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HEAVEN HELP US Words and Music by MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Transeribed by DANIEL WONG : els come | scream - in Piano « ® youve been | bleed - ‘your | choice, come | crashing down. | hear 3 you're | fall - ing down HEAVEN HELP US, 3 7 3 Help this old ho =| tel, but can't tell if ve been | breathing or sleeping or dreaming or waitsing, the man to call, and may-be | all of bove, ‘cause most=ly I've been sprawled on these cath~e-dral steps while | spitting out the blood and scream-ing | Someone save us! come | crashing — down, hear the sound. 3 you're | fall-ingdown. And will you | pray for HEAVEN HELP US 3 And will you | lay ‘Cause Til give you all the nails you need, | co-ver me in ga-so-line, | wipe a-way those ffs of blood a - gan. And the | puncheline to the joke is ask-ing | some-one save us! ven come | crashing down. the