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Coming to the UK

Issues you may be facing How we can help

Understanding provisions relating to Taylor Wessings highly experienced personable and
the transfer or recruitment of overseas immigration team provides tailored
helpful team.
nationals to the UK. innovative immigration solutions to all our
How to obtain relevant approvals to work clients, including: Legal 500
and/or continue to reside in the United large multinational or UK businesses
corporate inward investors looking to set
How to hire the best non-European up in the UK for the first time
prominent private individuals and high net
Understanding your immigration worth families
compliance obligations as an employer
UK start-ups and international
and preparing for a UK Border Agency
audit. Very good service
We understand that obtaining appropriate
immigration permission is essential, but often
with fast response
only part of the picture. As a full-service quick to respond and
international firm with offices across Europe, good knowledge.
Asia and the Middle East, we are able to
provide integrated global mobility services, Legal 500
including employment, tax and corporate
As the leading firm for inward investment in
the UK, we have an experienced full-service
team helping overseas corporations to set
up and do business in the UK. Immigration
is often the gateway issue for corporate
investors, to ensure that the right key staff
A powerful legal force
or founders can get on the ground quickly to
run the business. in Europe with strong
Similarly, for private wealth individuals and international links.
families, working with our experienced Legal 500
private wealth team, we consider that we
are unique amongst international commercial
firms in being able to offer the full range
of personal and commercial legal services
that high net worth individuals require.
Investment based immigration services are a
crucial part of our offering to private clients.
Whether the intention is to live, work or
invest in the UK or even to have access
to an immediate safety net visa we
understand the importance of finding the
right solution in each case.

Our services Key contacts

Our dedicated immigration team includes
qualified employment lawyers with many
years experience of advising businesses
on their employment/HR issues, so we Sean Nesbitt Vikki Wiberg
understand the business solutions that our Partner, London Senior Counsel, London
+44 20 7300 4294 +44 20 7300 4738
clients need. Our global mobility services
Sponsor licence applications and
management for employers
Compliance and HR policy advice, Charlie Pring
including prevention of illegal working Senior Counsel, London
+44 20 7300 4256
guidance and preparing for and attending
UK Border Agency audits
Tier 2 ICT and General visas
Tier 1 Investor applications for wealth
creators and their families
Tier 1 General Extensions and Tier 1
Entrepreneur applications A responsive firm with
Sole representative and UK ancestry excellent commercial acumen
Taylor Wessing is a firm acutely
Permanent residency (settlement) and
British citizenship applications aware of its clients needs.
Business visitor visas Legal 500
Family and European applications
Specialist secondment/assignment
agreements and employment documents
Integrated HR advice in areas such as
recruitment, termination of employment,
Taylor Wessing is trusted by
TUPE transfers and other corporate clients around the world to deliver
transactions success through an outstanding
Provision of training/policies for HR or partner-driven service.
management teams
Legal 500
At the heart of our approach is our
commitment to finding a commercial
solution. This does not necessarily involve
making the obvious application. That is
because both long and short-term aims need excellent and efficient service.
to be considered in order to put the right
people in the right place at the right time. Legal 500

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