1.4 All staff of other entities operated by the Sports Education Trust are also required to support the Statement
of Belief. The supervision of the special character of these entities is monitored by the General Manager of
the Trust, on behalf of the Trust.


2.1 United World Sports Academy has chosen to launch its academy by residing at the Bethlehem Community
Church Centre which is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Aoetearoa New Zealand. As a Christian Venue
students and staff are committed to treating the campus(venue), staff, church members and visitors respectfully
and for them to feel safe and welcomed. Care and attention in the maintenance of the venue is of high
importance and will not be damaged or vandalised. Much care and attention has gone into preparing this venue
as a safe, comfortable and supported environment for the students academic journey.


3.1 All faculty and support personnel will be in compliance of the curriculum which is contained in the
statement of belief by which all will honor.
3.2 Our statement of belief provides the opportunity to Christians to have a universal view to help students
recognise that:
a) God is the author and finisher of faith and creation determines all creation submit to God through His
b) All aspect of Truth points to God in this meaning of life.
c) Because of the finished work for Christ this provides purpose and promise to the individual through all
aspects of life.
d) It is the finished work of Christ by the Holy Spirit endowed working in the human to provide greater
capacity for greater development in the areas of spiritual, physical, intellectual prowess to have balance
emotionally, socially in their development as a student
3.3 Students are challenged to discern and evaluate experiences from a Christian worldview.
3.4 Based on the academys pyramid of success model using Biblical principles students are challenged to put
into practice these principles in our academy policies carried out by faculty and staff.
3.5 Our pyramid of success makes possible to have it integrated in curriculum which provides opportunity to
express and share these values in all facies of life.
3.6 The academy is a place which is caring and challenging environment that provides a platform to embrace an
ever-changing world.
3.7 We here at the academy believe we exist to support students to:
a) strive to find peace of mind through every endeavor because it can only happen from being the best one can
b) Develop strong reliance of commitment to
- ones personal relationship with the Creator
- family
- environment

4.1 The Proprietor reserves the tight to determine from time to time the interpretation of Special Character and
the safeguards necessary to establish, preserve and maintain it and to audit periodically the implementation of
the Special Character within the academy.

5.1 The Sports Education Trust Board of Trustees, along with United World Sports Academy, principal, dean of
faculty and staff are responsible for implementing the Special Character throughout the academy. Because the
Christian worldview encompasses and permeates all aspects of school life, it is expected that all staff and
members of the Board of Trustees will demonstrate a commitment to the Statement of Belief and to the
academys Special Character.
5.2 All United World Sports Academy students and their families are expected to demonstrate a commitment to
the Schools Special Character.
5.3 All staff employed by other operating entities owned by the Sports Education Trust (including support staff)
are required to demonstrate a commitment to the Special Character, and the Statement of Belief.
I We accept the Statement of Special Character

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We are unable to accept the statement of Special Character

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